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You recently bought a lovely pair of clothes for your little one. They looked so pretty on your child, and you wish it would stay that way for hours. But just when you’re about to take a photo, drops of saliva start dripping from your baby’s mouth, instantly soaking the fresh new clothes.

As a new parent, it’s always good to be prepared for the worst. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of changing a spit-up baby, then you know drooling can be an issue. But what is worse than a drooling baby? A drooling baby that doesn’t have a bib on!

Imagine having to watch your little one close at all times in an attempt to minimize the dribbling. It’s not always easy, especially if you’re a busy parent. Sometimes, you need to focus on preparing a bottle of milk, or you need to be out for a moment to work on an errand. In these cases, you need a baby drool bib to make things easier.

The best baby bibs for drooling catch and absorb dribbles to avoid getting the clothes soaked or saliva mixing up with food particles. This article breaks down in detail what makes good bibs for drooling.

Fashion and Function: What are the Best Bibs for Drooling Like?

Drooling is one of the most common difficulties when it comes to feeding babies. Fortunately, there are baby bibs that are specifically designed for droolers! It’s important to find the best bibs for droolers because they’ll make life more comfortable not only for you but also for your child.

Familiarize yourself with drool bibs and get a well-functioning and stylish one for your baby.

Basic Features

First, let’s review the basic anatomy of drooling bibs. There are different types of baby bibs: classic bibs, feeding bibs, disposable bibs, smock bibs, and drool bibs. There could be more to these types in the market, so it’s important to know which ones to use for a specific need.

lue and pink bandana baby bibs for drooling

Style: Regular and Hanky

Drool bibs come in two styles: regular and hanky. Regular drool bibs look like shirts with rounded edges, while hankies have a triangular shape and pointed tip. Both do their job well, so it only depends on your preference.

Security Feature: Fasteners

Drooling bibs come with fasteners to ensure that it holds around the baby’s neck firmly and steadily. A good drool bib incorporates fasteners that are strong enough, so they’re not easily accessible for babies but manageable for parents.

Fabric: Soft and Breathable Cotton

Most baby drool bibs are made from pure and breathable cotton fabric. They absorb well and provide a gentle, comfortable feel on the baby’s skin. This is important so that your baby won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it and avoid the likelihood of skin irritations. Plus, this type of material is easy to maintain.

Size: Sizes 1, 2, and 3, and Adjustable

Bibs typically use three standard sizes: Size 1 for 0-6 months, Size 2 for 6-18 months, and Size 3 for 18-36 months. However, manufacturers today produce adjustable drool bibs, so you no longer have to struggle with buying multiple sizes. Instead of strictly following the size chart, focus on the exact size of your baby and find what fits.

Purpose: Absorbs Drool (And Nothing Else)

True to their name, drool bibs primarily absorb drool to prevent a mushy mess. However, it’s not ideal for catching solid food because of the size and lack of features, such as open pockets you can find in silicone baby bibs. Drool bibs are more useful when your baby is still bottle-feeding.

Extra Features

Now that you know the distinctive features, let’s discuss the fun part of looking for drool bibs—the extra features! What can you expect more from these accessories aside from catching dribbles?

Fashion: Tons of Festive Designs

While you can’t rely on drool bibs for feeding time, they make stylish accessories to your little one’s outfit. You can spot tons of lovely designs in the market and find one that fits your baby’s personality. It keeps your baby dry and clean and also very cute!

Protection: Multiple Layering

Drool bibs incorporate two to four layers for extra protection. They are usually waterproof and have soft, breathable properties. The waterproof barrier ensures no leakage, while the softer layer keeps the baby dry and comfortable all day. Reversible drool bibs are also a multi-layered option.

Fastener Styles: Buttons, Drawstring, Snaps, and Velcro

Fasteners come in various styles. Some are soft like pure cotton drawstrings, while others have slightly tougher material like Velcro hook-and-loop fasteners or nickel-free snaps. You should choose one that won’t harm the baby’s delicate skin. Ensure it won’t also cause any skin irritations like rashes on the neckline and discomfort.


baby eating with a bib

Baby Bib Upkeep Tips

Drooling bibs are super useful, so naturally, you want to make them last. Here are some useful tips on how to treat your baby bibs with proper care:

  • Get rid of the stains as soon as you can, then wash them completely. The drier they get, the harder it is to remove them from. If necessary, soak them in cold water or apply a baby-friendly stain remover.
  • You may apply the partly water and partly vinegar overnight soaking method to remove the stain. Then wash it off completely by morning.
  • Dry them under the sun. Sunlight helps get rid of the toughest stains on the bib, especially those made of rubber and plastic.
  • Ensure to look at the product’s care label to know the preferred cleaning method for the bib.

Clean, Safe, and Fashionable Feeding Time With AshtonBee’s Baby Bibs

Drooling is a developmental stage for babies, so it’s inevitable. Their digestive system is still in progress during this phase, so they can’t control their drool and teething. While drooling makes such a mushy mess on the table, it also helps the baby digest food.

Drooling can be overwhelming to a point when it gets your baby’s clothes super wet. It’s a struggle for parents, but the best baby bibs for drooling can help! These bibs are designed to help you manage the uncontrollable drooling of your little one and ease up your parenting chores.

If you want to include a feeding bib for clean and comfortable mealtimes, check out Ashtonbee’s feeding baby drool bibs! They’re made of safe and food-grade silicone with adjustable properties. Moreover, it incorporates an extra-wide pocket to keep solid food crumbs from scattering all over the place.

Finally, complete your mealtime kit with our steel craft high chair. It guarantees a safe and fun eating time for your baby without the need to assist them step-by-step. We hope this blog has helped you figure out how to deal with your baby’s feeding issues and have wonderful meals with the whole family.


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