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First-time motherhood is daunting. Of course, there is happiness in welcoming your newborn, but there is also the feeling that everything around them changes, from how people perceive them to their physical features. Not all new moms can handle these changes, so they need great support from the people around them.

They can feel pain all over their body, their mental state is unstable, and on top of that, they still need to perform their duty as a mother. So if you know an expecting mother or your partner is due soon, here are some postpartum care tips and perfect gift ideas to help them go through this change.

Postpartum Care Tips

In the pregnancy phase, the fourth trimester is the first three months when the baby is expelled from the mother’s womb. This is when the changes are most evident, and new moms are experiencing many sores and body pains.

With that, here are some postpartum care tips for first-time moms.

Sleep is Essential

Having children means you don’t get much sleep. Sleep deprivation is common during the first three months of your newborn, but it doesn’t mean you always have to run low on sleep. One best practice is to sleep when your kids are asleep. No matter how short your kid’s sleep, take every chance to rest.

Make a schedule that works for both of you if you have a partner. For example, designate a period when you can rest while your partner takes care of the baby, and vice versa. Lack of sleep causes major mood swings and lack of focus. This can affect how you take care of the baby.

Hydrate and Don’t Skip Meals

When your newborn comes, all attention shifts to them. When they cry, you immediately stop everything to help your kids. You bathe them, feed them, sing them to sleep, and put them first in everything. Moms occasionally neglect their own needs entirely. If you invest a lot of effort into raising your children, you need food. 

You need the energy to continue to do what you do. Eat healthily, drink plenty of water, and take multivitamins. New moms get hungry easily, so always have a stash of snacks around the house. Also, if you’re a breastfeeding mom, remember to drink plenty of water. Breast milk is 80% water, so you can’t feed your little one if you’re dehydrated.

Get Exercise From Small Activities

If you think it’s impossible to take care of an infant and find time to exercise, it’s not. We are not saying to hit the gym, lift weights, run for miles, or do intense cardio. A new mom is still recovering. A lot of your body parts may feel sore and severely out of shape, and your doctors may tell you not to move at all.

But breaking a sweat from doing small activities like chores releases feel-good chemicals to the brain that help you fight off baby blues and postpartum depression.

Give Yourself a Mommy Break

What do you get a new mother? The best gift is to give them a break from time to time. Everybody considers a woman to be a mother after she gives birth to a child. She breastfeeds, takes care of babies, and mostly stays at home. Moms get tired of that too. Sometimes, they want to do what they can freely do before the baby comes.

Go to a spa, get your hair and nails done, do shopping, and meet up with your friends. Do something that will break the “being a mother” cycle so that it does not burn you out.

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6 Presents for New Moms They Will Actually Use

Mom gifts are easy to find, from self-care needs to baby line gadgets. Everything that will make a new parent’s life easier is highly appreciated. If you have mom friends, here are some of the best gifts you can get.

Stroller Organizer

When you bring your kids with you on an errand, it’s an extra effort because you also need to bring their things. A stroller organizer will make all the difference for moms. You can attach these organizers to the stroller’s handle to keep your two hands free.

These strollers are spacious to accommodate all the essentials for moms and kids. In addition, some of these stroller organizers are made from leather, so it’s waterproof.

Hair Care and Skin Care Needs

After giving birth, a new mom’s life is just beginning. The real work starts with sleepless nights and taking care of your kids non-stop. Giving self-care kits to multitasking moms is a terrific way to remind them to relax and treat themselves since they hardly ever have time for themselves.

Postpartum hair loss is common among new moms, so hair care essentials that support hair growth are the perfect gift option. In addition, skincare essentials that can hydrate skin, like shea butter, moisturizers, body butter, and body oils, are perfect for fighting flaky skin for new moms.

Personalized Items

Personalized jewelry is the most thoughtful gift you can give a mom-to-be. For example, you can gift a mama necklace with a pendant engraving their child’s initials. Gifts like this have sentimental value and will surely give meaning to a new parent’s life.

You can give personalized picture books that new moms will fill up as their baby grows. Gifting moms with something they can make a memory with is the best choice of presents.

Comfy Clothes

The first few weeks are painful for new moms. Tight clothing is a big no for them. Instead, get mom comfortable clothes like silk pajamas and soft and warm robes. Comfortable clothing can help moms relieve stress, even for a short while.

You can also get matching clothes with cute patterns for moms and babies. Moms will surely thank you for these gifts. Baby clothing is essential for newborns; you can’t have too many of them.

A Platter of Food

When you are pregnant, there’s a long list of food you can’t eat. So what better gift to give new moms than a platter of food they missed out on during their pregnancy? This gift may seem simple, but these are things that moms can’t give themselves because they are solely focused on taking care of their kids.

When you bring a platter of food to your mom friends, spend some time with them too. Take a few hours of the day and break the mom cycle. This will benefit their mental health and help with postpartum.

Basic Essentials

If you can’t choose the best gifts for new moms, stick to the basics. If you want a gift for moms, you can get a nursing bra, body wash, weighted blanket, or vitamin packages to help them recover. Of course, moms will also appreciate gifts that their babies can use.

You can have a night light, smart bassinet, diaper bags, baby monitor, baby carrier, and white noise sound machine. These essentials will make parenting easier, and new moms will surely appreciate receiving these newborn essentials.

Mom and Baby Essentials at Ashtonbee!

Now that you have an idea what is a good gift to give a new mother, it’s time to go shopping. These gifts are easy to come by but make sure your money is worth every purchase. Ashtonbee has a wide collection of baby essentials that moms and kids will love. So whether you’re shopping for mother’s day or for new parents, we have the highest-quality items to choose from.

Here are some of the items in our wide collection.

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  • Safety accessories

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Final Thoughts

Being new to motherhood can be stressful, but seeing your kids grow properly also creates a sense of fulfillment. If you know someone who’s a mama-to-be or you’re a mother yourself, we hope these tips on postpartum care help you go through the first months after pregnancy. Also, remember to take note of our list of the best gifts for new moms for your shopping.

Additionally, make sure to take advantage of Ashtonbee‘s wide collection of baby essentials. For high-quality, premium, and affordable items, shop with us today!

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