If your baby is at the stage where they’re eating solid food, then you know that a high chair is a necessity. But cleaning a high chair is a difficult task, and many parents find it hard to accomplish with minimal stress.

But worry no more since there are easy-to-clean high chairs. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best high chairs to keep clean and how to clean them.

Advantages of Using a Baby High Chair

There are many reasons to use a high chair when feeding your baby. Not only is it comfortable for them, but it also allows you to supervise them closely while they are eating.

Additionally, a high chair can be a great way to teach your baby good table manners since they will be sitting upright in one place and will have fewer opportunities to mess up.

Finally, a high chair keeps your baby safe from accidents while they are eating and can also be used as a transitional seat until your child is old enough to sit in a regular chair.

When Can Your Baby Start Using a High Chair?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the age your baby is able to sit in a high chair depends on their developmental stage.

Some babies can comfortably sit in a high chair as early as six months old, while others may not be ready until they are 12 months old or even older. So, it’s important to assess your baby’s readiness and adjust their sitting time accordingly.

Different Types of High Chairs

Wooden High Chair

A traditional high chair design never gets old or goes out of trend. Wooden designs easily blend in with other furniture. Some models in the market include features like an adjustable seat, reclining positions, and foldability for easy storage.

Cleaning tip: If you’re using this material for your baby’s high chair, avoid soaking it in water or using bleach since it can affect the product’s appearance.

Metal Frame High Chair

One of the advantages of this model is its light weight and how it folds flat when being disassembled. Compared to wooden high chairs, metal frame high chairs are also more portable and easier to store.

Cleaning tip: Never soak this type of material in water when cleaning since it can rust over time.

Booster Feeding High Chair

Need help saving space? Get a booster feeding chair! This hook-on high chair is typically designed to attach to other dining chairs or can be purchased with removable lap trays so your child can easily transfer to the dining table when they want to.

Cleaning tip: Make sure to detach and clean its parts separately at least once a month.

Portable Clip-On High Chair

The invention of the portable high chair is truly a blessing for your little one—it looks sleek, too. These clasp onto tables or countertops for safety, with an easy-to-grip seat pad so your child won’t be unstable when they get frisky on the chair.

Cleaning tip: Cleaning this portable clip-on high chair is similar to cleaning a booster chair. Make sure to clean its parts separately using soap and water at least once a month.

Convertible High Chair

A convertible toddler chair is an essential equipment for your baby since they’re portable, just like plastic or metal frame chairs. However, these can then be adjusted into a booster seat when your child grows into a toddler. Some models even transform into regular dining chairs for older children.

Cleaning tip: Make sure to clean all the sides and legs, and the underside of the chair. To keep it as germ-free as possible, use a wet cloth or wash everything with soap and water.

Choosing the Best High Chair for Your Baby

The perfect high chair for your family meets safety requirements, is easy to clean, fits your budget, and has a variety of functions. There are many choices available, and one is sure to fit all your needs.

One thing you should consider, though, is how you plan on using it. Here are some helpful tips when picking the best high chair for your little angel.


In order to make feeding your child easier, you’ll need to find a high chair that is easy for you to move around when placed in the kitchen or dining area. If the room is tight, a portable chair that’s easily attachable might be the ideal solution.


Babies are always uncomfortable after changing, so ensure that the seat cushion is soft and washing machine-friendly. This will help babies stay comfortable and interested in the meal.


There are several qualities you should consider in a tray. It should be wide, portable, adjustable, and dishwasher-safe to effectively address the needs of your baby.


Traditional high chairs are not easy to store, which means they’ll take up prized space in your kitchen and dining area. If your house doesn’t have the capacity, you should choose smaller models.

Time Spent Cleaning

When your baby reaches the toddler stage, they’ll likely start learning how to eat properly. It’s important that you buy a high chair that’s easy to clean because babies have so much energy and tend to spill and splatter food all the time. A high chair with removable parts can be cleaned easily between uses.


Like all other furniture, high chairs need to be chosen with care. For example, wooden chairs are a big hit for parents who love the natural qualities that wood brings to a room! However, some parents prefer the look of plastic or even metal chairs.

Happy Baby Sitting in High Chair in a White Kitchen

How to Clean High Chairs

Daily Tasks

You should brush off all large and loose pieces of food that might have fallen into the seat, cushion, or tray in the course of feeding your baby. Collect these pieces using a napkin or dishcloth and throw them directly into the trash bin.

After this, proceed by wiping the chair with a damp cloth to remove all remaining crumbs that you might have missed. Clean all the places where food might get stuck. Make sure to include the seat, its cushion, the tray’s surface, the underside of the tray, and the sides of the high chair.

Weekly Tasks

Cleaning the exterior parts of the chair, such as the legs and underside, should be done at least every week since these parts don’t get as dirty. You can use a wet towel to clean these exterior parts.

Monthly Tasks

If the cushion and safety straps of the high chair are made of cloth and fabric, you can remove them and throw them in the washer. After washing, allow them to air dry.

On the other hand, if you’re using a plastic cushion, just wipe it down with a wet towel. Soak the straps in a tub with soap and water, and scrub them thoroughly. Rinse and allow them to air dry.

Helpful Tips for Cleaning the High Chair’s Tray

Cleaning the tray of a baby’s high chair is important in keeping it clean and free from bacteria. Here are some tips for cleaning the tray:

  • After each use, wipe down the tray with a damp cloth to remove any food or milk residue.
  • If the high chair is not being used often, spray it with a non-toxic disinfectant once a week.
  • If spills occur, use a paper towel to blot up as much of the liquid as possible and then wipe down with a dry cloth. Do not pour water onto the tray’s surface unless it’s a dishwasher-safe tray.
  • When the high chair is no longer needed, remove all of the components—including wheels, tray, and table—and store them in a dry location.

When Should Your Baby Graduate from a High Chair?

If your baby is generally healthy and eating well, most pediatricians agree that your baby should stop using a high chair at around years two and three.

Some families continue to use a high chair for older babies who are not yet strong enough to sit unaided, but most experts recommend that by around age two or three, babies are able to sit with assistance in a regular chair.

Ashtonbee’s Wooden High Chair

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It has a detachable tray and an adjustable footrest for stress-free cleaning. It also has a safety strap to ensure that your baby stays where they are. This was specifically built to address the needs of a growing child.

A high chair that is easy to clean not only makes mealtime a breeze but will also help keep your child safe from food-borne illnesses. Provide your child with nothing but the best. Aside from high chairs, Ashtonbee can help you with any baby-related products. Visit our website and check out our latest collections!

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