It is common to see high chairs in a household with kids. Even restaurants have high chairs for kids to dine. But do you really need high chairs? If so, which model should you go for? The marketplace offers parents unlimited options for baby products. But, unfortunately, it’s hard to determine which one is the best for your kid’s needs and worth your money.


In this informative blog post, we will be answering the frequently asked questions regarding high chairs. We also have some quick safety tips when using toddler chairs. So parents, take note!


Which is the Best High Chair for a Toddler?

There is a perfect high chair depending on your child’s needs. Here are the four main categories of high chairs in the market. Let us differentiate each to see which one is best for your child.


Space-saving Booster Seat

As the name suggests, these baby chairs are best for small spaces to help you save space. If storage is your main concern, the booster seat will not take up much space in your house. Also, among the different types of high chairs, this is the most affordable model.


However, space-saver booster seats don’t have legs. So this chair acts as a DIY high chair. You place the booster seat on top of regular dining chairs for younger babies to reach the dining table. Although it has safety straps, attachments like an adjustable tray are not included.


Moreover, doctors don’t recommend booster seats for kids younger than 12 months. A baby’s ability to control their movements is limited. They run the risk of tripping and falling as a result. So a toddler booster is better when your kids are a bit older.


Traditional High Chair

Traditional high chairs are big and spacious. These high chairs have a frame commonly made with wood or metal. A wooden high chair is unrivaled in terms of comfort and safety. These high chairs are bulky and take up a lot of room though.


Some traditional high chairs require tools to set up and do not fold. If you have extra space and a full-size high chair won’t be an obstacle around the house, this might be perfect for you. Furthermore, these high chairs have adjustable heights to make room for your kid’s growing legs.

Your kids can grow in these chairs so they can use them up to their toddler years.


Lightweight Modern Design High Chair

The modern high chair is a best seller among parents these days. A convertible high chair has many functions, a better design, and many inclusions, making it a better choice. Firstly, these high chairs have different seat materials. It can be made with plastic or fabric, which is easier to maintain and has smooth edges for more comfort.


Convertible high chairs are also lightweight, so you can easily maneuver the entire chair around the house with no problem. They are also portable for easy storage in tight spaces. Lastly, some models offer three recline positions. This feature allows your kids to rest in their high chairs more comfortably.


However, a convertible high chair is quite expensive. If you don’t have a problem investing in a high chair, this is some of the best quality you can purchase.


Travel High Chair

Travel high chairs are perfect when you have family outdoor activities or when restaurants don’t have a seat for your kids. A portable high chair is designed to be a carry-on. You can easily fold this chair and fit it in your handbag and small spaces.


It folds flat and has a high chair mode, and you can attach it to most dining tables. Portable high chair models are easy to clean, stain resistant, and waterproof. Travel high chairs can withstand extreme temperatures, and they are sturdy. A portable high chair is the best high chair for kids with on-the-go parents.


Are Toddler High Chairs Safe?

Whether high chairs are safe has been a hot topic among parents. Most high chairs go through safety standards to ensure your child’s safety when using the product. 


Here are some safety measures you should look for in your toddler chairs if you are still unsure.


  • Safety harness. The first sign of safety is the harness. For a toddler booster, a three-point harness or a five-point harness is best to keep them secure in their place.
  • Safety latches. There’s no guarantee that your kid’s chairs will not move when they use them. Sudden movements can make the chair move. Look for latches so the chair will not move out of place, no matter how playful your kids are.
  • Smooth edges. For wooden high chairs, make sure that the seat has no splinters. The same goes for seats made from hard plastic. Rough edges can scratch your kids, so always double-check the seat first.
  • Crotch post. A fixed crotch post is best for high chairs. This will ensure that your kids cannot escape the chair or attempt to stand on it.
  • Intact parts. Check the frame of the high chair for any cracks or damages. If there are any loose, missing, or damaged parts, for safety measures, don’t use the chair for your children.


What is the Correct Position for a Toddler on a High Chair?

High chairs are designed to be in a completely upright position. Placing your kids in the right position will help them eat solid food more safely. When you place your kids in their high chairs, ensure that their shoulders align with their hips.


So that their body weight is evenly distributed, their hips should be positioned slightly forward. This position ensures they are not reclined, and choking hazards are eliminated.


How Long Can My Kids Use Their Toddler Seats?

The amount of time your kids can use their high chair depends on the high chair model you purchase. If the chair has an adjustable seat and other height adjustments, your kids can use it up to two years old.


It can also depend on your kids. Observe and see if your kids can keep still on grown-up chairs. Other kids use the high chairs up to 5 years old. Don’t hurry their transition to full-sized dining chairs.


How Can I Maintain My Toddler Chair?

Most high chairs are easy to clean. Brands already know that kids will make a mess on their high chairs, so they understand they need to make a baby high chair easy to maintain. 


Here are some quick tips for easily cleaning your kid’s high chairs.


  • Make it a habit to clean the removable tray and seat pad after meals. Don’t let the food sit on the chair because it will stain and attract pests.
  • Remember to wipe every crevice and corner. You never know where your kid’s dirty hands have reached.
  • Do a deep clean for your high chairs once a month. Deep cleaning includes washing the cups, the straps, and seat cushions. Also, other accessories like the cup holder and removable calf support should be removed for a complete deep clean.


Toddler High Chair Safety Tips

If you found the right high chair for your kids, ensuring they are safe when using the product is your top priority. Remember that little kids have little control over their movements. So, as parents, you have to take precautions.


Here are safety tips to remember when your kids use their high chairs.


  • When you place your kids in a high chair, they have a longer reach. Make sure to distance them from sharp objects or anything they can pull that may break or harm them. Even when seated, children are curious.
  • Never rely on the removable tray to keep your kids in their toddler chairs. Always secure the safety straps when they are in the chair to prevent accidents.
  • Place your children far enough away from tables. Keep them at a minimum of 2 feet away. They might kick at things, which could knock the seat off its feet.
  • Establish that high chairs are only for certain routines. Don’t let your kids play with their high chair where they try to climb it on their own. As much as possible, store the high chairs after use.
  • Never leave your kids unattended in their high chairs. If you’re doing other tasks, ensure you can still see your kids from wherever you are.
  • Don’t purchase second-hand baby high chairs. You are not sure of their durability, which can put you and your kids at a disadvantage.

Final Thoughts

A high chair for toddlers is a staple for the first few years of your kid’s life. It’s where they can eat safely and do other activities while you attend to other tasks around the house. It is crucial that parents select a high chair that protects their child’s safety because of this. 


We hope this blog post helps you understand why a high chair is necessary and helps you find the most suitable high chair for your kids. Check out Ashtonbee’s wooden high chair if you’re shopping for the best budget high chair for your children. 

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