One of the messiest parts of raising a kid is meal time. You can sit them on regular dining chairs, but it may be too big for them. You have to find a way to keep them safe and still, so you can feed them properly. An infant high chair is essential when you have younger babies at home. It makes feeding more convenient for parents.

There are different high chairs available in the marketplace. Depending on the needs of your kids and your budget, you can choose between a traditional high chair, a portable high chair, and a convertible high chair. But whichever high chair you choose, it’s important to know some safety precautions when using them.

In this blog post, we’ll share some important dos and don’ts so you can always prioritize your child’s safety.

5 Dos for High Chair Safety

When buying a high chair or any baby product, your priority should be its safety features. But, it is also important to know the correct way of using them to avoid any accidents. So, take note of these dos for high chair safety.

Always use the safety straps.

All toddler seats have included buckles and straps for safety. They are there for a reason, so don’t skip putting them on your kids. A three or five-point harness is best to keep your kids in their chairs, no matter how playful they are. Remember to look for the clicking sound to ensure the safety straps are locked.

When your kids reach their toddler years, they can be quite playful and try to wiggle out or even unfasten their safety straps on their own. Remind your kids never to attempt removing the straps. You can even make rules, so they don’t touch them, and reward them afterwards if they stay put.

Check the entire chair for rough and sharp edges.

Different high chairs in the marketplace are made from different materials. Modern high chairs are usually made from premium hard plastic, but some high chairs are made from sturdy wood. Make it a habit to scan for rough edges on your kid’s high chairs.

For high chairs made from plastic, make sure the edges are smooth. Rough edges can irritate your kid’s skin and scratch them when they come in contact with the edges. For wooden high chairs, check if the wood material is splintering.

The splinters can poke through your child’s skin. In addition, the pain can be traumatizing for them, leading them to refuse to use their high chair.

Always clean the high chair.

Expect that the toddler seat will get messy after every meal. Detach the removable tray when your kids are finished eating. Run them under warm water and soap to remove any food residue that may attract insects. Look for a dishwasher-safe tray for more convenient cleaning.

Also, don’t forget to clean the seat pad and other chair parts to remove excess dirt. You can deep clean once a month by removing all the parts and ensuring every curve and crevice is clean. It’s also the time to check for any cracks in the chair and ensure it is still sturdy.

Keep the high chair in an upright position.

The primary use of a high chair is for feeding your kids. Although some high chairs have three recline positions, which you can use to let them rest or even sleep on their chairs. But we don’t recommend high chairs as a place for long periods of sleep.

When your little one is using the high chair for eating, always make sure to set it in an upright position. This position will eliminate choking hazards for your kids. In addition, it will help your kids swallow and develop correct sitting posture.

Use the chair in a safe and wide area.

When your kids are in booster seats, they are higher and have a farther reach. Therefore, they will be at level with your home’s dining table and most countertops. Always keep your kids at least two feet away from tables or anything they can reach.

Aside from reaching objects they shouldn’t, it prevents them from kicking against surfaces that may cause their high chair to topple over.

3 Don’ts for High Chair Safety

Between playfulness and parents not paying attention, there can be untoward incidents when you place your kids on adjustable high chairs. Even the best convertible high chair won’t keep them safe if you don’t practice precautions. So here are some important don’ts to note when using high chairs.

Never leave your kids unattended.

Your two hands are indeed free when your little one is in a high chair. You can do chores and other tasks that need attention. But no matter how busy you may be, don’t leave your kids unattended. If you need to do something, place them in front of you or put them in your line of sight. Turn your backs to them for just one moment and there are a hundred things that could go wrong.

No standing or playing in the high chair. 

Make this your number one rule: standing and playing are strictly prohibited in the high chair. Kids may find it hard to control their playfulness, but never allow them to try standing. Once they feel they can do it, they will likely do it again. According to pediatric studies, most child injuries happen in the high chair because of this.

Some of these injuries can also be fatal. So train your kids and be strict with them regarding playtime in their booster seat.

Don’t attempt to repair and reuse a high chair.

When it comes to baby products, it’s better to throw them out once you see cracks. Trying to repair them will seem like it’s saving you more, but it can do more harm than good. In addition, a simple crack affects its stability. So buy a new one instead of reusing it.

Furthermore, be mindful of the high chair’s specifications. Look for its maximum weight limit and other product instructions. Most chairs can last up to five years, but you shouldn’t use them for longer than that.

Ashtonbee’s Wooden High Chair for Babies and Toddlers

With so many choices, it’s hard to determine which products are baby-safe and worth their prices. Ashtonbee offers parents the best affordable high chair that is guaranteed to be high quality and safe for babies. Let’s look at some of the key features of Ashtonbee’s wooden high chair.

  • The high chair has a minimalist design and an easy set-up feature. In addition, it has a tool-free installation, so your kids can use it immediately.
  • The seat and the food tray are made from food-grade polypropylene material. It’s durable, affordable, and can withstand fatigue.
  • The chair’s legs are made from beech tree wood which is extremely durable and can withstand powerful impacts.
  • The high chair has seven levels of adjustable height for the footrest. You can adjust the chair as your toddler grows.

Final Thoughts

Bringing up kids is a roller coaster. It’s fun, but parents are also constantly tired. That’s why purchasing the right baby essentials makes a big difference to your convenience. As parents, you must ensure the things you buy will bring comfort and safety to your kids. We hope these high chair dos and don’ts help you navigate parenting easier.

If you are looking for more high quality products for your little one, Ashtonbee has a wide collection of baby essentials. We have pillows, knee pads, feeding tools, safety accessories, and more. 

Shop with us today and check out our blogs for more buyers guides for parents!

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