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As small and precious as they may seem right now, your little ones don’t stay little for very long, and it’s up to you to help them develop their cognitive and social skills. One way to go about this and keep your posture in the process is through a high chair! In fact, you should include a high chair in your must-have items for infants or toddlers. Allowing your baby to sit on a regular chair will not only put them at risk of falling over, but it will also strain your back—overall, a very difficult situation for both you and the baby.

There are so many high-quality and affordable high chairs in the market that will make parenting easier for you. For parents of highly curious and sociable tots, a high chair seat that attaches to table tops is an excellent choice! Booster seats are also great for toddlers a year and up to get them immersed in dining situations early on.

That said, there are still so many pointers that you need to know about getting a baby high chair seat. So keep reading and find out more about high chairs.

High Chairs and Why You Should Get One

A high chair might not be included in your priority list when you shop for newborn baby essentials. That’s fine, but sooner or later, you’ll want to get one for the safety of your little one, helping them develop their cognitive skills early, and, finally, for your convenience. Using a high chair is perfect for babies who can already support themselves seated as they eat. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests parents allow their babies around six months to sit on a high chair.

A high chair is a high-standing baby gear essential that is convenient and offers comfort for babies. It is commonly composed of a tray, chair, belt, and durable chair legs. A high chair aims to let babies have their own space for playing and eating. The other reasons why you need to acquire a high chair are:

  • Develop your baby’s social skills early. When you eat with the rest of your family or friends, interaction and conversations are inevitable. Allowing your child to sit on a high chair during social activities and gatherings is a good way to introduce social skills to your baby.
  • High chairs are developed for babies. You definitely need a high chair because it delivers your baby to a very comfortable situation, especially during a family meal. A high chair is designed to accommodate your baby until your little one can sit on a chair and eat alone.
  • Easy to clean and with many helpful features. High chairs are easy to clean, and they are commonly packed with so many features such as adjustable leg height and removable tray.
  • You can pass it on to future generations. High chairs are durable and flexible. When you take good care of your high chair, you can use it for your next baby or even resell it. You can also hand it down to other people.

Common Types of High Chairs

There are different kinds of high chairs available in the market today. Here are some that you might consider for your baby.

  • Traditional. For sure, you might have used the traditional one when you were a baby—this one has a removable tray, padded cushions, and a basket underneath. It’s also quite big and consumes a lot of space.
  • Contemporary. The latest high chairs are more stylish and boast many safety features.
  • Single stem. High chairs with a single stem are innovative and offer 360-degree rotation.
  • Folding. If you are deeply concerned about your home space, a folding high chair is all you need. You can also bring it anywhere.
  • Travel. There are high chairs designed for traveling, and they are pretty small. You can fold and unfold a travel high chair and strap it on top of an adult dining chair. This portable high chair has a harness and a food tray.
  • Booster seat. If you are looking for a high chair that you can easily bring everywhere, a booster seat can really help. However, booster seats are not suitable for babies who are younger than 12 months. Boosters also come with restraining straps.
  • Clamp-on. A clamp-on can be directly attached to the table using the formidable clamps. It is proven unlikely to damage your dining table. A clamp-on is suitable for thick wooden tables and definitely not for glass and plastic tables. It can support babies up to 3 years old.

Wooden High Chair for Babies and Toddlers Brought to You by Ashtonbee

Ashtonbee specializes in bringing products that are suitable for your toddler’s needs. The company aims to help parents all around the globe tend to their babies by selling high-quality feeding, playtime, and safety accessories. If you are looking for the best high chair in the market today, you can consider Ashtonbee’s wooden baby high chair design for only $159.99.

wooden high chair for babies and toddlers

It is made to ensure that babies have a lovely and comfortable space where they can enjoy their meals. The wooden high chair also gives parents convenience when they feed their little angels. The package includes a safety harness and a seat made from a tough food-grade polypropylene material with good fatigue resistance.

The high chair legs are adjustable and came from beech tree wood that guarantees durability, shock-absorbent, and can even defy heavyweight and high impact forces. It has an adjustable footrest and an attachable tray that allows you to attach it to tables. You can easily clean this high chair, built to last for a long period.

One more thing, this wooden high chair is good for kids ages 1 to 12 years old.

Taking Good Care of Your Wooden High Chair

To ensure that your wooden high chair will last for a long time and guarantee your baby’s safety, you can apply these steps.

  1. Remove all loose crumbs using a clean damp cloth or tissue to prevent food particles from being ground into the restraining belt and cushion. You can also use a vacuum after wiping the removal of food particles. A toothbrush, dental floss, or toothpick can be helpful when you clean the crevices.
  2. Don’t forget to wipe clean the rest of the high chair, such as the tray, legs, and sides.
  3. Disinfect the surface using a clean damp cloth soaked with a mild diluted bleach solution.
  4. Wash the cushions and straps monthly. You can use a mild detergent and let the cushions and straps air dry.

Final Thoughts

High chairs can really help you big time! Aside from giving you comfort and ease when you feed your baby, a high chair also provides a comfortable space for your little one. You are now aware of the different high chairs you can use at home and when you travel. With the help of a baby high chair that attaches to table tops, you are also exposing your child to the art of socialization during family meals and other gatherings.

Don’t hesitate to purchase and utilize a high chair now that can help you with your parenting goals.

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