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As a parent, it’s hard to know when you’re using too many childproofing items, or not enough.

You want to keep your child safe, but you also don’t want them to feel like they’re living in prison. Do you put a sliding glass door lock on the front door? Should they wear a helmet every time they step outside? What about those childproof locks for the cabinets—are they really necessary? It’s a tough balance to strike. 

We’ll look at when it’s appropriate to use certain types of childproofing measures and offer tips for finding the right balance for your family. We hope this information will help make parenting a bit easier, and keep your little ones safe!

Protecting Your Child With Sliding Door Lock and Other Baby Proofing Items 

As any parent knows, keeping a young child safe and sound can be a full-time job. Babies are curious by nature and tend to grab and eat anything they find interesting. This can pose a serious hazard in the home, as there are many potential hazards lurking around every corner. 

That’s why it’s so important to babyproof your home with a lock for the sliding door, a door lock for rooms, and other safety devices. Without childproofing, your kid is susceptible to these unwanted events:

  • Falls from climbing stairs, cribs, out windows, or even high chairs. 
  • Drowning isn’t limited to swimming pools. It could happen from standing water that’s at least an inch deep; think buckets, toilets, and tubs. 
  • Strangulation is caused by wiring around the house like power cords. But your baby can also get strangled in fabrics such as sash cords or clothes lying on the floor. 
  • Electrocution is usually from power outlets, but appliances at home can also electrocute your baby. 
  • Falling furniture is commonly overlooked since infants often can’t climb yet. But once they can, don’t forget about pieces of furniture like shelves and drawers and even mounted TVs that children can pull or climb. 
  • Poisoning usually happens in kitchens and bathrooms where cleaning agents and medications are hidden under sinks and bottom drawers. But food substances like spices and salt can be lethal as well. 
  • Choking occurs when your child can fit various objects in their mouth. These can range from trinkets to baby toys. 

4 Tips in Finding A Happy Medium When Childproofing

When you have a baby, your whole world changes, and you suddenly become aware of all the potential hazards in your home—sharp corners, electrical sockets, and stairs, to name a few. While it’s important to childproof your home to keep your little one safe, finding a balance is also important. 

You don’t want your home to resemble a jail cell, and you don’t want to stress about every possible danger. So what is the perfect balance between protecting and hovering? Here are four things to realize when installing sliding door locks and other baby security items. 

A Safety Lock is Only A Second Layer of Security.

Many don’t realize that childproofing is not a substitute for constant and vigilant parenting. Even the most well-secured home can’t completely protect a child from all potential hazards. 

That’s why parents need to supervise their children carefully, even when they’re in a safe environment. It only takes a moment for a child to get into something they’re not supposed to, so parents must be vigilant at all times. Of course, accidents can still happen even with the best supervision. But by being attentive and responsive, parents can greatly reduce the risk of serious injury or harm to their children.


You Might Limit Their Opportunity to Learn From Mistakes.

A kid touching the hot pot

It is well-documented that children today spend far less time outdoors than their parents and even less time engaging in active play. While many factors contribute to this change, one of the most significant is the increased perception of risk.

In our modern world, dangers seem to lurk everywhere, and parents are increasingly keen to protect their children from harm. But, while it is natural to want to keep our children safe with door locks on your patio door, it is important to remember that taking risks is essential to the healthy development of your child. 

For example, research has shown that children who engage in outdoor play have better fine and gross motor skills, improved social skills, and higher levels of creativity. So, though it may be counterintuitive, letting our children take some risks can help them thrive. 

You Can’t Protect Them From Everything.

Parents overly-focused on their child are often referred to as “helicopter parents,” It can have several negative consequences. For one, helicopter parents tend to baby proof their homes to such an extent that their children never learn how to handle minor injuries or setbacks. As a result, they may become overly reliant on their parents and hesitant to take risks.

Let loose and let them open cupboards and touch containers. Maybe give them wooden spoons or household items with different shapes and textures to spark their imagination. As long as you’re there to guide them, your baby will be safe. 

Some Places Are Still Off-Limits.

Does this mean you should remove your sliding glass door locks, keyed locks, and latches? Should you stop your installation of security bars and baby monitors? Of course not, as some areas require extra precautions. Sliding patio doors, cabinets, and sinks—the list goes on. But you shouldn’t let your fear go too far. You can still install a security bar, baby door lock, or even a smart lock, but ask yourself, “Am I going overboard?” 

Final Thoughts 

Letting your child learn on his own - A baby and his mother cleaning the house 

By creating an environment that is too safe, we are not preparing our children for the real world. We are not teaching them how to assess and manage risk. Instead, we instill a sense of fear and anxiety that can last a lifetime. So when it comes to childproofing, let’s focus on the essentials and let the rest go. It’s time to give our children the chance to stretch their wings and learn how to navigate the world safely.

With a little patience and some trial and error, you can figure out what works best for your family. At Ashtonbee, we carry a wide selection of sliding door locks, cabinet locks, outlet covers and more to help keep your little ones safe and secure. Check out our sliding door locks today and see how we can help keep your child safe and sound!

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