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If you have twins, you know how important it is to create a comfortable space for the both of them. You also want to make sure that they have the opportunity to socialize and interact with each other. Infant play mats are the perfect way to do this! They provide a safe and fun environment for your twins to explore and play together. Plus, they are a great way to encourage early generosity practices! Here are some of the many benefits of having a playpen, tips on setting up one, and getting the best play mat.




Communal Space and Generosity Practice

When you have twins, decision-making should consider taking them as individuals and as a pair. There will be times when you should make your decisions because it is good for their unique twin bond, but there are also moments when you should encourage their independence to develop their personalities. You can achieve both of these and more with playpens.

Communal space

To nourish the bond of your twins, keeping them as close to each other as often as possible is essential. You may have already invested in twin baby cribs, strollers, and high chairs. If so, you are on the right track. When your twins become toddlers, they’ll explore and work their muscles. A playpen serves as a communal space that encourages the baby’s holistic development.

Early generosity practice

Playtime is a perfect moment for your little ones to know the value of sharing. With a playpen where all toys and baby stuff are communal, if both babies want the same toys (twin instinct), they’ll have the chance to share. If they do not know how to yet, that’s when you come in and explain how to do it. As they continue to play, generosity will eventually come naturally.

Encouraging individuality

While the twin instinct can show how your babies like the same things, they will also discover their individuality and personal preferences. Do not be surprised to see one twin going for musical toys while the other loves to paint. A playpen with various toys, activities, and space to move around encourages them to choose which objects appeal to them the most.

Keeping them safe

When your little ones begin to crawl and walk, they are unstoppable explorers. If a single baby can tire out caregivers, can you imagine the exhaustion when caring for twins? With a playpen, your little ones’ desires to explore, move, and play are satisfied, while your aim for safety is also ticked. Add a layer of infant baby play mats inside the playpen for extra safety and added peace for you.

best infant play mats

Tips on Creating a Playpen for Twins

With many playpen benefits for your twins and you, the place may seem like a wonderland for babies and a dream come true for parents. Make yours a space not only where your little one can have fun but also a place where they can develop mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially.

Offer various toys

The toys you offer to your little one should be purposeful. Find toys that will trigger their love for arts and crafts like paints, paintbrushes, crayons, canvases, and various types of paper. Let them learn different textures and shapes through clay, slime, or sand. Early science learning begins with exploring the things around them.

As they explore what’s around them, introduce the names of the objects for language learning and acquisition. Math may be one of the most difficult subjects in school. Still, it is also teachable inside playpens by counting different objects and teaching number recognition through writing or forming symbols in clay.

Give them a muscle challenge

The playpen doesn’t only work the mind, but the body too. Bone and muscle development happens when your little ones move, so if your playpen permits, add an indoor playground where they can practice climbing stairs and slide.

It wouldn’t hurt to set up a separate playpen outdoors for additional physical exercise. Here, having the best infant play mats is a must as the outdoors has more harmful objects for babies. Make sure to keep an eye on them for extra support if they do something beyond what their little legs and arms can handle.

Grant plenty of twin time

Playtime is often disturbed or discouraged because of your fear of your little ones getting hurt. Don’t let this worry push you to inhibit your little ones from playing and exploring.

You can minimize the worries when you have a playpen. A baby-friendly fence should surround this area with soft infant play mats. The objects inside should also be kid-friendly so that you won’t worry about anything hurting your little one.

With everything safe, playtime can now be endless. Your twin’s bond and their bonding among their other siblings, if they have any, can be boundless too.

Infant Play Mats for Playpen Safety

As you advocate your little one’s holistic development through a well-built playpen, keep them safe too by investing in quality play mats. You cannot just buy any play mat, especially if it means your twins’ safety. Let’s get into the details of the product features you should be looking for.

Gentle to the skin

Babies have sensitive skin, so look for products free from BPA and any harmful chemicals. Even if you buy play mats made of safe materials, watch out for signs of allergies on your little ones like skin itching, rashes, or even coughing. These are signs you need to change your play mat.

Can catch a fall

Toddlers are prone to falling, so find a mat with enough cushion to ensure that there won’t be any injuries even if they fall. Cover the whole playpen with this cushioned play mat, so anywhere they go, they will be safe.

infant baby play mats

Spill-proof and non-slip

Part of the activities your twins will do inside the playpen is arts and crafts involving water. They will also learn science concepts using various liquids. When snack time comes, they’ll have juice and water. Keep your play mat clean by picking spill-proof ones. They are also safer as toddlers won’t slip on them.


Are you planning to create indoor and outdoor playpens for your twins? Investing in separate playpens inside and outside would be nice, but if you want an environmentally-friendly and budget-friendly option, you can pick portable and lightweight play mats. You can take them out now and then and bring them in after outdoor time.


Whether you plan to use the play mat indoors only or for both indoors and outdoors, investing in durable ones is a must. The playpen will be your babies’ hang-out place, and it will surely be overused. Having durable ones ensures that they have something to use for a long time, even when they grow into toddlers.

Child-friendly design

Finally, find play mats that have child-friendly designs. You can pick cartoon characters or baby animals for your kids. Make the play mat multipurpose by picking designs that feature numbers, shapes, and various colors. You can introduce the names of the objects as they play.

Get Your Play Mats and Playpen Needs at Ashtonbee!

As twins grow, they need more space to explore and play. While it’s tempting to always give them separate toys, this can hamper their development. Twins need a communal space to interact with each other and learn how to share. We’ve listed the benefits of having playpens for your twins here, and we hope these convince you to create a space for it at home.

Remember to offer various toys that will stimulate their development and grant plenty of twin time so they can continue interacting with each other. Most importantly, make sure that whatever playpen you choose has infant play mats that are gentle to the skin and can catch a fall in case of an accident. Whatever you need, you can browse through our products here at Ashtonbee. We have plenty of safety and playtime products you’ll surely love. Let us know what you pick!

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