Keeping the little ones inside is challenging because of their limitless energy and curiosity to explore the world around them. It gets even more difficult when it’s pouring outside. To adults, rain is automatically something to run away from, but to kids, the weather has a wealth of surprises to offer!

So, how do you encourage your little one to stay inside and not to play in the rain? A simple solution is using a sliding glass door lock. This babyproofing technique ensures your baby cannot open the door. And of course, to keep them busy inside, you must prepare indoor rainy day activities. We’ve got your back in finding both the best sliding door lock and some fun activities you can do. Let’s begin!

Rainy Day Activities for Babies

If you think your 6–11 month-old baby is still too young to figure out a way to make it outside, think again! When your baby starts crawling and walking, they can go anywhere! So even at this early age, you should start babyproofing your home. After doing so, prepare to do these fun activities with your baby.

  • Kitchen Adventurer: Kitchens are often off-limits to babies, and it becomes a tempting place to explore. One rainy day, why not let them become kitchen adventurers? Let them play with pots, pans, and spatulas. Just keep away the utensils and tools that are not safe for babies. 
  • The Dancer and Singer: Make your stay indoors filled with music and lyrics by singing nursery rhymes together. You can also teach your baby simple gestures. You’ll be surprised at how good they are at mimicking your songs and actions. 
  • Take on Obstacles: Work your baby’s muscles by creating an obstacle of pillows, blankets, and sheets. They can crawl and walk through these with your supervision for safety.
  • Picture Books: Cultivate the love for reading books early by introducing picture books to your babies. Get creative in presenting the story to keep them engaged. 
  • Building Blocks: As simple as they seem, building blocks help develop your baby’s pincer grasp, work their arm muscles out, and get their brain cells working.

Keeping Toddlers Busy When It’s Rainy

The worry of keeping your child safe inside your house during rainy days intensifies during their toddler years. Toddlers can now confidently walk and run. They are also smart enough to know how to unlock the door to go outside. With the help of a door lock that only adults can open, you can keep them indoors. Through these different activities, you can make their indoor time productive.

  • Drawing, Coloring, and Painting: Toddlers love to color, no matter the season. Always have supplies of coloring materials, so they have something to do when it’s rainy.
  • Master Chefs: From pots, pans, and spatulas your baby used to play with, promote them into chefs. Let them bake and cook with you, and give them tasks their tiny hands can handle.
  • Little Home Assistant: Teach them to be responsible inside the home too by giving them easy tasks like folding small clothes, fixing pillows, or even wiping dust in different parts of the house they can reach. 
  • Introducing the Family: There are two ways you can introduce your family to your toddler on a rainy day. First is to invite your family over to enjoy warm and hearty meals, so your baby can spend time with them. Or, if they don’t live nearby, you can also pull out some family pictures to introduce them.
  • Studying Indoors: You can also begin introducing educational materials to toddlers, like picture and story books. Teach them the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and names of different animals.

sliding door lock

Why Use A Lock For Sliding Doors

Do these activities sound interesting and fun to you? Despite the poor weather outside, you and your little one can still enjoy the indoors. Aside from the fun, here are more reasons to start investing and installing sliding door locks now. 

Keeps babies in safe areas

No matter the weather, keeping your little one in safe spaces is important. This is why you invest in play mats, pens, and sliding door locks. Even when you are not playing with your baby and are doing different house chores, you will be sure that your baby cannot go out to unsafe places because the doors are tightly closed and locked.

Has a smart lock design

This is the advantage of using sliding door locks and not relying only on regular door locks. Sliding door safety locks are designed to be opened and closed easily by adults. Kids are smart, and if they see how you open doors again and again they will figure it out. Specialized door locks are more difficult to open for babies and toddlers.

Easy installation

Despite being difficult to open for kids, sliding door locks are easy to install. You do not need screws or a key. Many of them use an adhesive, so you can install them yourself. With that, you can babyproof your home in no time.

Get Your Sliding Door Locks At Ashtonbee

Fun activities inside the house can be a good distraction for your little one when it starts pouring outside. When they are busy and enjoying themselves, they won’t even think about opening the door and going outside. It is also beneficial for a parent like you because you can bond with your baby and ensure they are safe.

If you are convinced you need door locks for your glass door, patio door, sliding door, or room door, there is no need to go to a hardware store! Check out what we have here at Ashtonbee and level up your home security system easily. 

Our locks are convenient to install. You only need to remove the tape at the bottom of the lock and stick it to your door; no tools required. You do not need any keys to unlock this product. You can flip it to unlock and press it down to relock. Simple and easy—just like how protecting your child should be!

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