Most parents can attest to the fact that their kids get bored easily. In fact, boredom is likely the culprit behind many of your little one’s misbehaviors and curious habits.

Fortunately for all of us as parents, there are some simple things we can do to prevent our children from getting into trouble and keep our momma heart at peace. Continue reading below on how you can keep your little troublemakers out of trouble at all times.

Possible Accidents Without Childproofing

Childproofing your home is an important step in ensuring your toddler’s safety. While it can be tiring and time-consuming to ensure that all hazardous items are out of reach, it is worth the effort to take additional steps to prevent accidents.

The following are a couple of accidents that could happen without childproofing:

  • A child may swallow small items like beads or buttons, which can cause choking or intestinal blockage if they become lodged in their throat.
  • A child may fall from the stairs while sliding on them or jumping while playfully running. This can result in serious head injuries such as concussions, cuts and bruises on the face and body, broken bones (especially arms and legs), spinal cord injuries, and concussions.
  • They might also end up slipping off their shoes while running around and falling on sharp furniture edges.
  • Without added security, burglars may easily enter your property and compromise your home’s security without a lock. This may lead to a child being abducted or hurt.
  • Your child may gain access to entryways like the patio doors and windows. Without childproofing your home for additional security (or even a security system with smart locks), your child will always be at risk of leaving your home.
  • Something as mundane as a cabinet may also put your little one in danger. Without installing locks to secure your cabinets and appliances, a little tip-off from them will cause a huge accident.

Childproof Your Home With These Sliding Door Locks

There are many different sliding door locks available in the market, and they can be installed in a number of ways. In addition, there are multipurpose sliding door locks and drawer locks to put your mind at ease.

Whether you are looking for a simple keyless design or a heavy-duty multipurpose option, everything is valid as long as your baby is safe from accidents!

Sliding Glass Door Locks

Imagine a bright, sunny morning, and you want to enjoy the natural light. You want to let your house breathe and open all the doors, windows, and locks, but you can’t because you have a sneaky little one that runs every chance they get.

Let us say you have sliding glass doors for your patio. You can set the window or patio door curtains aside to allow the daylight in. For added security, you can use a sliding glass door lock that fits most patio doors.

This little locking mechanism promises a hassle-free installation and sturdy hardware. It keeps your door locked even when your baby pries it open. So even if your kid plays rough, the lock will not break and will still serve its purpose.

Sliding Glass Door Lock Windows

sliding glass doors - baby having access to window

Sliding glass door lock windows are a great way to keep your little one out of trouble. Sliding window door locks are easy to install and affordable, making them a great choice for any parent interested in keeping their child safe from danger.

Sliding glass door locks come with an anti-pry bar that prevents the window from being pried open, which makes it difficult for children or animals to escape through the unlocked sliding glass doors.

Sliding Door Lock Cabinet

A sliding door lock can be used in the home, office, or commercial space. They go on either side of your filing cabinet drawer and make it impossible for a child to open them.

It has an extremely simple design which makes it easy to use. You only have to push one button to secure the filing cabinet and lock its contents away from prying eyes or sticky fingers!

This lock is extremely affordable too. So if you are looking for something on a budget but still want all the benefits of a good quality product, look no further than our selection here at Ashtonbee!

Keep Your Baby Out of Trouble With Sliding Door Locks

sliding glass door locks - best lock for door, door frame and window

Sliding door locks are a great way to keep your little one out of harm’s way, or at least make it difficult for them to get into harm’s way. The last thing you want is for your child to be hurt while attempting to sneak out of the home without supervision! That is why our very own sliding door locks are such a great find for parents like you!

Our very own lock for sliding doors is probably the best sliding glass door lock you will find in the market. Developed with babies and parents in mind, it features different locking mechanisms.

features of ashtonbee sliding door lock - keyless entry, added security, and easy installationAshtonbee’s sliding door lock prides itself as one of those interior-friendly tools that will not draw attention to itself, so your guests will not even notice the locks are there! The lock is also easy to install. It will fit most surfaces, even sliding glass doors. Simply peel and stick the lock to keep everything secure!

Finally, this mommy must-have is only $10.99, a small price for a huge relief to keep your little one safe at home.


We offer these tips in the hopes that you will be able to understand better how to childproof your sliding doors. With so many options available with prices ranging from $10-$600 depending on your needs, you should not have trouble finding one that will fit your needs perfectly!

Check out our collections to get great deals on high-quality baby gear. Ashtonbee makes great products for all your baby and mommy needs.

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