Baby lying on top of foam playmats with toys in hand.

Did you know playtime is super important for your baby’s development? As little kids grow up, they become curious, and playtime is the best—and perhaps the first—way to explore their curiosity and train their minds.

But where is your baby going to play? Do you send them outside to the backyard, or should you leave them in their bed, so they avoid hurting themselves? If you can’t find an answer, here is a quick one: anywhere, because you can play anywhere with the right foam playmats.

What Are Foam Playmats?

Play mats are foam floor mats similar to rugs or carpets, designed as a play area for a child. Foam playmats are the rubber tiles we had under our feet as children, which may or may not have numbers or shapes of animals that we had to guess.

A play mat provides babies and children with an interactive space to channel their raving curiosity about the world and themselves. It is a space in which they can play all they want, or at least until bedtime.

Why Do You Need Playmats?

There are several benefits to getting your baby a play mat, which can either be physical or psychological, like:

Keeping Playtime Safe

We are all aware of how much of a klutz a baby or toddler can be. From learning how to walk to learning how to run indoors, the possibility of an accident climbs as each active day passes. 

As parents, we worry too much about our child’s safety and might even deprive them of their much-needed play to ensure their physical safety. With a play mat or two, you can worry less about your child getting into an accident.

Playmats are durable and designed to absorb contact. If your child falls, it won’t be that harsh; it will simply serve them a life lesson. If they get knocked down, they will get back up and try again.

Makeshift Nursery

Parents are busy bees, so we don’t have the luxury of sitting by and watching our child’s every step. Sometimes we have to do urgent chores that demand our attention, like cooking and cleaning, and leaving our baby somewhere becomes another problem instead of choice.

Having a play mat around gives you a space in your home to dedicate to your child. Leave them there for a little while and come back. You won’t worry about them getting bored if you leave their toys around. Babies know how to keep themselves company.

You can even combine your play mat with a playpen so you can fully immerse your child in their world while keeping them safe.

An Aesthetic Need

Parenting is hard work, and a lot of the effort it takes to be a parent is mental. So seeing a play mat on the floor can mean more than just extra space; it can mean confidence, comfort, or a sense of peace. 

Seeing a playmat on the floor is a huge moral uplift because playmats remind you of your children, and seeing them around and playing in the space you have given them becomes the best feeling in the world.

Baby playing on foam playmats with baby activity gym

Playmat Activities!

Structured play is organized play with clear, achievable goals where children learn to analyze, socialize, and cooperate with people, which are important skills. Unstructured play is creative play that lets children play with little to no rules, therefore channeling their inner creativity. Some examples include playing pretend or with toys.

A well-placed play mat is a fun place to be. In fact, it is so much fun that the excitement is not limited to your toddlers—you can join in, too! There are plenty of activities to set your mind to once you are on the mat, but in case you have none, here are a few:

Play House

Playing house has been the number one activity for children since the beginning of time (presumably). It is a fun activity for boys and girls alike, and they get to simulate family and societal roles in a harmless environment.

As previously stated, kids thrive in imaginative scenarios. So create a house for yourself and the kids, and play with the most imagination and wonderment you can muster!

Build a Baby Activity Gym

You can have fun and be productive at the same time. So make the play mat a good learning ground for your kids by turning it into a baby activity gym, where you can do both at the same time.

House fun and intellectually driving activities in your activity gym, like puzzle blocks and visual puzzle pieces, to get your baby thinking hard. Some play mats are even designed to be dismantled by children and put a part in a logical order, giving your baby some structured play.

Have a Tea Party (Play Pretend)

Nothing beats a good tea party. In fact, have anything you want! The best part about the play mat is its sandbox-like quality. You can do anything you want, be anything you want, and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

Host a tear party, build a bridge, bring the princess down from the tower, and defeat the evil wizard—the play mat is yours to design as you wish (as well as your kids’).

Maintaining Your Baby Play Mats

We know your baby will have an amazing time on those play mats, but have you considered how dirty they could get from just a few days of use? You place them on the floor so your baby can walk, crawl, hop, and tumble on them, but what if they make a mess?

Here’s how you can clean your floor foam mats:

Step 1: Remove the play mats from the floor. Sweep dirt off the play mats and the floor beneath them before washing.

Step 2: Wash the play mats with all-natural cleansers. Usually, soap and water are enough. But in case of strong odors or bacteria, you can use vinegar and baking soda to wash off any unwanted stains or spills. Avoid using any harmful chemicals.

Step 3: Wipe off any excess water and leave the play mats to dry outside; it is important not to use them again while damp.

Step 4: While the mats are durable, cleaning them would be senseless if you plan on placing them in the same dirt. Instead, tidy up the space you intend to place the foam floor mats so you can use them longer.

Step 5: Place the mats back in their space. Repeat the process if dirtied again. Play mats are durable enough to withstand many washes as long as you maintain them consistently.

Smiling baby lying on top of foam playmats

Play Safe with Ashtonbee’s Baby Foam Play Mat

At Ashtonbee, we ensure our goal is the same as yours: to keep your kids safe, happy, and loved. So let them run wild with our baby-friendly play mats that are durable and stylish.

The ultra-cushioned foam floor mats come in bright colors, ready to catch your baby’s eyes! With our brand play mat, tummy time will forever be a treat for both baby and parent alike. 

We always ensure our products are non-toxic, free of harmful chemicals, and odorless. If that is not enough, you can always combine our play mats with Ashtonbee’s Play Pen or check out Ashtonbee’s Baby Foam Play mat with Fence. Don’t keep playtime waiting, and browse our store page now so you can get your baby the things baby loves best.

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