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Are you exhausted from lack of sleep because your little one can’t sleep through the night?

It’s hard to keep up with your baby’s sleep pattern, especially when you want to turn in for the night. Your baby will fuss and cry multiple times and keep you awake at ungodly hours, making you feel more tired in the morning.

Don’t worry. Here are some helpful tips to help your baby sleep so that your little family can get the uninterrupted rest you all deserve.



6 Sleeping Tips for Your Baby

Newborns sleep for about 16 hours. They may be asleep most of the day, but it is still hard to discern their sleeping schedule. As a result, they can be wide awake when it’s your turn to sleep.

Developing a sleep rhythm is difficult for them in the first three months, but these tips will surely help you and your baby rest comfortably.

Timing is key.

Noting the time your baby is most sleepy is key to good sleep. Don’t wait for your baby to cry before you decide they need to rest. Crying will make them tired, which suppresses the melatonin process that allows them to sleep.

When you see your baby turn quiet and no longer in the mood to play or interact with others, it means their sleep hormones are now active. You can lull them to sleep by reading them a bedtime story, humming to them, and placing them on a crib. Surround them with things that signal it’s time to sleep. By doing this, your baby will sleep longer and more soundly, and you too can rest with them.

Give your kids time to settle down.

Don’t be frustrated when your baby doesn’t fall asleep as soon as you put them down in their crib. Instead, let your baby find a comfortable position, but keep an eye on them while they do so. They may roll over, causing suffocation.

Your baby may also look for the familiarity of their favorite pillow. It’ll help if it’s a baby flat head pillow: it will cradle their head in a natural and safe position, preventing deformities around the head.

Even when they start getting drowsy, don’t leave your baby alone. Whisper to them to make them feel safe and reassured and help them sleep faster. It also helps to put them in their crib while drowsy but still awake. Doing this will teach them to associate drowsiness and their crib with sleep time.

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Swaddle your baby.

Wrapping your baby in a warm blanket makes them feel warm and secure. The sensation mimics the warmth of being in your arms, which makes falling asleep faster.

But not all babies like the feeling of a blanket wrapped around their bodies. It may make them hot and uncomfortable. So, make sure that your child likes it and you are at an ideal room temperature before swaddling your baby.

Add the 4 B’s to your nighttime routine.

Building your baby’s nighttime routine is helpful for both of your sleeping schedules. Remember the four B’s of a baby’s sleeping routine: bath, book, bed, and bottle.

Giving your baby a warm bath will trigger sleepiness. Likewise, bringing them to bed and reading them stories will let them know it’s time to rest. Last is the bottle. Make sure your baby is full before they go to sleep. Hunger is the main reason infants cry in the middle of the night. So, feed them just before bedtime, not hours before: they might ask for another bottle and interrupt both of your sleep.

Don’t be too quick to intervene.

It is common for people to partially wake up in the middle of the night and fall right back asleep. This situation happens with babies too.

When your baby coos or even opens their eyes, assess the situation first. They might just be in a dream state, according to experts. After a few minutes, they will immediately get back to sleep, so don’t pick them up. Otherwise, you might fully wake them up with the movement.

Know your baby’s preference and sleeping schedule.

Knowing your baby’s sleep schedule will be beneficial for both of you. When you know your baby’s sleep time, you can plan accordingly. In addition, it will be easier for you to implement sleeping routines.

It’s also important to know your child’s preferences. For example, studies show that some babies look for the scent of their parents; in this case, it’s better to let them fall asleep in your arms first before putting them down in the crib. Meanwhile, some babies like lullabies. Singing them to sleep will help them fall asleep faster.

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Final Thoughts

During the first months of your baby’s life, you’ll surely miss your regular sleeping schedule. Their loud cries will keep you awake in the middle of the night, and you’ll feel exhausted the next day. It can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t make the parenting experience less rewarding.

We hope these sleeping tips will help you and your little ones get better sleep. For more baby products, browse our shop. If you’re looking for a baby head pillow, feeding bottle, or baby toy, we have them. They’re all made with high-quality materials safe for your kids and offer great value for your money.

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