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Minimalism is increasingly becoming popular when selecting furniture for a home or nursery. The minimalist style might not be ideal for every family, but it has clear benefits that must be explored. This blog post will explore why minimalist high chairs may appeal to you and your family, what qualities matter most when considering them, and which are best suited for individual needs. 

Stay tuned—by the end of this blog post, we guarantee you’ll know whether a minimalist high chair is suitable for your home or nursery!

Why a Minimalist High Chair?

In a sea of high chairs that are convenient to find, why should you exert effort in looking for minimalist designs? What are the benefits of these chairs compared to traditional bulkier ones? The reasons below will make you realize that the extra research to find a minimalist baby high chair is worth it.

Makes Everything Easier

Prime among the many benefits of a simple high chair is making caregivers’ lives easier. 

A high chair with adjustable seats can be used during meals, naps, and activity times. Having a high chair with a removable tray saves time from cleaning as parents can detach and clean it on the sink. And, of course, foldable high chairs make it easy for caregivers to clean the meal or activity areas. Traveling parents can also take the lightweight and portable chair anywhere conveniently.

Doesn’t Take Up Space

Another benefit of having a minimalist high chair is its space efficiency. This is especially true if the high chair is foldable, portable, and has a multipurpose design. 

With this kind of design, parents can invest in a single high chair the baby can use for different activities:

  • Mealtime
  • Playtime
  • Outdoor time
  • Traveling
  • As a toddler chair

These high chairs can be adjusted and turned into a chair that fits a baby or child’s age and activities.

Perfect for Minimalist-Themed Homes

When your baby comes, your home will suddenly need to become kid-friendly. It can be hard to let go of the usual set-up, especially with the time and effort you invested in achieving a minimalist home. However, the good news is that you can always look for baby furniture that matches your home.

Begin by picking cribs, changing tables, and high chairs with simple designs. Stick with neutral hues like black, white, brown, or grey if these are already established in your home. Pastel colors are best if you want to add color, but stay consistent with your minimalist home theme.

Blends With Other Interior Designs

A plain high chair easily fits any interior design because of its unassuming design. For instance, a simple modern baby high chair that combines steel and plastic materials fits well in contemporary homes. 

On the other hand, a minimalist wooden high chair will blend perfectly in Scandinavian, rustic, antique, and bohemian-inspired homes with wood as the main design element. Aside from the high chair’s material, picking the correct colour is helpful in finding a chair that blends perfectly with a specific interior design. 

modern baby high chair

What High Chair Characteristics To Look For

Now you know why minimalist high chairs are worth looking for, the next thing to learn is the characteristics of the best high chair. The features of a minimal high chair are not that different from what other cute high chairs have. Nevertheless, there are specific characteristics we’ll discuss here that make them minimalist.

Steel, Plastic, Wooden High Chairs

High chairs can be made with steel, plastic, wood, or a combination of the three. Usually, you’ll see chairs with steel or wood stands and plastic seats. There are also high chairs made with pure wood or pure plastic. 

A basic high chair can have any of these materials, but keep an eye on more minimal designs. Skip the chairs that have built-in thick cushions as they make the chair look bulky. As much as possible, stick with chairs with detachable cushions so that when your child can sit steadily, you can let go of the cushion for good. High chairs with no cushions look neater and more uncomplicated.

Minimalist, But Comfortable and Safe

A high chair with a padded seat is best for babies who cannot sit steadily yet. The cushioned chair is excellent if you use it as a safe hangout spot or nap space for younger babies. 

However, babies can already sit independently by six months, just in time for their first solid foods. With this, you can slowly let go of high chair cushions as your little one will need them less and less as they grow. 

To ensure safety from falling, look for other chairs with a three-point harness, well-designed straps, and seat belts instead.

Well-Designed Tray

A high chair’s initial function is for babies to have a safe spot during mealtime. Many high chairs are designed with trays that serve as feeding tables. But do not just pick any high chair with a tray. Pick a tray that has these characteristics:

  • Detachable
  • Easy to wipe
  • Stain-resistant
  • An anti-slip surface to avoid spills
  • Has a cup holder to keep liquids from spilling

Expect mealtimes with babies to get a little messy. However, you can manage better when the tray is designed to minimize the mess and can just be wiped clean.

Focus on Adjustable Footrests

The footrest is another high chair feature you should check as it helps your little one sit more comfortably. Check whether the footrest has adjustable heights, so you can move it according to the length of your little one’s legs. Dangling feet can strain the legs and the spine, but when there’s a footrest, these body parts can relax.

When your baby can sit comfortably in the high chair, they can enjoy their meals better. They can sit on their chairs longer too. They can also draw, play with toys, sit back, watch, and observe the things around them.

Simple Hues and Characters

You’ll have other opportunities to pick colorful designs and cartoon characters for your baby’s needs. To achieve minimalism, it is best to stick with neutral and plain hues. If you are picking a wooden material, stick with natural wood color. The soft hue fits well in minimalist designs. If you use a plastic chair, beige, tan, white, grey, charcoal, nude, and other similar hues are the safest. These colors are also the most common.

convertible high chair - made of beech tree wood and non-toxic plastic

Which High Chairs To Get?

There are high chairs of all sorts when you go and look for one. Check them out individually to see how each fits your high chair goals.

Traditional High Chair

Traditional high chairs are designed with a regular seat and a tray. This full-sized high chair is usually not portable because it is bulky. They may or may not have a detachable tray too. You can still choose one for your minimalist goal if you pick a simple design and have extra space at home.

Portable High Chair

This modern high chair is a more portable version of the full size high chair. These have detachable trays and can be folded after use. They are great for small spaces and frequent travelers.

Infant Booster Seat

A booster seat is a high chair attached to dining chairs to increase your toddler’s seat height. They’re perfect for your minimalist design goals as you can utilize the dining room chairs already available.

Cloth Travel High Chair

These cloth high chairs fit most dining chairs. They can help you maintain a minimalist home design as you can fold them after use. These are also portable high chairs you can take with you when you travel.

Clip-On High Chair

As the chair’s name suggests, this is clipped on the table. You do not need to add another piece of furniture for this and you can take it with you when you’re on the go.

Ashtonbee’s Minimalist High Chair

In conclusion, decide on a high chair based on your needs as a parent and what would work best for you and your family. If you’re a minimalist or want to embrace the lifestyle, go for a sleek and modern high chair that doesn’t take up too much space but still has all the necessary features like a comfortable seat, a safe design, and an easy-to-clean tray.

Ashtonbee has just the right high chair you are looking for! Check out our easy-to-assemble high chair that is built to last. Get yours now!

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