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Summer is the time for family trips and vacations, but it can also be a hectic season when you’re trying to keep track of everything you need for your child. Buying everything you need, from the best travel changing pad to various supplies for health, safety, and fun, will help make your summer trips blissful!

So keep reading and get ready to take notes. Here are some baby supplies you should take with you during your summer getaways.

Travel Changing Pad and Cleaning Must-Haves

One of the major concerns of parents when travelling is how to ensure your baby stays clean in the places you’re going to. These supplies will help you keep your baby safe, clean, and healthy. 

Travel Changing Pad

Pick a travel changing pad that you can fold like a small bag, so you can easily pack it in your baby bag. Having the best diaper changing pad for travel ensures you have a clean space for frequent nappy changes.

Swim Diapers

If you plan to take a dip in the pool or beach with your little one, don’t forget to pack swim diapers. These are different from regular diapers because they are designed to contain waste without absorbing water.

Insect and Mosquito Repellent

Summertime means enjoying the outdoors, but it also means dealing with insect bites that can cause skin rashes or even fevers and swollen lymph nodes. Remember to pack an insect repellent that is safe for your baby, and remember to reapply often.

Wet Bags

Skip the messy plastics and switch to wet bags designed to store wet clothes, swimsuits, and towels. These bags are made from waterproof fabric with a zip closure to keep liquids contained.

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Healthy Summertime Meals

One of the keys to a happy and healthy baby is having nutritious meals at hand, even when you’re on vacation. Do not let the distance from your home kitchen keep you from serving hearty meals to your little one. Take these mealtime must-haves to help you!

Picnic Feeding Set

You can buy a complete, portable feeding set with bowls stacked together, sippy cups, and baby utensils. Fill the baby bowls with healthy fruits and vegetables, cakes, pasta, and salad, and the cups with natural and healthy juices for your summertime picnic.

Portable Seat Booster/High Chair

When travelling, you do not always have access to high chairs. Taking a portable seat booster or a portable high chair will allow you to enjoy the food and the ambiance of the restaurant you are visiting without having to worry about your baby.

Water Bottles and Sippy Cups

Travelling in warmer climates will make your baby drink more water, so it’s best to be prepared. Make sure to include water bottles and sippy cups in your baby bag. Pick the ones with baby-friendly designs to encourage your little one to drink more.

Popsicles Molds

Who said you can’t enjoy refreshing summertime popsicles when out of town? When you take your popsicle molds with you, you can create summertime snacks both kids and adults will love. They are also great alternatives to the sugar-filled ice creams sold at the beach. 

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Safe and Fun Summer Playtime

Playtime is a must for every happy summer vacation. It’s the part of the day when your baby can explore, use their imaginations, and have fun. Travelling with the following will ensure your child has safe and blissful playtime wherever you go.

Life Vests and Floaters

Visiting pools, beaches, and bodies of water are surely included in your summer bucket list. But let your little one wear life vests and floaters to make sure they are safe as they enjoy swimming and waddling.

Sensory Toys

Some parents want to make the most of baby activities through smart toys, which turn playful moments into opportunities for their little one to learn. You can bring a compact sand or water table complete with pails, shovels, or water beads. These toys stimulate your little one’s sense of touch and imagination.

Protection From the Sun

Babies have sensitive skin that is more prone to sunburns. To ensure your little one does not end up with red skin, pack these must-haves.


Choose a baby-safe sunscreen that will not irritate your little one’s skin. Apply it on your baby’s exposed skin before going outdoors, and reapply every two hours or more if your baby is swimming or sweating a lot.

Baby Canopy or Tent

Having a portable baby canopy or tent also comes in handy when you spend time outdoors. Your little one can still enjoy the surroundings while staying safe from the sun below a shaded canopy or tent.


Quick-dry towels will keep your little one comfortable after swimming. There are also towels designed to be sand repellent so that you won’t worry about your energetic babies taking their towels to the beach. Pick a towel with a hood to keep it on even when your baby is moving.

Sun Hats

A summer hat will help keep the sun off your baby’s face. Pick ones with wide brims to provide more coverage. Of course, pick cute designs to match your baby’s outfit.

Swimwears and Shoes

With the right swimwear, your baby can move and splash around. For easy diaper changes, you can find one-piece and two-piece suits with snaps or zippers. Don’t forget to pack cute shoes to protect your baby’s feet while walking around.

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Get Your Baby Summer Needs From Ashtonbee

Summer is a great time to travel with your family. With a little preparation, you can keep your trips blissful and stress-free. Make sure to pack the best travel changing pad and all of the necessary cleaning supplies so that you can clean up any messes quickly and easily. 

Ashtonbee can be your partner in creating a safe and happy summer for your child. Check out our products to complete the supplies you need to pack for your summer travels. We have lots of choices, so go and take a look!

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