An organized home has plenty of benefits for both you and your baby. When everything is in order, it creates a space where you and your child can play. Organization also ensures that you keep spaces at home clean and free from clutter. Dirt, dust, and other debris could increase the risk of your baby getting sick or suffering from allergies. Check out these tips for creating an uncluttered home for your family using space saving furniture and more. Let’s begin by checking out how to organize your dining area and your baby’s nursery!

Creating a Clutter-free Dining Experience

The dining area is where you make mealtime memories with your baby. This is where you feed them their first solids, and where you spend moments with the family eating hearty meals. For toddlers, it is a space where they can explore, with lots of furniture to play around. Here are some tips to organize this place.

Space Saver Chair

Skip the hassle of thinking about where you will put a full size high chair and invest in the best high chair for small spaces. Many high chairs for small spaces are foldable and portable, so you can set them up before dining and fold them after. You can also pick a design that has an easy-to-clean removable tray. Once your baby gets older, these chairs can be assembled as toddler-sized chairs to place around the dining table.. 

Utensil Organizers

With a small child, your utensils range from adult plates and glasses to colorful sippy cups, bowls, plates, and small spoons and forks. These utensils will add to your kitchen clutter if you do not organize them properly. So invest in utensil organizers, or create dividers in your utensil drawers and cabinets for beautifully arranged storage. 

Spotless Refrigerator

Keeping the refrigerator spick and span not only looks good, but can also keep your family and your baby from stomachaches because of improperly stored food. Begin by taking out and checking the expiration dates of the food in the refrigerator so that you can consume them accordingly. Clean the refrigerator, and label and organize its contents for proper storage.

Utilize Containers

Containers can go a long way in making your kitchen more organized. With different baby-friendly finger food like cereals, cookies, fruits, and vegetables, it’s easy for your kitchen to end up a mess. To ensure sanitation and the best quality food during mealtime, keep everything in well-sealed containers. Many containers these days are sold with labels to ensure you are sorting them all correctly. And you can always customize how these containers look to match your kitchen.

Achieving a Clean Nursery

The nursery is a space you’ve probably been preparing for a while—even before your baby comes out. The nursery is where your baby will spend most of their time, especially in the newborn months when all they seem to do is sleep. Still, one day, your baby will grow up into an energetic toddler who will be playing in the nursery, so it’s imperative that you keep it calming, clutter-free, and organized.

Be Wise on Theme and Color Choices

Bright colors make a space look bright, clean, and airy but since you are designing a baby’s room, you need baby-friendly colors too. Some of the hues you can pick are sea green, pale blue, and light green—these light colors give a peaceful vibe. Blush pink and lavender, cool gray, clean white, light taupe, and neutral colors work just as well.

Welcome Ventilation and Natural Light

To complement the light walls of the room, welcome natural light and ventilation. Say goodbye to thick drapes and heavy sheets, and switch to light-colored and breezy curtains. Pick cotton sheets that are light and friendly to the baby’s skin. Create a well-lit room with proper ventilation to lower the risk of your little one acquiring respiratory-related problems.

Space Saver High Chair in the Nursery

A space saver high chair can be of great use even in the nursery. Do you like keeping your little one busy with coloring activities, painting, or building blocks? You won’t have to stress about leaving them knowing that they are safe playing strapped into a high chair.

Shelves For Practicality

Shelves are a great way to utilize the walls of the nursery room. You can use the shelves for storing children’s books and toys. Depending on your shelf design, it can also add decor to your nursery, especially when you go for unique shelf designs like floating or geometric shelves. 

Organizers Are Everything

Another way to make your nursery roomy is to keep everything organized. You can invest in different kinds of organizers like vertical ones for diaper essentials. Drawer and closet dividers are also helpful for organizing baby clothes and supplies.

Get Your Needs From Ashtonbee!

It’s possible to make the most of your dining and nursery spaces, even with a baby around. With a little effort, investment in the right furniture, and proper planning, you can create a comfortable and spacious environment for your family.

If you’re looking for ways to brighten up a small space without compromising on style or comfort, you can browse our baby supplies here at Ashtonbee. Don’t forget to check out our space saver high chair to help you achieve your kitchen and nursery organization goals!

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