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Parents like you can be professional product reviewers. When any baby equipment catches your eye, you invest time to look deeper into the product’s pros and cons. While the item may bring a lot of benefits to you and your baby’s life, it also comes naturally to think about the drawbacks and safety issues. Extreme research is the only way to know if the item will suit your baby.

In this article, we’ll answer the question on whether pacifier clips are helpful or risky. To help you more, we’ll also dig deeper into the different ways to keep your baby safe from choking. Let’s begin!

Are Pacifier Clips a Risk?

Like many supplies you use for your little one, having a pacifier clip has both benefits and risks. Pacifier clips are helpful as they allow babies to use pacifiers anytime and anywhere. However, they pose some risks too. It pays to know the benefits and hazards, so let’s take a look!


Having a pacifier clip holder benefits you and your baby. To begin with, it allows your baby to use their pacifiers anytime as it is clipped on their clothes. Many babies who do not use pacifier clips leave their pacifiers everywhere, risking the chances of them getting lost.

When you are on the move or travelling, having a pacifier clip ensures your baby won’t drop the pacifier on the ground. A dropped pacifier requires cleaning, which you may find challenging on the go.

The string connecting the clip and the pacifier also has some benefits, as it can double as a teether. Just make sure to pick a string with silicone or wood beads to help ease your baby’s teething pains.

On the fun side, you can choose a variety of pacifier clip designs to match with your little one’s stylish outfits.


You might think that with the many benefits pacifier clips can bring, your baby needs one ASAP. But first, check out these risks so you can be sure your baby stays safe.

First, note that many pacifier clips are attached to strings with beads. When babies chew on the string, there is a risk of it breaking and the beads becoming choking hazards. Pacifier clip strings that are too long can be swallowed by babies too or can cause asphyxiation when they entangle around the baby’s neck.

On top of these, the pacifier clip can rust if it’s made of aluminum. Clips can be another choking hazard when they get dislodged from a baby’s clothes. If the string is made of cotton or nylon, bacteria can accumulate when not cleaned enough. 

clip on pacifier holder


Tips for Using Pacifier Holder Clips Safely

There are risks in using pacifier clips, but they can be safe as long as they’re used properly. To make sure that your baby won’t choke or suffer from any other danger, keep these things in mind:

  • Pick a pacifier clip with a silicone string if your baby also needs teethers.
  • Skip pacifier clips with beads when your baby is at the stage of biting anything. Instead, choose a bead-less string made of silicone.
  • Pick pacifier clips with strings that are not too long.
  • Choose pacifier clips that are not made of aluminum.
  • Clean the clip, string, and pacifier as often as you can.

What To Attach to Baby Pacifier Clips

Knowing the benefits and risks of using pacifier clips will help your baby use them properly. Your little one can enjoy this helpful tool even more when you attach exciting things to it. Here are the three best things you can attach to your baby pacifier clip.


It is every baby’s instinct to suck. It is an innate skill for them to breast or bottle feed the moment they come out of their mother’s womb. They experience a soothing feeling everytime they suck, so why not give them a pacifier? Attach it on a pacifier clip, so it is always within their reach. 

Fruit Feeder PacifierOK

Make snack time safe and flavourful by attaching a fruit feeder pacifier to your baby’s pacifier clip. Fill the feeder pacifier with tasty treats they’ll love. When the weather is warm or when they’re teething, you can put a chilled or frozen treat inside to give your little one some relief.


Teething is a painful milestone, but when your baby has teethers to bite on, it can provide relief. Keep teethers close by attaching them to pacifier clips. Make sure to chill the teethers for added pain relief.

Baby-Friendly Supplies From Ashtonbee

Every parent wants only the best for their babies. The best pacifier clips are those that are made of durable materials, have an adorable design, and of course, are safe for babies. We hope this article provides details on the benefits and risks of using a pacifier clip. This information keeps your baby safe from choking and other possible dangers the tool brings so your baby can enjoy using their pacifiers wherever and whenever.

If you are looking for quality and safe pacifier clips, fruit feeder pacifiers, teethers, and more, check out what we have here at Ashtonbee. Our products range from mealtime must-haves, to babyproofing tools. Give only the best for your baby, and shop at Ashtonbee!

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