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Kids are always full of energy, and it can be tiring to keep up with them. All they want to do is run around and play all day during your children’s growing years. As a parent, it is necessary to always watch our children’s activities and keep them from harm’s way.

Fortunately for you, parenting is made easier with modern playtime solutions; one such product that you may want to consider is a baby play mat. Your little ones may fall, tumble, and roll around, but you are sure that they are safe and having the best time. These mats can cover a large space of your toddler’s play area and are available in different vibrant colors to keep your kids stimulated.

Let’s take a look at the different playmats Ashtonbee has to offer. Aside from bringing more fun to your children’s playtime, let’s find out why you should grab one for your home.

Ashtonbee’s Baby Play Mats

If you search the market for playmats, you’ll find tons of them. Unfortunately, there are so many fake advertisements in the market nowadays, and it’s hard to determine which brand and product to trust. But that’s no longer a worry. At Ashtonbee, we’ve got you covered. We have two options for your baby’s play mat, and we guarantee that this is the best you can find. Let’s look at each of the playmats and their features.

baby foam play mat

Baby Foam Play Mat

This foam play mat is great for your baby’s playtime. It’s comfortable for your baby to learn to crawl and enjoy their tummy time. This is the best non-toxic baby mat you can find in the market, guaranteed safe for your babies to use.

Product Features: 

  • This baby foam play mat does not require assembly. The product is foldable, so you can easily spread them on any area your toddlers want to play in and easily gather them for storage. The folding feature of the product is also very useful when you need to bring a protection cover outdoors or in other play areas.
  • The foam play mat is reversible with different designs suitable for your boys and girls. It’s colorful, visually stimulating, and the print does not fade easily, so your kids can enjoy it for a long time.
  • The foam padding of the playmat is thick enough to protect your kids from impact when they jump. It’s also soft and comfortable for crawling, sitting, and laying in the foam mat.
  • The playmat is waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about bringing it outside or your kids spilling their drink on it. Instead, wipe it with a damp cloth, and the mess rolls right away.
  • The foam has anti-slip properties, so that’s one less thing to worry about. The foam is also safe for your sensitive babies because it has antimicrobial properties and is hypo-allergenic.

baby foam play mat with fence

Baby Foam Play Mat with Fence

If you’re looking for a large-sized baby care play mat, maybe this option is better for your kids. Children are expected to be curious tots who would always seek to satisfy their developing curiosity, and this usually involves crawling as far as their eyes can see and their little hands and feet can take them. This baby foam mat has 36 foam tiles to connect to cover a wider space for your babies to play in and has interactive parts for fun and educational playtime. The package comes with half-tile foam fences that offer additional safety.

Product Features: 

  • This foam play mat has 36 foam interconnect floor tiles. You will need some time to assemble to cover your kid’s play area. These puzzle-like foam tiles are great for large rooms, and if your foam tiles are enough to cover the space, you can buy additional tiles to extend their coverage. Surely, every inch of your kid’s play area is covered and safe.
  • Each foam tile comes with different puzzle foams like alphabets, numbers, fruits, and other figures that your baby will have fun putting together. These foam tiles are not only ideal for your children’s playtime, but they can also be a learning opportunity.
  • The foam tiles are non-toxic and don’t have a strong chemical scent that can be uncomfortable and harmful for your toddlers. It’s also BPA, latex, and formaldehyde-free, ensuring that this product is baby-friendly.
  • The foam tiles are waterproof for easy cleaning. The individual tiles are colorful and eye-catching. And the fences are also a great way to keep your children’s toys in one place. It will make your child’s toys easy to organize, so they are not scattered around the house.

You and your babies will surely love these large baby care play mats. So don’t forget to check these out on your next purchase. Ashtonbee offers only the best baby products to make parenting easier.

Playtime for Proper Growth and Development

Playtime is not just a way to pass the time. For growing children, there are several benefits to regular playtime. So, let your kids run around and have fun. Here are some of the reasons why you should let your children enjoy their playtime.

  • When your kids play by themselves, it builds their creativity and imagination. So don’t be alarmed when your kids start talking to their stuffed toys. It’s normal! This is how kids learn to interact with other people and navigate relationships.
  • Letting your kids play with others develops their social skills. Let them play with kids in the same age group. This will teach them how to make friends, treat others well, and give them the confidence to talk and mingle with other people besides their family.
  • Playing develops your kid’s problem-solving skills. Giving them puzzles, letting them play with building blocks, or having them improvise their toys for their playing needs shows that they can solve simple problems and continue with their fun time. In addition, some studies show that engaging your kids in playtime with simple problem-solving activities increases their IQ level.
  • Playtime teaches your kids to be independent. Of course, we don’t want them to grow up too fast, but a sense of independence can be good for your kids. For example, asking your kids to clean up their toys after playing or letting them ride a baby bike can instill confidence to do things independently. This will also give your toddlers the courage to try new things and gain different experiences.
  • Lastly, playtime encourages your children to be active. Instead of letting your kids watch TV all day or play on their iPads, having them run around promotes good health. Not only that, it improves your kid’s balance and improves their general mood. Playing is an excellent all-around activity for growing kids.

smiling baby in a play mat

Final Thoughts

Don’t bore your kids by asking them to stay put all day. Cuts, bruises, wounds, and falls are part of growing up. If you’re always worried about your children’s safety during playtime, invest in a baby care play mat. Let them play and experience their surroundings, which will help them grow up properly.

For other baby care needs, you can browse our catalog for the best high-quality and baby-friendly accessories available on the market.

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