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The stereotypical scenario where a mother stays at home and takes care of her little one feels surreal. But, while childcare tasks continue to fall on mothers, nowadays, many mothers are out there working day in and day out to give what’s best for their babies.

Supermoms and even super dads sound pretty awesome if you ask us. However, your career demands put your baby’s physical and emotional needs at risk.

It’s a good thing we have a solution for you, super parents—a portable crib mattress. Get ready to embrace a new level of multitasking!



Are There Requirements for Portable Cribs and Mattresses? 

Mommies and daddies might be concerned about the standards set by law regarding baby cribs.

But with portable cribs, you don’t have to follow exact standards. Instead, mini cribs or travel cribs are designed to be small for easy carry.

The standard measurements of portable cribs, including the mattress, are 36–43 inches long and 28 inches wide.

These portable crib mattresses can be foldable and are meant to save space when you go out traveling with your bundle of joy.

What Are The Types of Portable Mini Cribs with Mattresses?

baby awake and lying on a portable crib with a mattress

Standard Crib 

This portable crib looks like the standard crib you have in your nursery room right now, except for its size.

Some are collapsible, which makes them easy to set up and pack up. Depending on the product, they can turn into higher or lower levels of cots.

There are also portable cribs with wheels on them—the perfect setup if you happen to work from home. Just move it from the nursery to your office whenever you need to.


This is a well-known type of travel crib that folds up quickly. Since it acts as a carry-on, the materials are very lightweight. In addition, baby crib companies manufacture portable crib mattresses disguised as small bags.


Moses baskets are very classic and chic for old-school mamas and papas. Bassinets are small and ideal for the first few months of your lovebug. But, size-wise, they won’t support your baby as they grow, so don’t expect to be using these forever.

Are There Benefits and Drawbacks of a Portable Mini Crib Mattress for You and Your Baby?

Quality time with your little one.

The top-most reason parents buy the best mini portable crib with a mattress is to spend more time with their infants.

Some of us can’t bear the thought of leaving our babies with someone other than ourselves. That’s perfectly natural. It’s part of our parental instincts. With a portable crib mattress, you get to do both things you love—your career and taking care of your baby.

Saves you a lot of space. 

You might be living in a small condo or apartment downtown, and you share your bedroom with your baby. Then, having a portable crib is right for you.

Sharing a bed with your baby is dangerous, and it will only hinder your child’s growth and sleeping patterns.

Ideal for getaways and visits. 

Do you often travel or visit your parents during the weekends? Buying a portable mini crib mattress for your kid is a great way to take your baby wherever you need to go.

Pricey for short-term use.

A lot of mini cribs are convertible into beds for toddlers at most. But most of them aren’t practical for many years of use. So if you are going to purchase a portable crib, make sure your baby can use it for as long as possible.

How Do You Choose The Best Portable Mini Crib Mattress for Your Portable Crib?

Like any baby gear, several factors are at play in determining the best portable crib with a mattress for your lovebug. However, if you’re going to get one, we highly recommend that you consider the following:

Safety Features

Unfortunately, busy parents like yourselves don’t have the luxury of vigilantly watching over your baby 24/7. There will be times you’ll have to take your eyes off your little one.

That’s why safety measures should be well-thought-out when choosing your travel crib. For example, if it’s a standard crib with wheels, the wheels should be lockable.

The crib mattress should also be at a safe distance from the bed rail so there will be no climbing accidents. On top of that, the crib should be seamless, free from any metal or hard material. Unraveled weavings or stitches might harm your baby.

Portability and Ease of Use

You’ll be buying a crib on the go. So, of course, it has to be lightweight and easy to carry.

Some have built-in mattresses, and some don’t. Some you have to disassemble and assemble. But, at the same time, others are packed with one push of a button.

Ask for a demo on setting up the mini crib so you have an idea of how easy it is to use. Then, compare and see what works for you.


If you want your mini crib to be used for longer than a few months, you might consider its size. Normally, portable mattresses for your baby are small, but there are ones that expand to suit your child’s age.

Bassinets might not be for you, but larger pop-ups or standard cribs might be perfect. Make sure that it won’t compromise portability.

Materials Used

It will be best to avoid portable cribs and crib mattresses containing harmful chemicals and strong paint fumes. Instead, try searching for cribs and mattresses with sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Keep it safe for both your family and mother nature.


How easy will it be to sanitize and wash your portable crib mattress? Do you have to take the mattress to the cleaners? Is it removable?

It will also help avoid mini cribs that could house pests like bed bugs or uncomfortable features like wicker found in rattan-made bassinets.


Everything above will be all for nothing if your child doesn’t like sleeping or playing in your brand-new crib. In addition, the portable crib and portable crib mattress should both be appropriate for your baby’s weight and size. Consider its cushion and dimensions before making your purchase.

Be Parents Everywhere You Go

Parents with their baby with a world map behind

Cribs and mattresses are crucial for your baby’s few years. But, remember to let your baby sleep on their backs in their first year, no matter where you let them rest.

Never use any blankets or soft bedding for your little one. Any movable object should be removed from the crib, like stuffed animals as these could suffocate them. Lastly, as much as you can, monitor your bundle of joy. A portable crib and portable crib mattress is useful for busy parents who need to watch over their little ones while also going about their daily lives.

You’re all set to be the super parents you are meant to be! Check out more insightful articles like this with Ashtonbee. Happy parenting!

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