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Do you enjoy trying new restaurants and heading on weekend trips? Those activities don’t have to come to a halt once you have a child. Also known as a travel high chair for toddlers, a portable high chair is intended to provide a safe and clean space for your child to eat at home or wherever you go.

Read through this article to learn more about baby high chairs, their benefits, and why a footrest is essential to the whole set.



The Best Timing for a Portable High Chair Seat for Toddlers

Every baby is unique, but most parents can anticipate that their child will be prepared to sit up in a high seat at around 6 months. A high chair allows your baby to participate in some of the family’s activities, which is beneficial for inclusive growth.

To determine when the time is right, consider several important developmental milestones before putting your baby in a highchair:

  • Sitting up without assistance and beginning to eat solid foods are both signs that your baby is prepared for a high chair.
  • Your baby must be fairly stable and controllable when seated, with only a slight swaying. It’s also necessary for babies to be able to keep their heads up.

Achieving these milestones have advantages for both infants and parents. While your child is in a high chair, your arms are free throughout mealtimes. You can make preparations and eat your food or help other kids. Your little one also learns about socialization and family interaction at the table.

Things to Consider in Choosing a High Chair

When looking for a high chair, you must choose one that will not just benefit your child but also yourself. It’s vital to consider some characteristics to help you decide what’s best for your lifestyle, space, and preferences.


There are high chairs that require you to disassemble them entirely to clean. Aim for high chairs with detachable, machine-washable covers and few compartments or areas where bits of food and beverages can become stuck.


Choose one that is built to last. A high chair must also be stable enough not to topple over for your child’s security and protection.


To help avoid injuries, a well-secured safety seat belt must be used for sitting in a travel high chair seat for a toddler. A five-point safety belt is required for small infants, so make sure the high chair you choose has all these features. Check if the chair has any easily accessible areas where their small fingers could get caught or pinched.


Look for one that can be clipped onto the table or folded. If you have to transfer your baby’s high chair elsewhere, look for travel high chairs that are easy to carry.


Choose high chairs with functions such as removable trays and seat height adjustments so that they can grow with your infant. These chairs can also be reused by an expecting friend, or someone who has a child ready for a high chair.


High chairs that come with wheels can be helpful whenever you need to move your baby from one spot to another. Be careful and always check the locking mechanism of the rollers so they won’t move while you are focused on something else.

Benefits of Using High Chairs

Below are the following amazing benefits of using a high chair:

Time Saver

A high chair allows you to do your other tasks while your baby is busy enjoying a meal or playing with a toy. A high chair also acts as a quiet haven for your child as they explore the things around them.

Easy to Clean

When your toddler is done with a meal, all that remains is to clean up the removable tray. You can either rinse it by soaking it in water or just simply wipe the stains and crumbs away with a damp cloth. Say goodbye to dealing with a crazy mess after every meal.

Can Be Used Outside

Do you plan on spending your summer break relaxing on the beach, having picnics outside, or having barbecues with your family members and friends? Set up your high chair and secure your baby in the seat. You’ll be ready to soak up the sun, grill some chicken, and catch up with relatives!

Safe and Comfortable

Enjoy feeding times with your children without jeopardizing their safety. A high chair’s comfy seat enables the baby to sit correctly and safely while enjoying their meal. The strong and durable design and wide base of the high chair guarantee that it holds steady even if your child misbehaves.

The Footrest

A safety strap keeps the baby from falling out of the chair. As a result, parents can feel assured that their infants are secured and won’t fall out. That’s not all. Did you know that placing your little one in a high chair with a footrest improves motor skills and posture?

Here are some of the advantages of a footrest in a high chair:

  • Supports and stabilizes the core
  • Promotes and maintains good posture
  • Increases the comfort of sitting
  • Reduces your child’s fidgeting while they are eating

The proper eating position is sitting straight up, with hips at a 90-degree angle, and supported feet. This position reduces the risk of choking. Until your child’s feet can reach the floor from a regular chair, you should provide some support under their feet.

Here’s One From Ashtonbee

Feeding a hungry baby can be more relaxing for you with the right high chair. Getting one can be difficult, with so many features, styles, and components to choose from.

That’s why we created the perfect portable wooden high chair! It’s ideal for parents who want to provide a safe and comfortable space for their children. Purchase it now and let your baby enjoy meals with the family or playtime while you do some housework simultaneously.

Ashtonbee's wooden high chair

The seat is made of food-grade polypropylene, which is known for its toughness, affordability, and fatigue resistance. It also comes with a harness that you can lock to secure your little one. Since the legs are made of beech wood, the chair is sturdy, shock-absorbing, and can withstand heavyweight and high impacts.

What’s excellent about this baby high chair is that your child can use it as they grow since the seat is adjustable. The food tray is also removable, making it convenient and cost-effective.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a baby high chair is not a requirement. However, if you purchase one for your child, be prepared for numerous benefits. Parents have depended on them for years because they are adaptable, comfortable, and efficient at helping raise self-sufficient toddlers.

The wooden high chair from Ashtonbee has all the qualities of the best portable high chair. Get one today and enjoy a hassle-free parenting experience.

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