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Every day of being a parent is filled with fun and surprises. However, some moments stand out among the rest because they’re milestones. For instance, when babies reach the age of six months, they begin rolling independently to lay on their tummies. Their capabilities continue progressing as they slowly learn to use their little legs and arms to crawl by their ninth month.

But just like any joyful baby breakthrough, the ability to crawl also comes at a risk. Knowing the dangers will help you prepare for the fun and the alarming experiences. Let us help you see the best of both worlds and gather supplies, from socks for babies and more, to ensure your baby is protected.

What to Watch Out For When Your Baby Starts to Crawl

A crawling baby is a joy to the eyes. You know that they are developing as they should when they begin using their arms and legs to move. While you enjoy this milestone, make sure you are also aware of these potential risks your baby can face when they begin exploring. 

Exploring Around the House

Your baby’s world expands when they start crawling. The nursery and playroom now expand to all corners of the house. They become tiny explorers wanting to look at anything that tickles their curiosity. 

As they explore, they also risk going to areas where non-baby-friendly items are. For instance, crawling in the kitchen means they could open cabinets where there are sharp and pointy utensils. Similarly, the bathroom may have cleaning chemicals not meant for babies. They are always at risk of getting hurt. 

Crawling Up and Down

When babies crawl, they do not only follow a linear path—they climb too! The sofa that used to be your breastfeeding hangout becomes a mountain for your baby to conquer. The stairs are undoubtedly an enticing itinerary for them. 

Climbing is one of the activities your baby always looks forward to doing, but it is the one that makes your heart jump because of the risk of them falling. Falling can cause bruises and broken bones. A bad fall can even cause irreparable damage to your baby’s motor abilities. 

Peeping Through the Window

Your house is your little one’s comfort zone. It has been their adventure place from when they were young. But like explorers, they continue to scout for their next adventure, and where else can they look but outdoors? The windows provide a sneak peek of the great things they can do outside the house. 

Their desire to see the great outdoors leads them to the windows, and babies expose themselves to the risk of getting tangled with window blind cords. Their lack of balance can also cause them to fall from tables, chairs, or the sofa. The window may also shut and hurt their tiny fingers. 

Braving and Venturing the Outdoors

Finally, you support your baby’s desire to explore and let them crawl outdoors despite the possible dangers and risks. Crawling through grass, sand, or dirt provides them with knowledge of textures. Seeing flowers, trees, birds, and insects is a good exposure to mother nature. 

If the indoors already has risks when you have baby-proofed it, what more in the outdoors where many things are not within your control? The ground may have foreign objects that may hurt your little one as they crawl. Their enjoyment may turn to pain if they get wounds and bruises

socks for babies

Preparing For The Milestone

As your little one advances from one milestone to the next, babies’ accessories and needs level up too. When they begin crawling, check out the supplies you’ll need. 

  • Baby Knee High Socks: Upgrade your baby boy or baby girl socks to knee socks that cover your little one’s legs and knees. Whenever they crawl, they are protected. 
  • Baby Gates: These will assure that they won’t be able to climb or descend stairs.
  • Outlet Covers: As they crawl, they won’t be able to fit their little fingers in the outlets. 
  • Drawer Locks: If they crawl into the kitchen or the bathroom, the items not baby-friendly are locked safely in cabinets. 
  • Door Locks: If you are busy, ensure your little one stays inside through a door lock they cannot reach. 
  • Cordless Window Coverings: Skip the worry of your little one tangled with window blind cords and pick the ones free from them. 
  • Furniture Straps: Your little one will also practice holding onto shelves and cabinets to stand. Furniture straps ensure these huge ornaments will not fall on them.

Get Your Baby Supplies From Ashtonbee

As your baby becomes more mobile, it’s important to take some precautions to keep them safe. Baby knee-high socks are a great way to help prepare your little one for crawling and provide some extra warmth during the colder months. 

Prepare different baby gates, outlet covers, drawer locks, door locks, and cordless window coverings to ensure your home is as safe as possible for your new crawler. At Ashtonbee, we have everything you need to keep your baby safe and happy as they explore the world—from knee-high socks for newborns to socks for crawling, walking, and running. 

Looking for baby-proofing supplies? We got them too! Browse our product page and get great quality products!

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