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Parents see things differently. When you look at something, you can see how your child will use it, have fun, and how it helps in their development. Conversely, you’ll also see the various dangerous scenarios your little one might experience. We know how you feel—this desire to always keep your baby safe and protected is called a parents’ instinct. 

The first step in keeping them safe is letting them stay indoors, but even inside, there may be areas that aren’t child-friendly. So, inside or outside your home, let us help you keep your little one away from danger through child-proof door locks. See how you can use these for your interior and exterior doors for your child’s safety.


What Is a Child Door Lock?

A baby door lock is designed to lock the doors outside and inside the home. It is designed to be closed and opened only by adults—perfect for when your little one has already figured out how to open doors.

You can conveniently stick these locks on various types of doors with their attached adhesives, no tools needed. The adhesives will stick whether you have wood, glass, or steel doors.

These child door locks are affordable, and the investment is well worth it. They are also multipurpose, and can be used as locks for cabinet doors, windows, and drawers so that you can extend your babyproofing to your entire house. By attaching them to doors, you can create off-limit areas for curious kids.

Outdoor Dangers for Children

The outdoors is an adventure for your little one. You know their minds will wander when they see birds flying, watch the trees swaying, and feel the ground under their feet. Nevertheless, the outdoors can also be dangerous for your baby without your supervision. You can keep your little one from these natural outdoor dangers with a sliding door lock

Poisonous Plants

One task you can do just before your baby arrives or when they begin exploring the outdoors is checking your garden for poison ivy, oak, or sumac. All these plants can cause skin rashes and allergic reactions when your baby comes into contact with the plant sap. Meanwhile, babies grab and bite anything—this can be dangerous, especially with toxic plants around.

Pebbles and Tiny Things

Pebbles are small, and they have attractive colors. Babies might mistake them for candy or cereal. When outdoors without your supervision, they might swallow them and choke. The same risks occur for the many tiny things they can find outside. Even if they do not swallow, the dirt can cause an upset stomach or sickness.

Overheating and Sunburn

To be outdoors during hot days can be refreshing. But it can also pose sunburn dangers when your little one is exposed to the sun for long hours. Even in cold weather, babies are also in danger of overheating because of the layers of clothing they wear. Both can happen when they are let outdoors without supervision. In extreme weather, they are safer indoors where you can see them.

Sliding Door Lock

Wild Animals, Insect Bites, and Stings

The outdoors can pose many more dangers, like vicious animals and tiny but dangerous insects. Domesticated cats and dogs are often familiar to babies, but stray ones can pose dangers of rabies and other diseases. Wild animals also roam and can attack your baby. 

Aside from wild animals, be careful of tiny bugs too. Bites and stings from mosquitoes, bees, and ticks can happen anytime outdoors, which can cause rashes or more serious diseases. 


According to experts, babies can drown in just two inches of water, so even a puddle is a drowning risk for your little one. The danger rises when there are bodies of water or swimming pools near your house. Without supervision, your child may be attracted to the water and end up drowning.

Playground Equipment

You must be excited to set up your outdoor playground knowing your baby will surely enjoy it and have a chance to practice their motor skills. Nevertheless, note that younger babies must not play here alone because of the danger of falling.

Another dangerous playing equipment that is fun but not safe for babies are trampolines. Trampolines aren’t great for younger children as they can cause broken bones and bruises from falls.

Power Tools

Lawnmowers may look like cars to drive for kids. Power tools like impact drivers, nail guns, trimmers, and saws are similar to toy guns. Many of these tools have attractive colors too. When these tools aren’t kept neatly, babies and small children may play with them out of curiosity. Even if you’re sure they’re off, there may be small parts babies can swallow. These machines also have sharp and pointed parts that can hurt your little one. 


babyproof products


Outdoor Chemical Storage

It’s handy to keep insecticides, pesticides, bleach, cleaners, and other home chemicals outside. You may also think your baby cannot reach them as they cannot go outside. 

There is a risk of poisoning, especially when your child can open bottle covers and lids. Contact with some chemicals can also harm their sensitive skin. These are both risks when your child can wander outdoors unsupervised.

Save Your Baby From Indoor Hazards With Child Proof Locks

Now you know the outdoor dangers you can save your baby from But there are dangerous possibilities inside the house too. And if you haven’t foreseen these risks yet, let us help you! You can add door locks to prevent access to dangerous areas, so your baby stays safe inside the house too.

Bathroom Accidents

You make sure that bath time is fun with your little one so that you won’t have a hard time. As they associate the bathroom as a happy place, they may explore it even when you are not around.

Without your supervision, a bathroom is unsafe for babies because of the slippery floor and tub. They may also play with water, which increases the risk of slipping and drowning for smaller babies. 

The cabinets inside the bathroom are often also storage spaces for shampoo, soaps, bleach, and toilet cleaners, which are harmful when ingested. Some chemicals are so toxic that even just a little exposure can be extremely harmful.

Bedroom Dangers

You probably know all about the dangers of cosleeping, so you’ve likely set up a nursery room for your little one. The nursery room is planned well to eliminate decorations and supplies that can harm your baby. But babies still know where to find you. They’ll eventually figure out your bedroom, or they can accidentally enter it as they explore.

The heavy mattress you use, your large puffy pillows, and your vanity area with different chemicals and beauty supplies are all risks to your child. Keeping your door locked and with a child door lock is still best to ensure your little one cannot come in unattended.

Child Safety Locks for Doors From Ashtonbee

New parents are often overthinkers, but there’s no harm in it. Through the help of a simple but highly functional child door lock, parents can protect their children from the dangers they foresee outdoors and even inside the house. 

If you need child door locks and other babyproofing products, you can conveniently get them at Ashtonbee. We have door locks with simple designs that are durable and easy to set up. Get yours now and start babyproofing your home today.

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