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The first two years of your kids will be eventful. Every day they will learn new skills, and it’s a good sign for parents because you know that they are developing well. As parents, it’s your job to guide them so that they grow properly.

One thing parents can’t wait for is to see their kids take their first steps. But before you get ahead of yourself, your kids should go crawling first. It’s their first step to build their leg muscles for running and walking.

In this article, we’ll talk about the crawling phase of your kids, the signs they’re ready for, and what you can do to help them.

3 Signs That Your Little One is Ready to Crawl

Parents get anxious when their kids start crawling and moving around the house. But it’s a part of growing up. So to help you prepare, here are some telltale signs that your kids are ready to crawl.

Grabbing Onto Different Things

The first noticeable sign you can observe in your kids when they are ready to crawl is they tend to grab onto things. It can be your arms, furniture, chairs, toys, or something that will support them. You kids hold onto things because they are learning to balance and help them move around.

Moreover, it is a sign that they are getting bored of their sitting position and readying themselves on all fours and exploring the grounds. So let your kids hold into things so they build the confidence to crawl.

Sitting up With No Support

Sitting up with no support is a requirement for crawling. Sitting signifies that your kids have developed enough strength for their back and abdominal muscles and that they can lift their heads on their own.

When your kids can control their back, abdomen, and neck, they have enough core strength to learn balance and start crawling.

Positioning on All Fours

When your kids are preparing themselves to crawl, they constantly position themselves in their arms and feet. They don’t necessarily move at the start. Your kids will be reluctant because crawling can be scary for them.

Let them hold the crawling position for some time. Even though they are not moving, it still builds arm strength and controls their balance. Also, don’t force them to move. Instead, let them do it on their own, or the more scared they will be.

baby ready to crawl 

Create a Safe Space for Your Crawling Babies

Once your kids learn how to crawl, stopping them from moving around will be hard. So instead of restricting your kid’s movement, create a safe space where they crawl. Here are tips you can follow to make crawling time safe and more fun.

Cover the Flooring With a Baby Floormat

You don’t need to cover your entire house flooring with a baby floor mat. Separate an area of your house where your kids can play and crawl and lay that area with a mat. Hardwood floors and rough surfaces can scratch your little one’s knees.

Make sure the play mat you use has ample cushioning to protect your kids when they fall over. It is best if the mat is waterproof, easy to clean, and anti-slip.

Make Sure the Area Is Away From Staircases and Doors

According to studies, almost 20% of accidents involving children are caused by stairs. So, as a general rule, keep their designated space away from staircases. Put baby gates on the stairs to keep your kids away from them.

Also, be cautious of doors. Children are curious, so they would want to open them. They could also lock themselves on the other side of it. It is especially dangerous when doors lead to the outdoor or storage rooms where you keep sharp, heavy, and toxic materials, so be mindful of your kids all the time.

Baby-Proof Your Home

You can’t limit your kid’s movement. As they become older, they will move around, and the more you tell them no, the more they will try to do it. Baby-proofing your home is the most effective approach to making it a secure place for your children. Here are basic baby-proofing tips to keep in mind:

  • Starting baby proofing before your kids learn to move around. The variety of items that could damage your children will amaze you. Baby proofing early will ensure you cover all grounds.
  • Prioritize electrical outlets, cabinets, windows, and stairs. These parts of your home are the most frequent causes of accidents among children.
  • Always have a baby monitor near your kids. If your kids have a designated playroom, always have a video or audio monitor. So when you need to slip out, you still have eyes and ears on them.
  • Never be gone for too long. Even with all the baby-proofing in place, your kids can still get in trouble. Don’t leave your kids unattended for too long. If you have something to do, have someone in your place.

Choosing the Best Baby Knee Pads for Your Little Crawlers

You can give as much crawling time as your baby wants without worry with ample knee protection. Crawling knee pads are great for your eager kids, and you can easily find them. But before making a purchase, here are some considerations when buying crawling knee pads for babies.

High-Quality Materials

You know for sure that a baby’s skin is sensitive. So it’s crucial to be mindful of the material of the knee pads. Your best choice for knee pads is organic cotton. It won’t irritate your baby’s skin. It’s light and promotes good ventilation to keep their knees and legs fresh all day. It also absorbs sweat and dries off easily to prevent any foul smell.

Knee Pads Materials

There are different materials for knee pads. But when choosing for your kids, make sure that it is sturdy, comfortable, and can protect the baby’s knees. Plastic knee pads can protect your kids, but they would be uncomfortable. Plastics are hard, and if it breaks, they can hurt your baby’s knees.

There are knee pads made of soft foam that are cushioned well enough to keep your children safe as they crawl. This knee pad material is better for your kids because it eliminates discomfort from crawling and is comfortable to wear the whole day.

knee pads for crawling - ashtonbee baby knee pads 

Ashtoonbee’s Knee Pads for Crawling Babies

If you’re looking for the best knee pads for your kids, look no more! Ashtonbee offers you the best baby knee pads your money can buy. Made from premium, high-quality materials that will undoubtedly safeguard your children when they are crawling. 

Let’s check out its features.

  • The knee pads are made from quality materials. It’s breathable and comfortable to use.
  • It fits most babies and adapts to the shape of their knees to provide ample protection and not too constricting for their legs.
  • The crawling baby knee pads are easy to clean and washing machine safe.
  • Each pack comes in three gender-neutral fun knee pad colors perfect for baby girls and boys.

Final Thoughts

Your baby crawling is an exciting time in their growing years, and it won’t take long before they are running around and you are chasing after them. Letting them move and try new things is best for their growth and development. We hope this informative blog post helps you get ready for your kid’s crawling phase.

In addition, if you are looking for more parenting tips, subscribe to our blogs for more. Also, don’t forget to browse our collection of high-quality baby essentials. Ashtonbee has it all for you. Shop with us today!

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