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Beware of a flat head. You’ve probably heard this from other moms or your elders. Hearing this for the first time may seem strange. However, there is a baby condition that is commonly known as “flat head syndrome”.

Babies with flat heads frequently have difficulty sleeping. They are unable to sleep and have difficulty moving their heads. The good news is that baby pillows and shaping pillows have been developed to prevent them from developing a flat head.

Some people have questioned the necessity of a baby pillow. Several parents believe that using a pillow at such a young age is not ideal for babies, while others believe in the opposite. This belief is why most first-time parents are uncertain whether or not to purchase one.

Dive deeper into this article and explore more about newborn lounger pillows.

What is a Newborn Baby Lounger Pillow?

Babies’ heads may flatten because of the time sleeping on their backs. The medical term for this condition is plagiocephaly, popularly called flat head syndrome. This condition usually clears up on its own, but it takes some time. Baby pillows were created to assist you in preventing your baby from developing a flat head.

This specially-designed baby pillow provides your baby with the necessary support by keeping their head and neck perfectly calibrated with the spine. It guarantees a well-shaped head and good night’s sleep for your infant by distributing pressure evenly. It also helps to prevent developing plagiocephaly.

Baby pillows should be made from high-quality and baby-friendly materials, making them ideal for infants. Pediatricians, physicians, and midwives all over the world recommend such pillows. They’re also labeled suitable for use in cribs from birth up to 12 months.

When Can I Use a Baby Lounger Pillow?

You can learn how to use baby lounger pillows as soon as you place your baby in a baby nest or notice a flat surface on the back of their head. As a parent, it’s essential to identify such issues immediately to avoid the flat head syndrome.

The following are a few things you should look for in your infant when identifying the syndrome:

  • A flattened part on the side or back of of the head
  • A slanted appearance on one side of the head
  • When their ears appear to be out of place or misaligned
  • Formation of bald spots or areas with less hair

When you’re bathing them, it’s a good time to check all of these things as wet hair emphasizes the shape of the head even more.

How to Choose a Good Baby Pillow?

Are you in the market for the best baby pillow? When you’re a new parent, you might have difficulty choosing the right products for your baby. You’ll always be extremely concerned about your infant’s safety and health. You certainly don’t want to buy anything without conducting your own baby product research. That’s why it’s essential to have safety measures when shopping for a newborn pillow. Here are the shopping tips that will come in handy.


You should avoid selecting pillows that are too thick for your baby. Although thick pillows are made to be comfortable, this is only applicable to adults and doesn’t apply to infants. Pillows that are too thick can make it extremely hard for babies to breathe. You don’t want this to happen to your infant, right? Your main goal is to find a pillow that is symmetrical to the baby’s body and will lead to better sleep.


It’s critical to learn about the materials used in the pillow you intend to purchase. You should ensure that everything is safe and baby-friendly so that the pillow does not harm or cause allergies on your baby’s sensitive skin.


Because pillows must be cleaned regularly for the health of your baby, you should select a pillow made of easy-to-clean materials. When you wash the pillow, use warm water and avoid using strong and too much detergent. Rinse the pillow well and ensure it’s dry before giving it to your baby.

Firmness vs. Softness

Firmness and softness are the most common issues that parents, particularly first-timers, are likely to face. As a parent, you want to secure the balance of your child’s comfort and safety. When shopping for a pillow, you’ll most likely come across two types: soft and firm.

If the pillow is too soft, it may be threatening to your baby because it could lead to suffocation. A pillow that is too firm may be uncomfortable for your baby. Even though such pillows are designed to provide support and comfort, it’s still critical that you conduct research before purchasing.


Cotton is commonly used for the external part of most pillows. When selecting a protective cover, keep in mind that the cotton could be organic or regular. Organic cotton contains no bleach or toxins because it is derived from the source. Keep the baby away from any industrial materials. The items are properly labeled, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

Baby pillows that improve your baby’s head shape and don’t deform the skull bones are more significant than the appearance or style of the baby head pillow cover.

Ashtonbee baby head pillow

Baby Head Pillow From Ashtonbee

Ashtonbee’s Baby Head Pillow is an example of a baby pillow that possesses the characteristics listed above. This baby pillow has the following advantages:

  • It is made entirely of organic cotton and is hypoallergenic and bacteria-resistant.
  • It has a double-sided design, with one side being soft and the other being a breathable 3D air mesh material.
  • The concave layout in the middle positions your baby’s head, neck, and spine properly while sleeping.
  • It keeps babies from developing flat head syndrome.
  • It can provide head support to your baby when breastfeeding.

This pillow can be used not only in their crib but also in their car seat, stroller, cradles, and so on, making it ideal for traveling.

Benefits of Baby Pillows

Pillows are essential not because they give comfort during sleep, but because they can also affect health. Just like any other creation, pillows must be utilized appropriately to unleash their positive effects. Here are some of the benefits of using baby pillows correctly:

Preventing Flat Head Syndrome

Babies sleep for long periods of time during their first few months, and because the head is one of the most delicate parts of a newborn’s body, sleeping for long periods without any head support may result in flat head syndrome.

Balanced Temperature Around the Head

Keeping the baby’s head raised prevents excessive sweating on one side, which can cause discomfort. A temperature that’s equally distributed ensures that your baby sleeps longer and wakes up refreshed. Remember that a safe sleep is pivotal for a baby’s development. Heat-related sleep disruptions will make the baby irritable.

Enhances Blood Circulation

Development is essential, especially during the child’s first year of life. Their brain development is heavily dependent on blood circulation. A baby pillow promotes proper blood circulation to the brain and the development of other organs.

A baby pillow can help the infant’s sleeping posture with their head, neck, and spine positioned symmetrically.

Final Thoughts

A baby lounger pillow is an effective way to provide your infant with support and comfort. They can be used from birth until the child begins to crawl, and they come in many different shapes and sizes. When choosing a baby pillow, it’s important to consider the pillow’s material, size, and shape.

Ashtonbee has a great selection of baby head pillows that are sure to give your child the best comfort possible. So don’t wait any longer and purchase your little one a baby pillow today!

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