It’s no secret that a night of good quality sleep is essential for good health, especially for little kids. Kids are usually sleep-hungry, and one main concern for parents is giving their kids a safe sleep. It’s hard for kids to stay in place even while they are asleep. Fortunately, there are safety bed rails available.

If you are considering purchasing one, here are some considerations and everything you need to know about bed rails for kids and their transition to toddler beds.

What Is a Safety Bed Rail for Toddlers?

A safety bed rail prevents injuries, falls, and wandering. It is designed to keep young children in bed even without adult supervision. Bed rails are commonly used for kids with special needs such as down syndrome and ADHD. It can also be used for kids recovering from illnesses, surgery, and injuries.

However, parents can utilize safety rails for their kids to sleep safely. Here are important considerations to help you purchase the best bed rail for your little ones.

Rail Height

Choosing the correct rail height depends on your child’s activity level. Low safety rails are best for newborns up to six months since they are less mobile, and there’s less chance they can climb over them. Higher bed rails are suitable for older kids that can support themselves and stand up.

The more mobile your kids are, the higher the rails should be. You should also consider the height of your child’s mattress. The mattress or any additional padding in your children’s beds will add to their height. Make sure that the railing’s height is above their waist to ensure they won’t fall off their beds when standing on it. 

Adjustment Function

Every child’s need is unique, so it’s best to look for toddler bed rails that can adapt to any situation. A good best rail should have an adjustable feature. You can use adjustable bed rails as your kids grow. Furthermore, it’s ergonomic for parents.

You can lower it during bed transfer for safety purposes and bring it up when your kids sleep. The adjustable function will ensure that it meets the safety needs of your kids.

Bed Compatibility

Bed rails are usually installed on the beds to provide safety. Ensuring bed compatibility is vital because kids lean on these railings, and you need to make sure they can hold their weight. Bed rails are commonly clamped at the base of the bed. A bigger accident may happen when bed rails can’t hold on to the bed base, so always check for compatibility.

Bed rails have installation manuals and specifications. Make it a habit to browse through them before completing your purchase.


There are several materials you can consider when buying a bed rail for your kids. Although the most crucial thing to consider are smooth and rounded edges to prevent accidents. You can consider wooden bed rails if sturdiness is your priority. They’re a bit difficult to install because they are heavy, but they can undoubtedly carry the weight of your kids when they lean on them.

Mesh netting is a more lightweight option. It also promotes good ventilation. However, it is less durable than wooden ones. You also need to ensure the gaps are not wide enough for their arms or head to get stuck.

Extra Features

Look for extra features that will get you your money’s worth. For example, some bed rails have folding features, so you can easily keep them in tight spaces when they are not in use. While some bed rails can be covered with fabric so your kids won’t roll over and touch the hard and cold railing.

parent measuring bed rail - safety bed rails

Transitioning Kids to a Toddler Bed

Bed rails are installed on toddler beds. But before you can use them, you need to transition your kids out of their cribs. Generally, kids between 18 months to three years of age transition to toddler beds. Here are some transition tips you can follow.

Observe Readiness

There are many signs that could indicate that it’s time for the transition. Some kids will even express their willingness to have a big kid bed. If your kids can climb out of their cribs, it is a good sign they are ready to transition to a toddler bed. Another sign to look for is when your kid’s chest is higher than their crib’s side.

If you are unsure about the transition, doctors recommend transferring your kids to toddler beds when they are closer to three years of age so there’s less chance they will come back to their cribs or sleep beside you.

Create a Bedtime Routine

If you want a successful transition, follow a consistent bedtime routine. You can start your nighttime routine with a warm bath, by singing lullabies, or by telling stories to your kids. But always have them in their beds before they feel drowsy. They should get used to the feeling of resting in their bed instead of letting them fall asleep elsewhere and transferring them when they are fully asleep.

Let Them Choose and Give Rewards

You want your kids to feel that they have their own bed, so let them choose their bedding and pillows. Allow them to customize their beds by putting their favorite stuffed toys, so they are more inclined to sleep on them.

Furthermore, give rewards when they sleep through the night in their beds. You can give them more playtime or their favorite treats as rewards. These rewards will help develop your kid’s big bed routine.

How Long Should Kids Use Bed Rails?

Generally, having a bed with safety rails is not a requirement. But it is beneficial, especially for kids who move a lot in their sleep. Ultimately, when to remove the rails is your decision as you can closely observe your kid’s sleeping habits. But according to most studies, by the age of five kids learn to avoid the edge of the bed during sleep.

ashtonbee portable bed rail

Ashtonbee’s Portable Bed Rails

If you’re looking for an effective way to keep your kids from falling off their beds, Ashtonbee has the perfect solution. Our portable bed rails guarantee your little one a good and safe nighttime sleep.

  • This portable bed rail is easy to carry, and travel-friendly, so you can prevent falls wherever your kids sleep.
  • The bed rails are inflatable, so you can easily set them up and deflate them for convenient storage.
  • The bed rails have a non-slip silicone backing to ensure they stay in place and keep your kid in the safety of their beds.
  • The product is waterproof and holds up to 300 pounds.
  • You can use this product as a sleep guard for little kids in their cribs, so they don’t bump and get bruised when they hit the sides.

Bed rails give added safety to your kid’s much-needed sleep. We hope this informative blog post helps you with your safety bed rail purchase and helps your kids transition to their toddler beds. For more high-quality baby essentials, don’t forget to browse our collection. Shop with us today!

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