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If you’re like most parents, you cherish quality family time. You may also find that having the extra set of hands around to help wrangle your kids can make the difference between a relaxing evening and complete chaos. Installing a sliding door child lock is one small way to keep your child safely indoors during these precious moments.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best child safety locks for sliding doors on the market. Keep reading to know the benefits of quality family time indoors along with some activities you can try together.



A Closer Look at the Sliding Door Child Lock

The outdoors have plenty of interesting objects that will attract your little one. While you want to give them the freedom to explore, there are times when you need to spend time indoors for safety and some quality time. With sliding door child locks, safety and the assurance of keeping your little one are achieved. Here are things that you should consider when going on a hunt for one.

Easy to install

Look for an easy-to-install sliding door lock that doesn’t need additional installation tools. For example, some types only require you to peel the adhesives so you can easily stick the unit to the door; then, the lock snaps when connected and needs to be flipped to unlock.


Aside from convenient installation, the sliding door lock you should pick should also be durable. The adhesives should be strong and the lock made of strong materials to ensure they won’t break, especially with a curious little explorer trying their best to open the door.


Find a baby door lock that you can use not just for doors but for drawers and cabinets, too. This way, you have both a lock and babyproofing indoors to avoid potential dangers to your little one.

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Benefits of Family Bonding

When you keep your little one indoors, make sure to spend quality time together so that your little one forgets all the distractions outdoors. It’s easy to make the most of quality time indoors when your child is having fun. No question—every minute you spend is surely well-spent and worth cherishing.

Builds lasting familial bonds

You will thank yourself later for the time you spent with your little ones today, as the bond you make can last until they grow older. The trust they gave you as kids comes in the form of doing whatever they want with the knowledge that you’ll be there no matter what will remain as you become their confidant as adults. Doing activities together will also ease the fear of losing connection with your kids as they age because of the strong bond built in their early years. You are sure to have an irreplaceable spot in their lives.

Teaches kids to regulate emotions better

Tantrums, loud cries, hyperactivity, or shyness—you’ll witness a whirlpool of emotions as your little one grows. As you bond, make sure that your child learns to manage their emotions and recognize them with your help. Communicate with your little one and help them process their frustrations and joy to react to their feelings appropriately. The sensitivity and awareness also come naturally when they socialize at home, and your demeanor even sets an example for them. The more bonding time you have, the more they recognize proper behavior and develop positive ones because of their joyful bonding time.

Aids physical and mental health

A growing child needs a lot of physical exercise, and even indoors, they can work their muscles and bones out. The simple indoor games of hide and seek, tag games, and indoor mazes are sufficient for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. You also have control over the menu indoors, so you can always serve healthy dishes for your little one.

Working out your little one’s mental abilities can come from solving simple puzzles, introducing names of the objects indoors, or allowing them to do things to develop their problem-solving skills independently.

Affects your child’s academic performance

Are you the parent type who introduces learning early in your little one’s life? Are toddler playschools and preschools a part of your child’s routine? Staying indoors, especially in a playpen for toddlers specially designed to mimic playschools, can help your child perform great in their baby classes. It makes it easier for them to adjust to learning centers. Pair that with the guidance and early lessons you teach at home, and you’ll have a well-adjusted toddler ready to take on the world one baby step at a time.

Increases their happiness

The happiness of a baby begins with you hushing, cuddling, and attending to their needs when they cry. Crying is a sign of a stressed baby, and if you are indoors, you can conveniently eliminate any baby stressors. With you giving a hundred percent of your attention to your child, bonding at home also increases their happiness. Your presence and assuring smile become signs of safety for your little one. During the most stressful moments like vaccinations, medical visits, or sending them to school, your mere presence assures them that they won’t go through anything bad.

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Family Bonding Ideas

By spending time indoors, you can reap the many benefits mentioned above. To make each moment fun and special, here are some of the family bonding activities you can do with your little one:

  • Singing nursery rhymes in the karaoke machine
  • Make them your assistant cook or pastry chef in the kitchen
  • Playing hide and seek
  • Building using objects available at home
  • Eating together
  • Reading stories
  • Letting them help with household chores
  • Watching child-friendly movies
  • Doing puzzles
  • Playing charades
  • Making crafts
  • Doing arts

Ensure that the activities you do are baby-friendly for maximum safety. Encourage the participation of each family member to make the activity fun. Make sure to get a few snapshots for remembrance. You can look at the images in the future and cherish quality family time well spent.

More Child Safety Products From Ashtonbee!

It’s so important to make time for your family, and what better way than to spend it in the comforts of indoors, ensuring only fun and safety. And the benefits of family bonding are priceless. Bonding with your children has been shown to have lasting effects. It benefits their physical and mental health, academic performance, and overall happiness.

So why not get your sliding door child lock (safety first!) today? Not only is a child lock easy to install, but it’s also versatile, perfect for babyproofing your entire home. We have just what you need here at Ashtonbee, so feel free to browse through our products and add them to your home tools for your little one’s safety. We also have other products for feeding and playtime your little one will surely love!

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