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For most parents, a baby’s feet may be considered trivial compared to other body parts like the head and arms. But the baby’s feet are the most prone to danger. They deserve equal care, especially if the baby’s muscles and bones are still developing.

More often, we choose to let our babies walk barefoot. We think the feet are the most resilient body part, and it’s okay to let it be. But not for our babies. Let Ashtonbee shed some light on how you can protect your child and how socks play a crucial role in utmost safety.

The Dangers of Barefoot Walking

Podiatrists and pediatricians agree that barefoot walking brings plenty of benefits for babies. It helps their little feet develop balance and stability, which they will need to navigate the world around them.

But while barefoot walking is beneficial, it also has some dangers for your babies. Take note of the following dangers.

Frostbites During Winter

Winter temperatures can be harsh, and because your baby’s feet have soft muscles, they can be prone to frostbite. Your baby’s toes may suffer even with just a slight cold.

Frostbites are more likely to happen when their feet are exposed. So every barefoot step your little one takes on the cold ground puts them at risk. This may hamper their development.


Smooth-textured ground, such as polished flooring, can be hazardous to your baby. Since they’re still learning to walk, it may take time for them to get the hang of a smooth surface. In this case, fall injuries are hazards that are bound to happen.

Foot Infection

Bacteria and germs can be found everywhere. Outdoor surfaces where disinfection isn’t done can cause foot infection, especially if the ground has tiny objects that can cut or puncture your baby’s foot.

Do Babies Need Socks or Booties?

Now that we know the dangers of barefoot walking, we’re more prepared to protect them. So, of course, the natural thing to do is put booties on our baby’s feet for utmost protection. Ankle socks are also another baby item that adds a layer of protection. Often, parents choose the best socks for their baby’s little feet to go along with their booties.

Putting together these items seems like the right way to protect our little ones, but this practice may hamper your baby’s development. Here’s why.

Wearing Booties Can Alter the Foot’s Form

Shoes and booties can protect your baby’s foot from frostbite and infection. But the rigid form of baby shoes can restrict the foot’s natural spread. As a result, they may have a hard time trying to walk naturally.

The booties’ interior may also deform your baby’s natural foot arch. It’s more likely because their foot muscles are still developing. So if they keep wearing booties, the foot arch may change and cause problems when they grow up.

Walking With Socks Only as an Alternative

Alternatively, having your baby wear socks is a superb compromise. They can still have protection without the rigidity of booties, and your toddler may feel better.

While there are still hazards to having your little one wear only cute socks for babies, the benefits far outweigh the risks. Plus, you can also manage the risks.

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Should Babies Be Wearing Socks?

If you’re still having reservations about leaving only those toddler socks on, here are some benefits you and your kid can gain from it.

Regulates Temperature

Baby socks made of thick materials such as cotton can help warm your baby’s feet during the cold season, even if they don’t have shoes on! Besides the cold, the best baby socks can also regulate heat during the warm seasons. They allow enough breathing room for your baby’s feet to remain sweat-free.

Protects the Feet From Infection

A baby sock is a barrier between your baby’s feet and the ground. It keeps the germs and bacteria from clinging to your baby’s skin. Thus, they are less likely to become infected.

Prevents Slip and Fall Injuries

The best baby socks should be made of materials and design that keeps the baby’s feet steady on the ground. Usually, a baby’s sock is smooth and slippery, which can increase the risk of injuries. But choosing the right ankle socks for your kid can prevent slips and falls. In addition, they are more likely to reach their full walking potential, given the right set of socks!

Ashtonbee Has Socks for Babies to Keep Their Feet Happy

For babies and toddlers to get the most out of their development, we have to make them feel safe. To do this, we must choose the right socks for them to wear while they practice walking those little feet.

Ashtonbee’s toddler socks can provide the quality of safety and care you want to give your child. Our ballet flat socks are made of soft and breathable materials that keep temperatures at safe levels. Each pack contains six pairs of tiny socks that are perfect for everyday use, whether for baby boys or girls.

Check out our baby socks if you’re ready to provide the safety and care your child needs to bring out their potential. If you want to see more, then check out our collection of baby essentials.

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