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One of the preparations parents must do when their kids start to crawl and reach for things is babyproofing. Anything around the house can be a potential danger to your kids, from the smallest toys to big appliances. So until they outgrow the furniture and appliances, installing babyproof gadgets will help keep them safe. 

If you’re set on babyproofing every space of your home, then there are a few essentials you should pick up. Babyproofing is a delicate task. As a parent, you must be prepared for everything that can threaten your kid’s safety. With that, we’ve listed babyproofing must-haves to help you create a safe space for your kids. 

Universal Electrical Outlet Covers

When your kids start crawling around the house, the first hazard they will encounter is an electrical outlet. Since power outlets are usually found near the floors, it’s easy for little kids to reach them. But, at some point, your kids will get curious and start poking their fingers and other objects inside the outlet, and we can’t stress how dangerous this is enough. 

The first babyproofing tools on your shopping list should be outlet covers. Make sure to get different sizes that fit perfectly on your power outlets so they won’t fall easily. Better yet, there are self-closing electrical covers that automatically cover the outlets when not in use so you can ensure all electric hazards are far from your kids. 

Baby Gates

Baby gates are important to protect your kids from restricted and dangerous areas like the kitchen, garage, and stairwells. Baby gates are temporary barriers, so you can always remove them when you don’t need them anymore. When choosing a baby gate, the best option is to get one at least 4-feet tall, so your little kids can’t climb and jump over them. 

Refrain from getting glass barriers because there’s a possibility it may break when your kids accidentally throw toys or hit them. Moreover, consider how wide the slats of the baby gates are. The slats should not be wide enough to fit your kid’s head and arms to ensure that they won’t get stuck. 

baby monitor 

Baby Video Monitor

Parents know it’s impossible to get things done when their little one is awake and energetic. Aside from keeping up and playing with them, you always need to be on guard to keep them safe. The best time to do chores around the house is when they are sound asleep. Baby monitors will allow you to watch over them even from afar. 

Baby video monitors are the most effective because you can still see them even when you’re not in the same room. Some monitors even have sensors that can detect movement so you can immediately rush over to your kids. Unfortunately, these baby video monitors can be quite pricey. A cheaper option for those on a budget would be to get a traditional monitor with audio. Still, if you can afford it, we highly suggest springing for the more expensive option.

Finger Guard Door Stoppers

Have you ever experienced doing your business with your kid standing outside the door waiting for you? Sometimes, they try to peek their head in or insert their fingers so they can see you. There’s always the possibility of big doors accidentally closing on your kids, so inserting finger guard door stoppers is an additional safety precaution. 

It’s also a great way to prevent your kids from getting locked in rooms. Little kids like to play with door knobs, and they can accidentally lock themselves in their rooms which can cause more accidents. 

Magnetic Cabinet and Drawer Locks

Cabinets and drawers attract the curiosity of kids. That’s why they often can’t control themselves and try to take a peek inside. There are many potential dangers of open drawers. They can step on them, which may cause the furniture to tip over. More potential threats are present with cabinets that contain medicine, chemicals, and sharp objects. 

Your kids can accidentally ingest them or hurt themselves with these tools. However, you don’t need to put magnetic locks on all home cabinets and drawers. Instead, prioritize the drawers your kids can reach. 

ashtonbee anti tip straps Ashtonbee’s Anti-Tip Furniture Straps 

The biggest threats around the house are your furniture and heavy appliances. Parenting experts recommend keeping them in storage until your kids reach a certain age where it’s safe for them to move around alongside them. But if you can’t store them, child safety straps are useful to prevent them from tipping over. 

Ashtonbee offers some of the best child safety gear you can use for babyproofing. But, first, let’s look at the features of our furniture anti-tip straps

  • The safety strap is made from premium materials that hold heavy furniture and appliances in place. 
  • It is heavy-duty and durable, so you won’t worry about it snapping. In addition, the straps are highly adjustable, so you can place your appliances normally. 
  • The straps have three different screw sizes, which are compatible with most TV brackets. 
  • You can anchor the metal plates on desks and walls. Furthermore, you also use these straps on monitors, tall desks, shelves, and furniture. 

Aside from straps, Ashtonbee offers different safety gear like drawer locks, wall guards, corner guards, and outlet covers. Browse our shop for high quality child safety gadgets. 


Babyproofing is an enormous task. First, you have to see your home from your kid’s perspective to make everything around them safe. Make sure to get the things your home needs to create a safe space for your little one. 

If you are looking for more parenting tips and detailed reviews of baby essentials, subscribe to our blogs. Lastly, don’t forget to browse our shop for more baby essentials, like baby feeding bottles, toys, play mats, high chairs, furniture tip straps, and more. Find all your high quality baby needs only on Ashtonbee!

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