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Parents like you are not shapeshifters, mind readers, or individuals with unique superpowers, yet everyone thinks you are Super Moms and Super Dads. Why? Simply because you fulfill all the roles of being a parent—you are exactly what your child needs.

In times of sickness, you become nurses and doctors using your healing hands to make your baby feel better. A shift from dad and mom face to goofy ones would paint a smile to a baby who is not in the mood. When mealtime comes, you become a cook and pastry chef to please a little connoisseur.

But like superheroes, you also need a sidekick in the form of tools and products. When it comes to the kitchen, you need reliable baby utensils and healthy meals. So let us maintain and enhance your kitchen super skill with these kitchen must-haves for babies and tips to prepare hearty meals!


Adorable Little Kitchen Utensils

steelcraft ryder high chair

Mealtimes are better when you have all the tools your baby needs—a bowl, spoon, fork, bib, cup, and high chair. It must have crossed your mind to use the regular ones in the kitchen, which is not bad, but having kitchen utensils designed for babies is way better. Check out these products and how they make each mealtime merrier.

Baby Bibs

We will be honest that the baby bibs, especially those made with silicone and have catching pockets for food crumbs, will bring more joy to you than your baby. You get to spend less time cleaning after mealtimes. It is natural for babies to make a mess when eating because of their continuously developing motor control. So do not stress keeping everything clean at this time, and just let your baby enjoy the food. Ease your clean-up woes further with something as simple as a baby bib.

Baby Bowls, Spoon, and Fork

Regular bowls, spoons, and forks are designed for individuals who can manage not spilling their food when eating, but not for babies. Baby bowls have suction bottoms you can stick to a high chair tray or a table to keep it moving. Baby spoons and forks are sized to fit tiny mouths. Some are even bendable for babies to conveniently scoop and put food into their mouths.

Sippy Cups

Drinking is as crucial as eating, especially since children have recommended amounts of liquid intake per day. Having sippy cups with silicone spouts for younger babies below eight months to cups with a straw for eight months and older toddler years ensures your child is always hydrated.

Wood or Steelcraft High Chair

Finally, one of the essential kitchen and feeding must-haves is the high chair. You’ll have plenty of choices for this: wooden chair design, plastic, polypropylene seats, and vinyl like the Steelcraft Messina high chair or Steelcraft Ryder high chair. There are also portable and multipurpose ones from Steelcraft high chair and other reliable brands. Yet, the best baby high chair should have the following characteristics:

  • Has adjustable height
  • Has a padded insert for added comfort
  • Lockable brakes for wheels
  • Removable tray for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher-safe tray
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Has leg rest
  • Has a storage basket
  • Has safety harness and strap

steelcraft messina high chair

Preparing Healthy Meals

After having all the correct instruments your baby needs during mealtime, let’s switch back to you—the master chef of baby meals! Wear your invisible or real-life toque and channel your inner master chef to create the best and tastiest baby dishes for your little one. These tips may help:

  • Keep everything fresh—the fresher, the better. If you keep a mini garden of potatoes and squash, you can boil or mash them.
  • If gardening is still a skill you are practicing, get the freshest ingredients from the market.
  • Mashed and pureed meals are classic, but babies are like adults who love the variety of tastes for their meals. Rice, salads, oatmeals, pancakes, muffins—there is a whole lot of baby food out there!
  • Minimize sugar and sweets intake as much as possible and stick to natural sweets like fruits or honey.
  • Juices and shakes are more than welcome aside from ensuring your baby takes in enough water daily.
  • Who does not find pancakes with strawberry eyes, a butter nose, and syrup shaped like a smile endearing? Presentation matters a lot!
  • Create a lovely mealtime ambiance by eating together as a family. Doing so helps in forming schedules for the baby and seeing you as role models on healthy eating.

Check Out Ashtonbee’s Baby Feeding Collection

When you complete and collect all these kitchen must-haves and ensure that all mealtimes are fun and your baby is getting the best nutrition they need, indeed—you are a superhero! There’s no cape or costume in sight, but you ensure a healthy and good life for your kid.

If you are looking for more kitchen sidekicks, a.k.a. baby essentials that make parenting easier, Ashtonbee has a whole collection for you! It features a variety of products, from wooden baby high chair designs, bibs, sippy cups, spoons, bowls, and more! We are one with you in providing super care for your little ones!

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