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A baby’s neck is not fully developed until after their first year of life. In this early stage, the infant cannot support its head well yet, causing problems like acid reflux and colic. One way to prevent these issues is by using a neck support pillow when your child sleeps or naps during the day.

A baby head pillow can provide the perfect amount of cushion to cradle and protect your little one’s head and neck. It has an ergonomic design for maximum comfort, and it can be adjusted to fit any baby from newborns up to six months old.

These pillows can be used for both infants and toddlers and come in many different shapes and sizes depending on what you need them for.


Ashtonbee’s Baby Head and Neck Support Pillow 

We want to help parents give the best care for their growing babies. So we have pillows you can choose from to give your babies proper support and comfort. Let’s look at each pillow, and we’ll help you make an informed choice before you make a purchase.

Baby head pillow with star design

Baby Head Pillow (Star Design) – $15.99  

Product Features: 

  • The pillow is made from 100% cotton, so it’s soft, which allows for a more comfortable sleep. It also has mesh and a breathable layer to keep your babies cool while they are sleeping.
  • The pillow has a concave center that keeps your baby’s spine, neck, and head in the proper position.
  • You can use this pillow when you carry your baby in your arms and try to get them to sleep or be breastfed.
  • The pillow is compact and ready to go. It fits cribs, bassinets, strollers, car seats, and cradles.
  • You can use this pillow to prevent flat head syndromes between 0 to 6 months with a pediatrician’s recommendation.

Newborn baby pillow 

Newborn Baby Pillow – $17.99  

Product Features: 

  • This newborn baby pillow has a hole in the center to promote better airflow in the neck area and allow more sound sleep for your infant.
  • It supports your baby’s head, so it’s correctly aligned to their spine while they are sleeping.
  • The pillow is soft, breathable, 100% cotton, and hypoallergenic.
  • The pillow has a memory foam that adapts the shape of your baby’s head for ultimate comfort. In addition, it has bacteria-resistant properties to ensure your babies are safe from allergies and common colds.

Are Baby Neck Rest Pillows Safe for Infants? 

As a general rule, pillows are not safe for newborn infants. This is because pillows are a great risk factor for sudden deaths among babies. For example, your infant may roll over when he sleeps, and since newborn babies cannot flip over without assistance, this can cause suffocation and may lead to unfortunate events.

That is why most doctors recommend introducing your toddlers to a pillow not until they can move independently without needing much assistance. But, before ruling out pillows for your child. There are specialized baby pillows that can support growth and development.

The most common mistake of parents is thinking that small pillows are automatically great for babies. Not really. There are pillows scientifically designed to keep your babies comfortable and safe while they sleep—one such example is a baby neck support cushion. These pillows are perfect for babies and come with health benefits that aid their development.

Flathead syndrome prevention 

During the first few months of a newborn, the head is the most fragile body structure. As a result, many parents fuss about their baby’s sleeping position. When your babies sleep on their back for a longer period, it can cause flat head syndrome.

You can put your baby’s head on a pillow to prevent this. But not just any pillow. With the wrong height, it can be fatal to infants. Baby support pillows adapt around the shape of your baby’s head while supporting their delicate neck and head.

Breathable and better airflow 

Babies are very sensitive to temperature. Too hot and cold environments will make them irritable and cranky, especially when a night of good sleep is interrupted. A baby pillow is made from breathable fabric to promote better air circulation to keep your babies fresh and comfortable.

It also prevents your babies from getting sweaty, especially when they lay down in the same position for a long time. Sweat can cause heat rash, which can make infants feel irritable.

Promotes excellent blood circulation 

Your child’s development is crucial in their first years, and most parents don’t realize that the development of the brain and vital organs comes from good blood circulation. A baby pillow ensures that blood circulation is evenly distributed in your child’s entire body. Although, remember that not all pillows are suitable for babies. Always look for a specialized one.

Proper bone alignment 

A newborn is very delicate that a single wrong position can cause deformation and complications in their development. A baby support pillow ensures that your child’s head is in its natural position and aligned with the spine when he is laid flat on his back.

Make Naps More Comfortable 

Raising a child can be tiresome, especially for first-time parents. There are so many do’s and don’ts, and sometimes it is hard to filter which one is true and which one isn’t with all the resources available. One thing’s for sure, though—all parents only want what’s best for their growing babies. So here are some useful tips to give your babies a more comfortable nap time.

  • Use a firm mattress for your baby’s crib. It not only makes them comfortable but also supports the back and head. Make sure to use cotton and hypoallergenic materials. Avoid latex, plastics, or anything with harmful chemical emissions that can affect your babies.
  • Use fitted sheets. Your babies have no control over their movement. Ensure they can’t pull the sheet over their head to avoid accidents. If you want to keep your babies warm, you can wrap them in their sleep sack for safe sleep.
  • You can put a positioner pillow on the side of your babies to prevent them from rolling over. Also, don’t put stuff near your babies or other toys that can suffocate them while asleep.
  • Lay down a waterproof mattress pad. There are some things you can’t control. Mattress pads allow you to clean the sheets faster and prevent smells. Any negative feeling in the environment can irritate your baby. It’s better to prevent and deal with a cranky infant.

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to buying items for your little ones, you have to ensure the quality it can give your child. Design and pattern aren’t everything. It should be functional and safe to use. At Ashtonbee, we offer the best baby neck support pillow available in the market.

You can browse our website for more baby items that your kids will love. So shop with us today and find great deals with great value for your money.

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