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Are you and your spouse expecting to bring home a new member of the family? Or have you yet to complete your baby registry? You might also be hoping to complete the overall aesthetic of your baby’s nursery by buying a themed crib bedding set.

While adorable baby girl crib bedding sets make your baby’s crib more appealing to the eyes, you may also be introducing a wide range of avoidable risks by fitting your baby’s crib with one. So before you place an order for a crib bedding set, make sure that you know the risks involved.

In this helpful article, we will share some things that you should know before getting your baby girl crib sets!

What Do Infant Girl Crib Sets Include?

You are probably excited to get your baby girl a crib bedding set. Of course, a crib bedding set will serve as the finishing touch to your baby girl’s nursery room. If you already have a style in mind, you won’t have a difficult time looking for a matching crib bedding set to bring the nursery room of your dreams to reality.

But, what does a crib bedding set consist of? Continue reading to find out!

Fitted Crib Sheet

The fitted sheet takes center stage when it comes to your baby girl’s crib. It serves as the surface layer of the crib’s mattress, making constant contact with your baby girl’s skin. So you’d better be certain that it is made of non-hazardous fabric. In addition, you should also see to it that your fitted sheet has elastic garter linings to ensure a proper fit no matter what the size of the crib’s mattress is.

Crib Mattress Protector

Aside from the fitted crib sheet, you can place a crib mattress protector atop the mattress. You will discover that most crib mattress protectors are made of hypoallergenic and waterproof materials. This choice of materials protects your mattress from the inevitable little accidents that your baby girl will do while she sleeps soundly.


When the temperature gets too low and the central heating can’t keep up, you might cover yourself with layers upon layers of blankets. By doing so, you trap your body heat, making it warmer beneath the blankets.

While it does make sense for adults like you to cover themselves with blankets, you can’t do the same with babies, especially those younger than two months. Remember, blankets are loose material that introduces a choking hazard or might even suffocate your child.

While loose blankets are a big no-no for babies, you can use a swaddle, also known as a wearable blanket, instead. Do you know how babies can’t get enough of their mother’s warm embrace? Swaddles replicate the sensation and warmth that unborn babies feel in the womb. As such, you can use wearable blankets to help them transition to sleeping on their own in their crib.


A quilt serves as another layer to embrace your baby girl with warmth. Quilts often feature bright and creative designs, making them a perfect no-brainer choice for parents who want to decorate their baby girls’ cribs. However, like blankets, quilts present risks like suffocation. Avoid using them until your baby girl develops motor skills at around 12 months old.


A comforter covers your baby girl with comfort and warmth, as the name implies. Like quilts and blankets, comforters trap your baby girl’s body heat beneath their thick and soft layers. Unfortunately, comforters may also suffocate your baby girl if left unattended, like quilts and blankets. Save comforters until your baby girl reaches toddlerhood.

Crib Skirt

Unlike the items on this list so far, a crib skirt goes outside the crib. Moreover, you can use a crib skirt to hide the space underneath the crib. So if you insist on decorating your baby’s nursery room, a crib skirt will add a nice touch to your baby’s crib. Aside from serving a decorative purpose, a crib skirt can turn the space beneath the crib into a convenient storage space.


You mustn’t think of baby cribs as mere smaller versions of adult-sized beds. Thinking of cribs like your own bed will lead you to buy blankets and comforters, both of which may harm your baby girl. Likewise, pillows are another big no-no until your baby girl develops motor skills. While it does make sense to support your baby girl’s head with a pillow, pediatricians advise against it.

Rail Guard Covers

When your baby girl starts teething, expect that she will use her teeth to bite down hard on anything she sees, including the rails of her crib. That’s why you should rail guard covers to protect your baby girl from the harmful substances that the crib may be made out of. First, however, you should ensure that the rail guard covers have no dangling strings and are properly secured in place. Don’t forget, your baby deserves only the highest quality fabrics!

Does My Little One Need Baby Girl Crib Bed Sets?

We understand how eager new parents are to spend everything on baby essentials, but that doesn’t mean falling for misleading marketing. In hopes of driving sales, some companies persuade new parents like you to buy products that would supposedly benefit their babies. You must spend time researching and seeing what pediatricians say about these products.

As for getting your baby girl a bedding set, the short answer would be a resounding no. A bedding set consists of products that go inside the crib, introducing choking and suffocation hazards to your baby girl. Moreover, thousands of babies die every year due to unexplained causes. This phenomenon has come to be known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS.

How Can I Protect My Baby From SIDS?

baby girl crib sets - Pediatrician with baby

Have you heard about the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? If you are a new parent, you are most likely losing sleep because of cases of unexplained death among thousands of infants every year. This phenomenon has come to be known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS.

While the exact causes are yet to be determined, researchers have identified some factors that can increase the likelihood of SIDS or crib death.

The American Academy of Pediatrics released the following recommendations to help your dearest child avoid SIDS and survive the most delicate months after birth.

  • Let her sleep in a supine position
  • Lie her down on a firm surface
  • Regularly feed her breast milk
  • Share a room with her, don’t let her sleep in her nursery alone
  • Avoid using or leaving loose blankets or sheets in her crib

Go Minimalist Instead

Now that you know the dangers and risks involved in getting your little one a baby bedding set, you should avoid putting anything inside the crib as your baby girl gets her hours of sleep. We know how much you want to decorate your little girl’s crib, but you shouldn’t exchange your baby’s safety and well-being for decorative pillows and a blanket with a hearts-filled pattern.

Instead, go minimalist! Do you know the saying “less is more?” There is beauty in having fewer decorative items in the nursery, especially in the crib. However, you can still decorate the nursery room by being creative in choosing a color and style for your walls and floors. Remember, all your child needs for a restful slumber is a firm crib mattress. Nothing more, nothing less.

Complete Your Baby Girl Nursery With a Play Mat

baby girl crib sets - Baby Foam Play Mat from Ashtonbee

While you can’t do much for your baby’s crib, you can spend your creative energy on other parts (like wall decor!) of her nursery room instead. How about getting her a Baby Foam Play Mat from Ashtonbee? After a restful sleep in her crib, she would surely be filled up with energy and would love to spend playing with you and her toys!

You can rest your mind easy knowing that the Baby Foam Play Mat from Ashtonbee is made from safe materials. Ashtonbee ensures that this playmat is free from toxins like BPA, phthalates, latex, and formaldehyde. In addition to being safe for your baby girl, this play mat also comes in two different styles, one pattern on each side!

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