Baby in high chair first birthday decoration 

Celebrating your child’s first year is a big deal. You have so many things to be thankful for after a year of growth. Surely, you hope to celebrate more birthdays in the coming years, but turning one while remaining in good health is a milestone for your family’s little bundle of joy.

That’s why many parents throw a big birthday bash for their children. It is a way to celebrate their growing years and make memories with this tiny human who is a big ball of sunshine to everyone surrounding them.

As the celebrant, your baby will be the centre of attention. All eyes will be on them, so what better way to highlight your little one than putting them in a high chair?

From the theme, costumes, and cake to the 1st birthday party high chair decorations, everything must be on point. Plan and be keen on every detail to give your child a memorable first year. Check these party decoration inspirations you can use for your baby’s birthday bash.

What high chair should I use? 

Before scrolling for ideas on how to decorate a high chair for their 1st birthday, you have to make sure that you have the best seat for your baby.

At a birthday party, you can expect a lot of happy energy. Your baby will be bouncing up and down, reaching for the balloons and gifts. A lot of people will also be surrounding your little one.

That is why you have to make sure you have the sturdiest chair for them. Even when someone bumps on the chair or when your baby moves a lot, you can be confident they will remain safe and not fall.

For a safe and high-quality material, pick a wooden high chair. It is the best for parties and your baby’s everyday use. Ideally, it should have the following features:

  • The seat is made of sturdy food-grade materials that are safe for the baby.
  • The legs of the chair are made of wood, making it shock-absorbent, heavy-duty, and able to withstand hard impact.
  • The footrest is adjustable for growing toddlers.
  • It is easy to install and has a removable food tray for easy cleaning.

Birthday boy with crown

High chair decorations 1st birthday boy ideas 

For a birthday boy, you can choose colours blue, green, red, or any shade that gets the eye of your toddler.

It is also easy to decorate your baby’s party when you know his favourite toys. You can have themes based on cars, robots, dirt bikes, or anything little boys would want.

For example, you can decorate your son’s chair to make him look like a king on his throne. Or you can imagine the high chair as a Transformer, like Bumblebee or Optimus Prime. Your imagination is the limit of your creativity.

Since these baby seats are plain in design, it is easy to incorporate colours on the chair. You can even have your baby decorate his high chair. Prepare edible paint and let his tiny little hands do the work. Your child will surely enjoy painting his high chair while eating his favourite color!

Birthday girl pink party

1st birthday high chair decoration ideas for girls

Your princess is turning one! Surely, this birthday bash will be a shower of pink colors. Make your girl feel like she’s an actual royalty by transforming her high chair into a throne. Complete her attire with a princess gown, a scepter, and a little tiara on top.

Aside from being a princess, there are other 1st birthday party themes suitable for your little girl. For example, she can be a ballerina. Imagine her in a little tutu dress, her chair wrapped in pink ruffles and pastel colors.

Using light and pastel colours is suitable for a little girl’s birthday party. Decorate your baby’s high chair in ribbons, laces, glitters, and shiny letters for the high chair banner. Your little one will be the happiest baby in the world.

Other themes and decorations

You are not limited to decorations related to princes and princesses, cars, and little dresses. As we’ve said, your imagination is the limit. You can browse different 1st birthday decoration themes all over the Internet to make sure you can give your child the best first birthday party ever.

Your family can hop in the fun of the party too. Dress your family members according to the theme of the birthday party. For example, it would be fun to see your only daughter dressed as Snow White and his brothers as the little dwarves. You can also dress up as superheroes. Imagine your family being the members of the Avengers.

To make the party more fun and enjoyable for everyone, try renting a photo booth with props. That way, every visitor can interact with your child and capture memories of your baby’s special day.

Shop baby accessories on Ashtonbee 

The most important part of decorating your child’s birthday party is that they enjoy the occasion. Although they may not remember every moment, seeing the picture when they’re grown up can warm their heart as they remember feeling happy and loved.

To make sure they are safe and secure while having a wonderful time, get Ashtonbee’s wooden high chair for babies and toddlers.

This high chair is safe, easy to assemble, and adjustable. The design features a removable food tray, safety harness, and legs made of beech tree wood for durability.

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