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Parents love to spoil their babies with absolutely adorable accessories that are sometimes too expensive to buy. Traditional high chairs, for one, are necessary for your little one; however, it’s ridiculous how companies can jack up the price for a chair.

Luckily for you, there are high chairs that can transform into different seats and tables suitable for infants to toddlers. So you don’t have to keep buying more chairs for your child’s different growing stages.

This article will talk about the best convertible high chair features and transformations.



Developmental Milestones Where A High Chair is Needed 

A high chair is convertible if you can adjust it according to your child’s growth development. As your baby grows, your convertible high chair should grow with them.

Here are the three crucial stages when your baby needs a high chair:

  1. Infant 

Your baby is considered an infant until they turn one year old. Many milestones are at play in this stage, such as sitting, crawling, and standing. Eventually, they will start taking an interest in solid foods. As a result, you will need a high chair to feed them safely.

  1. Toddler

From ages 1 to 3, your child will learn how to walk, run, and even climb up the stairs. They will also start fun activities like coloring and doodling. So besides eating, your high chair can serve as a space where they can do their crafts.

  1. Preschool Age

From ages 3 to 5, your children will be able to talk in simple sentences and draw simple things. With supervision, you can let them sit on an adult chair. However, a high chair can still be used to prevent them from squirming during meal times.

That’s a lot of years that a high chair is needed. But worry not; you don’t have to buy a high chair for every developmental stage. Instead, get a chair that can turn into the type of chair your little one needs.

Different Transformations of A Convertible High Chair  

Convertible high chairs are labeled as 3-in-1, 4-in-1, or 5-in-1, which shows the number of transformations it can do. Here are the versatile functions of a nifty convertible high chair for your baby:

Floor Seat 

A floor seat or a support seat is a comfy, quick solution for babies who love to move around the floor. Though pediatricians and experts like this type of seat, they recommend not to use it all the time.

Many floor seats claim to teach babies how to sit—in fact, sitting is naturally learned so parents let their babies sit on them longer than recommended. As a result, too much time in the floor seat can cause developmental issues and incorrect postural alignment for infants.

Booster Seat

Booster seats look like seats, but without legs. This function is a space saver, as it lets you put your baby’s high chair on top of a regular dining chair.

Toddler’s Seat and Table 

Some convertible high chairs can break into both a seat and a table for your toddler. The tray is removed, and the footrest turns into a bigger table. This seat is perfect for drawing or sensory play activities for your child’s brain development.

Ordinary Seat

Say your little one is already grown and can sit and eat without supervision. At this age, you can turn your convertible high chair into a typical seat by adjusting the legs and removing the safety harness.

With all of these seats merged into one awesome chair, it’s a no-brainer to have a convertible high chair in the first place.

Benefits of Having A Convertible High Chair 

Indeed, the convertible high chair’s versatility is a big advantage that can save up space and make it more cost-effective. But aside from that, here are the other upsides to having this nifty baby gear.


Convertible high chairs are quick to set up and disassemble on the go due to their versatile design. So you can bring your little angel to visit the grandparents or even when traveling abroad.


Convertible high chairs are known for their long-lasting use. These chairs come in different materials.

However, wood handles your baby’s weight more than plastic or metal. Quality high chairs made of wood can withstand even an adult’s weight. In addition, they’re easier to wipe down and keep clean.

Safe and Secure

Of course, safety is a big factor for many parents choosing convertible high chairs. You should check if they have the following safety features such as:

  • An adjustable harness or belt
  • Legs that won’t wobble
  • Safety certifications that  meet the standards of governments or pediatric organizations

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far and wide for a convertible high chair that your baby will like. We’ve got it here at Ashtonbee.

Introducing Ashtonbee’s Convertible High Chair: The Best Convertible High Chair Around

A boy on an Ashtonbee convertible high chair in the kitchen 

Ashtonbee’s wooden high chair for babies and toddlers is the perfect chair for practical parents who want a chic and multi-functional chair for their little one. It has cool features that every baby high chair should have:

  • Safety Harness: Adjustable seat harness to secure your baby who loves to move around.
  • Adjustable Footrest: Adjustable footrest according to your baby’s height and age. It can handle the height and size of children up to 12 years old.
  • Removable Food Tray: Babies love to make lunchtime a mess. It’s a good thing our high chair comes in a quality food-grade tray that’s easy to clean and remove. You can completely remove this as soon as your baby can join the big boy’s table.
  • Durable Seat and Legs: Ashtonbee ensures your baby’s safety from top to bottom. With its chair legs made from tough beech tree wood and seat made from PP material, this chair can hold a lot of weight. Even if your baby moves a lot, this chair won’t wobble and fall.
  • Portable: It is easy to set up and assemble. Despite its hardwood and dense plastic material, it only weighs 11.68 lbs.

Ashtonbee’s convertible high chair will be with your child every step of the way.

Choose The Best For Your Baby

You can hand down convertible high chairs from child to child. It can be pricey, but it is a worthwhile investment for your little one.

Moreover, Ashtonbee’s wooden high chair can give you a minimal look and great functionality that your baby needs. With a wide variety of seats for every child’s growing stage, this chair is a great addition to your baby’s gear.

Check out Ashtonbee’s stylish convertible high chair and other baby accessories that will last today.

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