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If you are expecting a baby soon, you probably have a long shopping list in your head. However, it is always better to be prepared ahead of time in case your little one decides to come out earlier than expected. Everything must be ready, like the crib, baby formula, nursery, diapers, and other baby essentials. 

One of the most crucial items you should gather for your infant is baby clothing. You should have a wide range with different sizes and styles for any occasion and season. As parents, shopping for your baby’s clothes is fun and exciting. You’ll want to get a hand on every cute onesie or little shoe you see. 

But what exactly does your newborn need? Before splurging on baby clothes, make sure to stack up on the basics. Here are some clothing essentials every baby wardrobe should have. Don’t forget to take notes, especially if you’re a first-time parent! 

Clothing Essentials for Your Newborn Baby

Let’s get to your shopping carts and pick out the baby basics in preparation for your newborn. In anticipation of clothes shopping, here are some considerations you should note when buying your kid’s clothes. 

  • Sizing. Since you don’t know your baby’s exact size until they come out, it won’t be easy to pick clothing in the perfect size. But keep in mind that babies grow quickly. So it’s better to buy clothes that they can grow into. We recommend buying clothes in sizes 0–3M. 
  • Fabric type. A newborn’s skin is highly sensitive. Therefore, you have to be picky regarding the clothing’s fabric. As much as possible, organic cotton is the best choice to avoid irritation. 
  • Budget. Most baby clothes will be useful for about a year, longer if your baby comes out small. Avoid buying expensive and branded clothes; your kids can still look well-dressed without a hefty price tag. 

With these considerations for your kid’s clothing, here’s a list of the things to buy. 

baby onesies and blankets 


If there’s one thing you need to stock on, it’s your kid’s sleepwear. Your newborn will spend the majority of their first year sleeping. We all know that it can be challenging to keep your kids asleep so ensure that they are always comfortable whenever they feel drowsy. Sleepwear and pajamas will do the trick. 

Pajamas are effective in keeping your baby’s legs warm and comfortable, which can contribute to a good night’s sleep. 

Bodysuits and onesies

One newborn essential clothing every parent should splurge on are onesies. These clothes are very convenient for parents. You can quickly put these on and remove them because they snap between the legs; its usefulness means you probably will rely on onesies when dressing your baby.

That’s why we recommend buying onesies in bulk.. Aside from being convenient while dressing your baby, they’re also extremely useful for diaper changes. With a onesie, you don’t have to remove the entire outfit every time your kids need a diaper change. For first-time parents, experts recommend having at least 10 to 12 bodysuits for one baby. 

Footed pajamas or playsuits

Footed pajamas are similar to onesies, except the clothing covers the legs all the way to their feet. These clothes are typically used as playsuits to protect your kids from debris or sharp objects when they crawl on the floor. It is also good protection when your kids learn to walk and don’t want to wear shoes yet. 

Aside from using these for playtime, you can also substitute them for pajamas. This is due to the feet’s ability to control body temperature. So keeping their feet warm at night will promote more restful and cozy slumber.

Socks and mittens

You can never have too many socks for your little ones, whether they’re for their shoes, keeping them warm, or for playtime. It is important to have them with you anywhere you go. Moreover, mittens are another must-have for your newborn. 

Mittens are used to protect your baby from their own hands. Since they are still too small for regular nail trimming, they can scratch their face with their nails. Make sure to have different types of mittens. Get cotton ones for protection and thicker fabrics your kids can use for the winter. 

Knee pads

Knee pads will come in handy when your kids start to learn how to crawl. Little kids have a lot of energy and they need to release it by moving around. Don’t limit your kid’s movement or they’ll just fuss and cry. Instead, have protective gear ready for them. Knee pads can protect your kid’s knees from bruising and other external injuries. 

When buying knee pads make sure the material it’s made of is hypoallergenic and soft. It should also be cushioned and have a strong grip to prevent your kids from slipping. 

Baby bibs

You can expect a lot of mess when it comes to your kids, especially during mealtimes, so it is always handy to have baby bibs with you. There are different types of bibs appropriate for different situations. Silicone bibs are best for meal time. They’re easy to clean, and some silicone bibs have built-in food trays that catch the crumbs to avoid even more mess. 

Meanwhile, cotton bibs are best for keeping drool away from a baby’s chest. There are also cover-all bibs that cover the arms as well. Different bibs have different purposes. Make sure you have them all for every messy occasion. 


Diapers are a part of your baby’s clothing and are essential to your kid’s wardrobe. It is convenient to stock up on disposable diapers, especially with newborns, because you can’t start them with toilet training yet. But as they grow older, it’s a wise idea to replace disposable diapers with cloth diapers. 

Cloth diapers are reusable and adjustable, so your kids can grow into them. In addition, you’ll find more significant savings using them instead of buying packs of disposable diapers

Coats and hats

Coats and hats are seasonal clothing. You have to be ready to add extra layers to your baby’s clothing when the winter comes because they get cold easily. There are also hats for summertime, as you need to protect your kids from the sun’s harmful rays to prevent heat rash. Make sure you let them wear hats on sunny days or on family beach trips. 

baby essential wardrobe 

Get Your Newborn Essentials at Ashtonbee 

The newborn essentials for the baby’s first few weeks go beyond clothes. There are also cleaning tools, feeding tools, safety tools, and even baby-safe toys. Ashtonbee offers the best baby essentials and guarantees that these products are safe for your kids and worth your money. Since we are talking about clothing essentials, don’t miss out on Ashtonbee’s baby knee pads and socks.

Ashtonbee’s Baby Knee Pads 

  • The baby knee pads are made from soft fabric that is breathable, comfortable, and can protect your kid’s knees from foreign objects. 
  • The knee pads are cushioned and made from high-quality materials. It is sure to protect the knees from bruising. 
  • The knee pads fit most babies, and the elastic band does not irritate the skin. It’s also washing machine and dryer safe. 

Ashtonbee’s Baby Non-Slip Socks 

  • These socks are made from cotton and are perfect for everyday use. In addition, these socks are perfect for kids who are not yet comfortable with wearing shoes. 
  • The socks have a snug fit for babies 6–18 months old. They are also available in different colors, so you can have a pair to match every outfit. 
  • The socks are durable and can be machine washed. They’re affordable too; a pack comes with six pairs for only $12.99. 

Final Thoughts 

One thing to expect when you are bringing a new life into the world is that you’ll be spending a lot of money, from feeding, clothing, toys, and diapers to even a maternal recovery kit. If you are going to spend, make sure the products you buy are worth it. We hope this list of wardrobe essentials for babies helps you with baby shopping. 

Still looking for products for your baby? Don’t forget to browse Ashtonbee for high-quality and premium baby needs. 

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