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When it comes to nursery room interiors, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is what color your baby crib should be. While traditional thinking might lead you towards a wooden crib in a natural finish, a white baby crib set can create a much more minimalist and elegant look for your nursery. Plus, white furniture is easier to keep clean—which is especially important when you’re dealing with babies and young toddlers who are constantly on the go! Keep reading for minimalist nursery room style tips using a white baby crib.



Tips to Achieve a Minimalist Interior Design

Although the ways to achieve a minimalist interior design are the same for every room, let us check out the specifics. Let us look into the details of a nursery room and how you can give it a minimalist touch. Having a room that is pleasing to the eyes but complete with everything your baby needs is highly achievable!

Neutral colors are the way to go.

Neutral and earthy colors like beige, tan, cream, nude, blush nude, and other hues in the same shade will perfectly match the white crib—the centerpiece of your room. In addition, you can pick pillows, cabinets, chairs, and tables in neutral hues to complement the soft and pristine vibe the white crib brings.

Add colors using pastel hues.

If you want to add a sparkle of colors into your room, it is best to avoid bold colors and prefer pastel hues. The pastel hues make the room look more relaxed and baby-friendly. Some of the shades you can choose are pastel shades of red, yellow, blue, orange, pink, and green.

Pick only the room’s essential furniture.

You aim for a minimalist theme because you want your nursery room to look spacious and neat. Make sure to achieve this by not overcrowding the room with bulky furniture. It is best to stick to just the essentials: a crib, chair, and a closet. Shy away from bulky changing tables and full-sized baby beds.

Keep the bedding simple.

You surely want to give the best for your baby’s crib and beddings, but make sure not to overdo it by adding so many elements. Adding so much stuff and details to the crib is not only an eyesore but can also be unsafe for them and cause suffocation.

Be wise in designing the closet.

Traditional designs will push you to pick closets like lockers or drawers, but if you want to save space and add detail to your room, you can use clothing racks. Not only is this idea beautiful, but it also allows you to grab your baby’s clothes conveniently when needed.

Let natural light enter the room.

Light and ventilation are beneficial for your little one. Sunlight is a great source of vitamin D while circulating fresh air is good for their developing lungs. Make the room brighter by letting natural light reflect on your white baby crib with changing table or a white baby crib and dresser set.

baby inside a white baby crib

Benefits of Having White Baby Crib

Having a white crib for your baby and a nursery room with a minimalist design is undoubtedly beautiful, but there is more to these than meets the eye. Here are more benefits of picking white as the main room theme. If you are still undecided about picking white, these benefits can convince you that your thoughts are on the right track.

Clean to the core

Cleanliness is essential when caring for a baby whose immune system is still developing. They are sensitive to dirt, and even dust in the room can irritate their skin. The white theme ensures that you see dirt quickly and clean them right away, especially the crib where they sleep.

Cooler room

Babies are easily affected by heat, so it is important to keep the room cool, check your baby’s clothes, and keep them hydrated. The white crib and interior design contribute to keeping the room cool. Instead of absorbing heat, the white color reflects it ensuring your baby is safe from too much heat.

Larger appearing space

So you have picked only the essential furniture in your nursery room! You get more moving space your baby can benefit from when they start crawling or walking. The space will even look bigger, with white as the key color of your room design.

Emanate a delicate, pure, and innocent personality

Of course, the white color is a pristine hue that matches the angelic energy your little one emanates. All you see is innocence and purity when you look at your baby. These energies shine even more in a white crib or a light-colored nursery room.

Easy to match with other colors

Meanwhile, you do not want your nursery room to be filled only with white colors as it may look like a hospital. Nevertheless, when white is the dominant color of your nursery room design, it will be easy for you to pick other colors to match it.

baby and dad white baby crib

Room Elements to Complement The Pristine Hue

Speaking of adding other colors, also make sure to play with the colors in the elements you will add to the nursery room. Again, strike a balance in your decoration, and ensure that the room will not look crowded but, at the same time, will not look empty.

Pieces for baby’s use

Pick elements that have a practical use for your little one. For instance, you can set up clothing racks to hang the baby onesies, dresses, pants, and outfits of the day. You can also add shelves where you can neatly place children’s books and stuffed toys.

Elements for parents’ use

Also, ensure your comfort by adding elements you can use. For instance, it helps a lot to have an ergonomic chair you can sit on while rocking your baby to sleep. A breastfeeding pillow is a must-have element inside the nursery room for breastfeeding mothers.

Decorative room element

While there are room decorations that fulfill a practical use, there are also those whose function is to beautify and add personality to the room. For instance, you can add paintings and images hanging on the wall. If you want to go minimalist, you can go for line arts or family and baby pictures.

Get Your Baby Crib at Ashtonbee

White is a color that you can use in any interior design plan, and it will not clash with the other colors. It also has many benefits such as being easy to match, a cooler room (temperature-wise), larger appearing space, and more. If you try using white for your nursery’s crib, we guarantee you’ll love how clean and pure everything looks!

If you are looking for a baby crib or elements to fill in your baby’s nursery room, feel free to browse through our products here at Ashtonbee! We have made our products usable and safe for babies. Try them now and see how they work!

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