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Do you really need to buy a toddler high chair for your dearest child? Why not just put a stack of books on your dining chair and be done with it? A high chair for toddlers is unlike an ordinary chair. Buying one for your toddler is more than a practical choice; it’s a safer way to have your little one join you on the dining table.

The best toddler high chairs cost a pretty penny, turning moms and dads away. But the best high chair is a must if you want peace of mind during mealtime. This article presents six reasons why a high chair is worth your money and time. We also have you covered if you have no idea how to buy a decent toddler high chair for your dining table.

Take a step towards a more enjoyable mealtime with your little one and continue reading below!

Why Should You Get The Best High Chair For Your Toddler?

toddler high chair - Infant on a high chair in the middle of a kitchen

1. Toddler high chairs provide a safe place for your child to eat while you’re cooking or cleaning.

At around nine months old, your little one learns how to crawl. This newfound mobility can be cute and amusing at first. However, once your child gets where they aren’t supposed to be, it quickly becomes a source of frustration. When you are busy with cooking and other household chores, you would want your child to stay somewhere safe and secure.

The best high chair for your little one can be the safest spot in the dining room or kitchen. Your little one can be strapped in the booster seat, preventing unsafe movements, such as reaching too far for random objects they see. The booster seat is also high enough above the ground to be completely safe from table legs, bacteria, germs on the floor, and other floor hazards.

2. They help toddlers feel more grown-up and independent.

How frequently do you carry your baby around the house? When your baby reaches seven months, you may need to start teaching them how to be independent. No, it doesn’t mean they must pay the bills or move out of the house. Teaching your toddler independence means helping them do basic things like eating without your help.

While they still can’t feed themselves at such a young age, you can help them get accustomed to eating while sitting alone in the booster seat (best if paired with a weaning table). If the baby high chair has a tray, they can easily grab food and baby-friendly utensils like plastic plates, cups, spoons, and forks. They will sooner get accustomed to eating this way independently. 

3. They can be used as a step stool for reaching things on high shelves.

We have mentioned benefits for your dear child so far. But did you know that you can also use the baby high chair as a functional and practical tool for your daily activities? Have you ever had difficulties reaching the shelf above your kitchen counter? Recall the objects you had to use to give yourself that little height boost. You probably had to gamble and risk your safety with some of them.

High chairs are not only safe for your kid but also safe for you. The best high chairs for 2 year olds are made of highly durable materials sturdy enough to sustain loads greater than your toddler’s weight. You can take advantage of this capability and use the high chair as a temporary stool for reaching high places around your home.

4. They make it easier to feed toddlers who are picky eaters.

Has mealtime become a struggle for you and your child? You’re not the only one and not the first to turn your spoon into an airplane. Many parents have to figure out new and creative ways to feed their toddlers. Your child can be an extremely picky eater, which can bring on a whole slew of challenges.

You can train them to be less picky if you use a toddler chair. A toddler chair conveys to your child the idea that there is a definite time and place for mealtime. This can help you feed your toddler with less fuss and drama. Some feeding chairs also come with safety straps that secure your toddler and prevent them from crawling away if they don’t like the food.

5. Toddler high chairs are easy to clean and store.

Many high chairs are built for small spaces. Not all families have enough space in their homes to accommodate a huge number of furniture, let alone a toddler booster chair. Since you only need to use a toddler booster chair during mealtime, many high chairs are designed to be easily collapsible. You can effortlessly and seamlessly stow them away while not in use.

Aside from ease of storage, many high chairs also have easy-to-clean surfaces. Your little one will certainly make a huge mess during mealtime. As a result, cleanup is a chore that always comes after a meal. High chairs have glossy and smooth surfaces that food and liquid will have difficulty sticking to. You can take a clean and damp rag and wipe the mess quickly when cleaning up.

6. They come in a variety of colors and designs to match any home.

High chairs have to be stylish like any other furniture in your home. Fortunately, manufacturers design their high chairs to keep up with the times. You wouldn’t want your infant high chair to stick out like a sore thumb in your contemporary home interiors, would you? In addition to being a piece of furniture with a practical purpose, an infant high chair can add color and life to your home.

For instance, some high chairs are made of wood. A high toddler seat with a wooden finish can certainly serve as an accent piece in your kitchen or dining room. Some parents may prefer a colorful toddler seat made of plastic, while others would rather have a more subtle one. Whichever you choose, how a highchair looks should always be one of your considerations.

Try The Wooden High Chair from Ashtonbee

toddler high chair - Wooden High Chair from Ashtonbee

There are plenty of high chairs sold in the market. You can check each one out at your own pace. However, it would speed things up if you buy a highchair from a name you know you can trust. Ashtonbee has always been any parent’s best friend regarding baby gear and infant care. Ashtonbee has you covered, from silicone baby spoons to high chairs for your baby.

Let us further speed up the process by sharing with you things you should know about the wooden high chair from Ashtonbee:

  • Comes with a safety harness
  • Made from food-grade material
  • Can be used with a seat pad
  • Chair legs made from highly durable wood
  • Looks simple and fits contemporary interior designs
  • Has an adjustable foot rest so you can use it in every stage of your baby’s development
  • Can easily be cleaned up thanks to its removable tray

Mealtimes will no longer be a nightmare, thanks to the wooden high chair from Ashtonbee. Your toddler will feel great sitting on it as they enjoy your home cooked meals. Not only does it get the job done, but it will also go well with your minimalist home decor. Who said that baby furniture has to be tacky?

Visit our feeding section to discover more baby gear to make mealtimes with your baby a walk in the park!

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