A traveling parent is a busy parent. They do short trips and long trips, whether on vacation or business. So it’s no wonder that they make intelligent choices when it comes to baby care. They think about the essential stuff first when buying baby care products. 

Yet, there’s one item you may often purchase late but can bring tremendous benefits—a wipeable changing pad cover. Let Ashtonbee give more information about this product and why it’s a must-have for busy parents.

Why Should You Have a Wipeable Changing Pad Cover?

A changing pad cover is an essential tool in giving your baby the utmost care it needs. The following are the reasons you should have changing pad covers.


Doing diaper changes is one of your dirtiest tasks. Of course, it affects you, but more so your baby because they are more vulnerable to infections and expose them to many bacteria and germs, especially when they’re outside with you.

You won’t always have a changing table pad. But, even if you do, mess and dirt will still be inevitable. So a changing pad cover that’s wipeable is useful.


We mentioned how taking your little children outside can expose them to germs. Bringing a changing table is not feasible. Imagine changing diapers while you’re out of the house without a changing table. You’ll have to place your baby on unfamiliar surfaces.

A portable changing pad will be useful in this scenario. One that you can fold like a pouch and carry with you anywhere you and your baby go.


Investing in a full indoor diaper changing station can put you out more than you’d like. That’s because there are a lot of other items to consider, such as towels, teether toys, tables, trash bins, a diaper bag, and standard changing pads.

If you’re on a budget and often take your baby outside, a portable changing pad is a practical choice. The changing pad can stand in as your portable outdoor changing table and serve as your changing pad substitute for your indoor changing stations.

Great for Travel

A portable diaper-changing pad cover is designed to be travel ready. No matter where you go or how far, you can carry it hassle-free. You’ll have no second thoughts about going out with your baby.

A portable diaper pad also broadens your travel options as a parent. For example, a quick grocery run isn’t possible unless you hire a nanny to watch your baby. Still, with a portable changing pad, you can bring your baby without worrying about unexpected diaper-changing scenarios.

Keeps Essential Baby Items Organized

All parents are guilty of misplaced baby items. At one point, you have to do an incredible amount of chores, so you tend to forget where certain things are stored. Things like diapers and baby wipes are some of the most common items.

A diaper changing pad is designed with pockets. These can hold enough baby essentials for at least two diaper-changing sessions. So you don’t have to look for the stuff you need. Instead, you can store enough of them on the diaper changing pad and just grab the whole pouch when you have to.

What Should You Look For in a Wipeable Changing Pad Cover?

Now that we’ve established the importance of a changing pad, let’s examine what you should look for when purchasing one.

It Must Have a Waterproof Cover

For a changing pad cover to be wipeable, it must be waterproof. Some covers can keep liquid at the surface so that you can wipe the foam pad off with a towel or a tissue, making it convenient. With a waterproof cover, you can keep using it as many times as possible.

The Standard Size Must Be Large Enough

Changing dirty diapers can get messy because your baby may move around while you’re performing the task. So the standard size you choose must have enough room to handle those movements.

You can get some of the best changing pad covers with extended sides. This keeps your baby in the changing area and ensures that the whole diaper change is hygienic.

Safety Strap

A wide range of changing pad covers are designed without any safety straps. This is important because the safety belt keeps the portable pad in place when folded. You can sometimes use it to steady your little one on the cover for a more efficient change.

The best changing pad cover must be designed with a velcro safety strap. That way, you can be assured that all the baby essentials in the foldable pad are kept intact.

Wipeable Changing Pad Cover for Diaper Changing Anywhere

Busy parents who are up and about must have a portable and wipeable pad on their list of baby items. It seems like something you can put off, but it gives a lot of benefits for parents and their babies, whether indoors or outdoors.

So if you have to go outside, whether to run errands or to globetrot, get a diaper changing pad and cover. It’s a perfect gift for parents and parents-to-be, but if you’re looking for something else, you can check out our collection of baby essentials here.

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