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As a parent, you want to provide everything for your baby to be safe and comfortable. You invest in top-rated baby furniture and supplies to achieve just this. When it comes to your baby’s dining and activities, you surely want to get the best high chair. A wooden high chair could be just what you are looking for! If you are planning to have a Scandinavian-inspired home or already have one, it can also contribute to the beauty of your interior design! Keep reading to know the details. We’ll also go over why a high chair made of wood is a great choice.

Characteristics of Scandinavian Design

When you hear the word Scandinavia, mountains, blue skies, and streams come to mind. A Scandinavian-inspired home will make you feel close to nature because of these details. 

  • Wood is generously used for the natural touch, with flooring and furniture featuring natural wood grains. 
  • Natural light is also a signature with large windows letting in air and light. 
  • Light colored drapes are welcome, but they should sway with the wind.
  • Basic but aesthetically-pleasing furniture and ornaments decorate homes. 
  • To add warmth, layered blankets and sheets and comfortable pillows are used. 

Ways to Incorporate a Wooden High Chair

Can you now imagine how cozy your home will be? But in the middle of this visually pleasing design, where does the wooden high chair fit in? With a little creativity and consideration of your baby’s needs, you’ll know where to put the baby high chair. To help you get started, here are some ideas.

Dining Chair

High chairs are meant to make mealtimes easier and more comfortable for you and your baby. With their high chair, they’ll have a place in your Scandinavian-inspired dining room. A wooden high chair, vintage high chair, or white high chair would blend perfectly with the design. 

Study, Crafts, and Activities Chair

The clutter-free design of Scandinavian-inspired homes is beneficial when used for nurseries and playrooms. It will ensure that babies can do their activities in a clean space. Lack of clutter also ensures your little one will be safe from injuries. 

Meanwhile, your wooden high chair can keep your baby comfortable and safe as they draw, do crafts, or play. The adjustable tray can serve as a surface where they can color or paint, and play with clay, dolls, or cars.

Toddler Chair

Many wooden high chairs can be assembled into regular dining chairs. When your baby outgrows the high chair, you can take away the removable tray and affix the parts of the high chair and turn it into a regular chair. Skip the hassle and extra cost of looking for a wooden chair that your toddler fits into. You can make the most of the baby furniture you already have. 

wooden high chair vintage

Why Choose A Wooden High Chair?

The regular plastic high chairs can fulfill the same purpose in mealtimes and activities as a wooden high chair. So why should you choose a wooden chair instead of the easy-to-find plastic ones? Here are just some of the reasons.


If you want something unique for your baby, choosing a wooden high chair is best. While the high chairs may have the same colors because of wood treatment, each of the lines and grains in a wooden chair is distinctive.


Wooden high chairs, especially those made of hardwoods like maple, beech wood, oak, and ash, can last long. With proper care, you can pass the chair from one child to the next or even from one generation to another. 


Parents who make environment-friendly decisions will find a wooden high chair appealing. Wooden high chairs are made of natural materials which decompose faster than plastic and other synthetic materials. Using supplies that aren’t harmful for the environment can also raise awareness in your child despite their young age. 

More Baby-Friendly Ornaments To Add

It’s already apparent that you can achieve both Scandinavian-inspired interiors and baby-friendliness. With this, you can also be more creative with the decor you’ll use inside your home. Here are some of our suggestions.

Cotton Sheets in Muted Hues

Your Scandinavian-inspired home may be minimalist, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort. You can achieve this by choosing comfortable sheets for your little one. 

Cotton is one of the best fabrics for babies as it is soft and fluffy. You can choose beddings and sheets made from cotton to ensure your baby maintains their healthy skin. Just pick muted hues of white, beige, or gray for a minimalist feel. The shade is also beneficial for your baby’s health as dirt, foreign objects, and insects will be easier to see.

Add Bright Colors

On the other hand, don’t forget that you are creating spaces for kids who are attracted to bright colors. So add some bright colors to the muted hues. Add some red, yellow, blue, green to your pillows, rugs, wall decorations, and stuffed toys. They add joy to your child’s nursery or playroom. 

Wooden Toys

Wood is better than plastic toys in many ways. First, it encourages calm and quiet play. Most wood toys do not have the fancy details plastic toys have, so the creativity of your baby will be challenged.

Wooden toys are also safer as plastic contains many chemicals—sometimes even harmful ones like BPA. Wood is also sturdy and durable. These toys can last longer and are more resistant to breaking. 

Wooden Crib and Beds

Of course, you can’t miss out on the other furniture essentials for your baby. Pick wooden cribs and beds to stay true to your Scandinavian interior design. They bring the same benefits as a wooden high chair. Wooden cribs and beds are sturdy and beautiful.

ashtonbee wooden high chair

A Wooden High Chair By Ashtonbee

You can achieve a Scandinavian-inspired home even in the nursery by using a wooden baby high chair and other baby-friendly ornaments made of wood. We hope this blog post helps you realize that you can ensure your baby’s comfort and safety without letting go of your dream interior design. 

If you are looking for the right high chair for your baby, check out what we have here at Ashtonbee. The high chair we have is fit for babies and toddlers. Its minimalist design and simple hues will be a great fit for your Scandinavian home. So what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

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