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Baby Knee Pad For Crawling With Pacifier Clip (3 Pairs)


Looking to keep your child's knees safe from scrapes and bruises?

Get ready for the product we have designed just for your precious child!!
Children are our curious creatures, and often, once they are able to crawl, they become mini explorers and crawl about here and there, tickling their curiosities. However, in the process, they are very susceptible to scrapes and bruises, as they have very tender skin and soft bones. Hence, this can cause the baby to be very distressed. Ashtonbee has the perfect solution at hand, which is our line of baby knee guards. Never let your child suffer!

★ Protects your child from scrapes and bruises
★ Made of a durable, tough, and easily washable material
★ Unisex and fits most sizes, for the added product versatility

Keep your child secure today!
We designed this product with the best protection of your child in mind. Hence, we have carefully ensures that this product, while convenient to use, guarantees the safety of your child.

✓ Total protection of your child's knees from scrapes and bruises
✓ Made of a tough, durable material which is easily washable for your convenience
✓ Comes in pack of three for added value


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