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Babyproofing Basic Starter Pack

$20.00 $80.00

When in doubt, babyproof it!

As parents, we do our best to keep a watchful eye on our LOs, but it only takes a second once they run into any kind of danger within the house. Many elements in our homes look harmless in our eyes, but are crucial features in need of babyproofing. It’s better to have preventive measures in place before it’s too late. Check out Ashtonbee’s Babyproofing Made Simple line of products to get started!

You can get an Ashtonbee Babyproofing Basic Starter Pack for only $20 for $80 worth of products.

The Basic Starter Pack includes:

2 sets or 4 pieces of Sliding Door Locks

2 sets or 4 pieces of Anti-tip TV Safety Straps

2 sets or 4 pieces of Electrical Outlet Covers 

and an additional FREE set (4 pieces) of Spill-Proof Toddler Caps  

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