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Stackable Stay-Put Suction Bowl Feeding Set with Spill-Proof Lid


Any parent knows how messy, and oftentimes chaotic feeding baby can be, especially when they start flailing their arms in the air, and end up knocking off things on the table, or on their high chair, such as their bottles, sippy cups, plates, and bowls, which is why we’ve launched a line of fun and functional products that make feeding baby less of a source of stress, or frustration, and more of a memorable bonding experience.

The Ashtonbee Stay-Put Suction Bowls for Babies and Toddlers is designed with all of this in mind.As a parent’s life can get very overwhelming, having to juggle multiple tasks, responsibilities, and roles; which iis something that we know quite personally, we make sure our products are simple, straightforward, and stress-free.

Learn more about the benefits of getting your LO our Ashtonbee Baby Suction Bowls:

★ Guaranteed safe & toxin-free for baby: BPA-, BPS-, PVC-, lead-, latex-, phthalates-free
★ Superior suction feature keeps the bowls in place, so the food meant for baby doesn’t end up on the floor, or on your clothes.
★ Comes with colorful lids that are sure to bring a smile your kid’s face
★ Comes in a pack of 3 different gender-neutral colors, and sizes, so you get both quality and quantity.
★ Material makes it stain-resistant, which makes cleaning them easy & convenient! They are also made with a one-piece design, which means you don’t have to take them apart when cleaning. This also means there will be no spaces for any germs or bacteria to get stuck in.

We want to assure you that Ashtonbee is a brand you can trust, and that we value your comfort and conveniece, and your baby’s as well. Your business with us comes with our no-risk, no-questions asked Money-Back Guarantee, and Top-Rated Customer Service with a Lifetime Warranty for our products. We are easily accessible, and readily available through our social media platforms, our e-mail, and directly through Amazon.

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