Raising a child is a hard. Trust us we can relate too. It’s what sparked us to create Ashtonbee. However, unlike other baby brands we wanted to make something more then your average brand. We’ve done it all with the research that goes into our products such as finding premium quality materials that are hypoallergenic, BPA-Free and FDA approved. We also made sure that our designs are simple. As ironic as it sounds there are baby products that are just way too confusing for babies and parents to understand. In other words, our product allows you to be at peace with all the boxes checked and most importantly—giving you more time to enjoy with your baby. We think that’s pretty neat!


You know what else is pretty neat too? Giving back! When we were developing Ashtonbee we thought about how our product could help children without parents. This is where we decided to initiate our charity fund plan. By purchasing any Ashtonbee product we will donate 10% of our profits to our charity fund, which will go to children in developing countries. They will be supported by our funding and will receive support such as food, water, education and shelter.



We also want to hear from you moms and dads alike. We want your help in sharing your tips, tricks, and thoughts on raising a child in today’s fast changing economy. If you share something really great that everyone loves, your contribution may be featured on the front page. You also maybe given a chance to make some extra moolah for helping us out!