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Many first-time parents feel mixed emotions for the day their baby will finally come. Some start early by designing the nursery, while some parents like to list down name ideas for their child, and some buy all the baby stuff they see. The feeling of expecting parents can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you get ready and make sure your little one gets the love and care they deserve.

In this article, we’ll list down some of the must-haves your baby shopping list should include welcoming your newborn. So get your checklist ready to make sure everything is prepared and perfect for the big day!



Newborn Essentials Checklist

Some parents are overly excited about the coming of their firstborn and tend to buy too much: newborn baby cribs sets, toys, clothing, milk products, and other baby gear that might not even be necessary. Raising a child can be expensive, and if you’re on a tight budget, you can’t afford to spend on stuff your kids won’t use right away. So we’d like to help you sort out your baby’s needs. Check out this list of must-haves you should have for your newborn.

Clothing Essentials 

Newborns are very sensitive to temperature. When they feel too hot or cold, they will fuss and cry about it. So, proper clothing should be one of the priorities when shopping for your baby’s needs. For newborns, it’s recommended that you buy clothes or pajama sets that open and snap closure at the front so you can easily change your baby

Buying onesies, blankets, and clothing that you can wrap around them to keep them warm are best during the first six months. You can also include socks and mittens because some kids sleep better when they have them on. They are not only to keep your baby’s extremities warm but, in the case of mittens, can also protect their face from unwanted scratches due to constant movement.

Bath Time Essentials 

It’s a big no-no to use adult products on a baby’s skin. It’s important to remember that they are sensitive to almost everything during the first months. So, all their products should be mind, gentle, and baby-friendly. Make sure that when getting shampoos and soap for your kid’s bath time, they are clinically proven safe for your kids to avoid any skin irritations.

It’s also helpful to get plastic or portable tubs so you can safely give them a bath. It’s also important to get soft washcloths and towels to protect your baby’s skin. Lotions are optional. Always consult your doctor when you see developing rashes, dry skin, or flaking, so you know the correct step to take.

baby cleaning and feeding essentials

Diaper Essentials 

One of the things that will cost you the most in your child’s first few years are diapers. A newborn baby uses an average of 8 to 12 diapers per day. That’s almost 360 diapers a month! We recommend that you buy in bulk to get significant discounts. Since this product doesn’t spoil, you can store them for extended periods.

Another essential you can put on your checklist is a portable diaper changing pad. It’s very useful when you need to change your babies while traveling. You can also use it in the nursery. Instead of always bringing your kids to the bathroom, it’s much safer to change them in the nursery itself. Other optional but useful products are diaper bags, unscented baby wipes, and diaper rash lotions. Irritations due to diapers are common, so it’s handy to have lotions with you.

Mealtime Essentials 

During the first six months, doctors recommend that all of your kid’s nutrition comes from breast milk (or formula). Therefore, it will be wise to invest in high-quality premium bottles. Plastic and silicone bottles are best for your newborn because they are durable and almost shatter-proof. However, there are also glass and metal bottles, which may be more suitable when your kids are able to hold their bottles by themselves.

It’s also important to choose the right material for the bottle’s nipple. There are soft latex nipples, but these carry the risk of tearing. Silicone nipples, made from firmer materials, are also available. The hole sizes in the nipples also vary. Always start your newborn with the smallest hole. Then, when they eat more and get impatient by the slow milk flow, you can change their nipples to ones with bigger holes.

Baby Gear Essentials 

There are baby gears that can help you with parenting. A first must-have is a baby stroller. If you want to take your kids outdoors, a stroller will help you move around, and it’s much safer than carrying them. Strollers are not only for the outdoors; you can also use them indoors. You can put your babies in a stroller while you need to do other things if you can’t watch them in the crib.

Car seats are also included in your baby checklist. When you’re on a trip or need to run an errand, a car seat will allow you to bring your baby and place them in a car where they are safe and comfortable. Like play mats, baby carriers, and mini cribs, there are other essentials that can make your parenting life easier.

Health Essentials 

Your babies need grooming from time to time, and they get sick too, so you must be ready when faced with these situations. The most important item for your baby’s health is a first aid kit. It should contain a thermometer, medicines for colds and fevers, and gauzes. Just make sure to consult with your kid’s physician first before giving your kids any medicine.

It’s also handy to have nail clippers to trim your kid’s nails to prevent them from scratching themselves. You can also have sets of pacifiers for your babies. Just make sure all the products you use are safe for your baby.

Nursery Essentials 

A newborn baby crib bed is essential to top off furnishing your nursery. As much as you want to keep an eye on your kids 24/7, doctors don’t recommend that your newborns sleep with you. There’s always the risk of you crushing your baby while you turn, and of suffocation because of the big and heavy pillows in your adult bed.

There are different types of cribs you can buy. There are convertible cribs you can convert into a toddler bed when your kids can sleep on their own without railings or support. Ensure the crib you buy is accredited by organizations for safety standards and quality.

There are newborn baby cribs with mattresses included, so it won’t be difficult to find a compatible mattress that fits your desired crib. An important thing to note is that the mattress should be firm to support your baby’s back while they sleep, and should be waterproof for easy maintenance and cleaning.

To complete your newborn’s crib set, Ashtonbee offers you baby head pillows for your kid’s safe and restful sleep. Your baby’s bones, spine, and neck are very fragile, and using adult pillows can be dangerous or even fatal for newborns. Inappropriate pillows are one of the leading causes of sleep-related infant deaths.

Our baby pillow’s concave design allows for proper spine alignment and neck cradling for a safe sleep time. In addition, it has a mesh layer and is made of 100% organic cotton, keeping your babies cool and comfortable.

baby essentials in a nursery 

Final Thoughts

Raising babies can be demanding: not only with time and effort but also with material things. As new parents, you must provide your newborn with the best quality products for the proper growth and development. We hope this list of essentials helps you get ready for your little one.

Shop with us today for high-quality baby products that go with your newborn baby crib! We have the best baby gear available in the market, so come take a look!

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