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Every holiday is better with your little ball of sunshine tagging along. The lights are bright and the songs are merry, but no amount of decoration can match your baby’s heartwarming bolts of laughter and giggles. Every family member has their attention on your little one, and your baby does not let them down. With all eyes looking, your baby shows their talents and capabilities, including clapping their hands, standing on their own, jiving to the music, and babbling, entertaining everyone.

Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, and Halloween are the holidays you do not want your baby to miss out on. So months before the celebration, you are already busy looking online for the best holiday baby outfit ideas. If that is the case, then let us help you! Here are outfit ideas that fit your baby’s holiday style.


Merry Christmas, Definitely

Imagine your baby with little antlers making coos! Dress up your baby as Santa’s little reindeers by letting them wear a bonnet with antlers, brown overalls, and brown socks with a baby deer design.

Or you can dress your baby as the Christmas principal character, Santa Claus! Even Santa needs to take a break, and who better to take his position than his baby version! Let your little one wear a red onesie with white stripes and a black belt. You can go the extra mile of picking a Santa hat that has blinking lights! Do not worry about heavy black boots; girl or infant boy socks that look like shoes or boots are available for your baby’s comfort.

Another idea you can do is to match your baby’s playful personality with the clothes by going as an elf! Get a green sweater, baby pants with red and white stripes, and green newborn baby boy socks that look like elf shoes. Tada! Your baby is now Santa’s cutest little helper!

Whether it’s green, red, and white, go wild and be creative with colors for your baby’s DIY attire to make everyone around them have a merry Christmas.

Baby, Boo!

Reinvent Halloween from scary and spooky to cutesy with a baby dressed up for a trick or treat! Here are some out-of-the-box Halloween costumes you can sport:

  • Baby Yoda
  • Baby Popeye The Sailor Man
  • Little Halloween Pumpkin
  • Cutest Avocado
  • Baby Animal Onesies
  • Mermaid, Unicorns, Fairies
  • Baby Superheroes
  • Famous Cartoon Characters

The sky’s the limit when you experiment to your heart’s content for your baby’s Halloween attire, but make sure that your baby is comfortable from head to toe so they will smile sweetly for the candy treats.

DIY costumes or ready-made ones, make sure to use baby-friendly fabric to keep your baby cool. Keep the attire simple and free from materials they might swallow or cause any rash.

Moreover, instead of heavy and bulky shoes, opt for baby girl and baby boy socks with shoe-like prints for babies less than six months. If your baby is already walking, using non-slip baby socks would be best to keep the little pumpkin or baby Yoda from slipping.

baby socks with grip

New Year, New Hopes, New Look!

Countdown from 10 to 1 as the past year drifts away and a new beginning enters as you, your partner, and your little one watch some fireworks display or share a lovely New Year’s dinner.

For your baby’s new year, new look attire, you can opt for a simple sweater imprinted with “My 1st New Year.” Your baby in itself is a perfect representation of new hopes, but of course, you can always go extra with attires for the annual occasion.

Since this is a cold season, you can keep your baby warm with additional layers and thick socks. You can still achieve stylish attire by picking colorful winter bonnets, thick but soft scarves, and winter jackets. Indoor or outdoor clothing, you can always pick socks that look like shoes for your baby boy or girl to keep their little feet warm. As you look at your baby and their attire’s message, you are faithful to everything the new year holds.

Baby’s First Thanksgiving

It’s the time of the year again when the family gather around the dinner table and share their life’s adventures for the past year. We do not want to be too formal, but we want to be quirky! So go get any attire that has a cute little turkey— from bonnets, shirts, baby pants to socks with baby turkey designs. The turkey will be the centerpiece of the feast, but your little one will surely be the center of attention.

As the newly recruited member of the clan, your baby will be faced with questions from relatives, which your baby will then answer with babbles and assorted sounds. Make that positive first impression by dressing up for the occasion. A babywearing an attire themed for thanksgiving is simply irresistible, and older family members will immediately fall in love with a single strike of a smile.

non slip baby girl socks

Ashtonbee’s Baby Girl Or Baby Boy Socks That Look Like Shoes

Babies bring to light, love, hope, and every positive feeling any day of the year. Make occasions and family gatherings stand out and even better with an endearingly dressed baby. As you pick one cute attire after another, remember to prioritize your baby’s comfort and safety.

Here, at Ashtonbee, you can find many products that are safe and charming, like feeding utensils, bedroom, and playroom accessories, and more! For your baby’s attire, we have cute baby socks that are non-slip and safe. Feel free to go through our website to check our collection of products for a closer look.

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