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It’s natural for babies to want to chew on things. However, they are still developing their teeth and need something hard and textured that will soothe their gums. Every parent knows that teething can be an excruciatingly painful time for their baby. So when your child is in pain, you will do anything in your power to help them as fast as possible. One natural way of easing the pain of the gums is with natural teethers that are specifically designed for babies.




How to know when your baby is teething

It is common for babies’ teeth to grow between 6 to 12 months. It is one of the most painful and uncomfortable feelings the baby will experience in their first year. To help your baby lessen the pain, as their parent, you must know the teething symptoms as early as possible.

Drooling, irritability, swollen gums, interrupted sleep, increased biting, diarrhea, and a loss of appetite are some of the common symptoms you should look out for when your babies are teething. You can help soothe your baby’s pain by giving them baby teething toys to chew on.

Be mindful of the symptoms your babies are showing. Normally, their body temperatures will rise slightly, but you should see a doctor when a high fever accompanies the symptoms. It can come from other infections your child may be experiencing.

The Benefits of Natural Teething Toys for Babies 

Teethers are not only designed so that your baby has something to suck on and play with. Using teething toys can have some benefits for your growing baby.

Pain relief 

It is natural for babies to suck on something when they are feeling pain and discomfort in their mouths. That is why they often put their thumbs in their mouth or anything they can reach. Teethers are designed to soothe your baby’s pain. In addition, studies show that teething toys can relieve the pain of sore gums when your baby’s teeth are growing.

Safe for the babies 

Don’t let your babies chew on some random toy or anything they pick up on the floor. It is unhygienic and can make your babies sick. Teething toys are made from safe materials for the babies even when they put them in their mouths. Also, avoid toys that are made from BPA. BPA is a chemical used with polycarbonate, which is a hard type of plastic. When ingested, it can contribute to health problems. Ideally, you choose BPA-free toys, and some of the best natural teethers are made from wood that is safe for the baby and the environment.


The Best Natural Teethers for Babies to Enjoy 

Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier 

Price: $13.99

The baby fruit feeder pacifier is a great way for your babies to relieve the pain in their gums as well as enjoy their snack time. This baby pacifier is made from food-grade silicone and is BPA-free. If you want your babies to try solid foods, this pacifier is the perfect tool to introduce them to it. You can put in little chunks of food inside the pacifier. The pacifier has little holes that allow small portions of food to go through so that it will not choke your babies.

You can also put frozen yogurt, breastmilk, and fruit purees to make your babies popsicles they can enjoy. The cold treat will help numb the pain of the gums and while they enjoy their favorite snack. The feeder is also designed with an easy-grip handle so that your babies can hold on to it. Each pack of baby fruit feeders comes with two pacifiers, a great value for its price.

Baby sucking on pacifier teething toy

Fish and Ice Cream Set Baby Teething Toys 

Price: $12.95

If you want something your babies can chew on anytime, the fish and ice cream teething set is a good choice. It is made from food-grade silicone materials, and is BPA- and PVC-free. It means that the plastic chew toy does not have a strong chemical smell which is toxic for the babies. This teething set is good on the go. The pacifiers have vibrant shades and different shapes that your babies will surely enjoy. The teethers also have different textures, which are excellent for soothing the gums. You can easily clean these toys with water and mild soap. Additionally, these pacifiers are also dishwasher-safe.

Baby Teether Toys 

Price: $14.99 

The baby teether toy set is another great addition to your baby’s playtime. It comes in four different designs when you buy a pack. The set of baby teethers is made from high-quality food-grade silicone. It’s BPA-, PVC-, lead, and phthalates-free. Whenever your baby chews on these toys, it won’t affect their general health negatively. These toys come in four fruity designs with different textures that provide teething and relief for gum pain. It also comes with a secure handle so your baby’s little hands can easily grip it. Surely, your little ones will love chewing on these fun and colorful toys.

There are tons of teether toys you can use for your baby. You can even freeze carrots for them to chew on. However, remember to be mindful because it can be a choking hazard for smaller babies. Furthermore, make it a habit always to sanitize and wash your baby’s chew toy after every use so that it remains clean and safe for them to munch on.

Wooden Teething Toys as an Alternative to Plastic

When you look at a store for babies, you will see a wide array of the best baby teethers available. It is common that the materials used for baby toys are toxin-free plastics. But another great choice for your baby are wooden teether toys. These wooden teether toys are made from maple wood and finished with olive oil or beeswax to prevent any kind of splinters. You don’t have to worry about the small wood being ingested and harming your child. It’s tougher than other teething toys but can be a little expensive. However, it does last longer, making them worth it in the long run.

Happy baby with pretzel shaped teething toy 

Chew Toys Save Gums! 

The hardest part of being a baby is that they can’t say what is hurting and when it is painful. All they can do is thrash wildly about it and cry for help. As a parent, you should be mindful of your baby’s body language and warning signs so you can quickly ease the feeling your baby is experiencing. Now that you know teething can happen anytime soon you’ll be ready with the proper knowledge and precautions to soothe your baby’s gum pains. Check out Ashtonbee and pick out the best natural teethers for your baby!

Please remember that teething toys are not replacements for any kind of medication. It can help with the pain, but it is always safer to consult your pediatrician when severe symptoms occur.

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