Best Teethers for Infants

Babies are always looking for new ways to explore the world around them, which means that they will often put anything in their mouths. This is why it’s so important to have teething toys ready. There are tons of different teethers out there—some made with hard materials, and others made with soft ones.

Choosing the best teething toys for babies can be a difficult task. Between all the different shapes, materials, and colors, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed. However, the best way to choose the right toy for your teething baby is to know their needs. We hope this guide helps you make the best decision possible when choosing a teether that will help take away the feeling of those painful teeth!


Choosing the Best Teething Toys for Infants 

There are different materials used for teething toys. Each one has different features that your babies can enjoy. Let’s explore the types of chewing toys and see what’s best for your babies.

Rubber Teethers
Natural rubber teethers are the most common choice for parents, and they’re easy to find in the market. These non-toxic toys are safe for your baby to chew on. In addition, they provide excellent pain relief for sore gums because the material is both chewy and durable.

These rubber teethers are easy to clean, dishwasher-safe, and made from food-grade silicone. Always sterilize your child’s teething toy before letting them play with it. They put these things in their mouths, so always keep them clean.

Gel Teethers
These toys are filled with a non-toxic gel substance that makes them easier to chew on. Just be sure to keep an eye on when your babies play with these toys. Their sharp baby teeth can puncture the teethers. The gel may be non-toxic, but it is better to prevent your babies from ingesting it.

Plastic Teethers
If you are looking for chewing toys that can last long, plastic teething rings are the best option. When using plastic toys, make sure to buy only BPA-free products. BPA or Bisphenol A is harmful when ingested, especially to an infant. It can affect brain development and disrupt normal bodily functions.

Cloth Teethers
Cloth is probably the oldest material used for teething. In the olden times, the cloth was double-tied to act as a pacifier and a chew toy for infants. There are still cloth teethers for infants, but they are often designed to be small stuffed toys that babies can put in their mouths.

Parents should keep an eye on these toys being torn apart because the babies can ingest the cotton inside. They should also be cleaned and washed regularly. Remember to dry the toy thoroughly before giving it to your child.

Wooden Teethers
Wood is the least common choice for teething toys, but it is among the best materials for teethers. Wooden chewing toys are mostly made from maple wood which is a strong material. In addition, these toys are coated in non-toxic wax so your baby can put them in their mouth without you worrying about splinters wounding your baby’s gums.

Wooden teethers are carved, so there are no harmful substances like glues or adhesives that your child can accidentally ingest. They are also easy to clean, and compared to other toys, wood doesn’t attract dust, making it safe for your babies to use anytime.

Baby biting plastic frog teething ring

The Benefits of Using Teething Toys for Your Babies

If you’re still not convinced about getting teethers for your babies. Here are some of the benefits your child can enjoy using these toys.

Pain Relief

From around six to twelve months of age, teeth start to grow out. This sensation can be painful and irritating to your babies. That is why they start chewing on things and sucking their fingers constantly. Instead of thumb sucking and unhygienic toys, baby teether toys come in handy.

The pressure from chewing the teething toys eases the pain and irritation of growing teeth and soothes your baby’s sore gums. Additionally, these toys can keep your babies entertained while you are busy preparing their milk and food.

Encourages Talking

It is normal for babies to chew on anything they pick up. All that chewing, mouthing, and movement of their lips encourages them to make sounds and talk. This baby babbles can be the foundation of learning how to speak. In no time, you will hear your babies say “Mama” and “Papa.”

Prepares Your Babies for Solids

The chewing action from these teething toys practices your babies for solid food. It will be easier to transition your babies from liquid food to solids when they are already familiar with the feeling of chewing.

Hand-Eye Coordination and Mental Stimulation

A teether toy promotes hand-eye coordination by teaching your babies how to grip the toys’ handles, pick them up, and put them in their mouths. The teething toys’ vibrant colors and different designs can also be a good mental stimulant for growing children. The best teethers for a baby are not only toys, but also excellent tools for development.

Pain-Free Gums for Your Child

To determine which teethers are best for babies, you could experiment with the different materials available. But, first, take note of your baby’s needs and preferences. Different materials can give different sensations to your child and they will prefer one over the others.

Don’t let teething pain and aching gums ruin their developing years. Instead, help them ease their pain with vibrant and stimulating chew toys. Just remember that these toys are not a replacement for medication. If the pain continues, it is better to check with your doctor.

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