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Co-sleeping is a beautiful tradition that can be passed on from generation to generation. Although there is an open debate about whether a baby should be trained for independent sleeping or should sleep with their parents, the decision ultimately depends on you. If you think that co-sleeping is right for you and your baby, the benefits we will share here will convince you that you’ve made the right choice. These benefits can also encourage you if you are still considering it. Nevertheless, it always pays to be safe, so we’ll cover how to properly co-sleep as well.



Benefits and Beauty of Co-Sleeping

Co-sleeping is defined as sleeping with your baby in the same bed or the same room as long as you stay close during bedtime. Your presence can mean a lot in their physical, mental, and emotional development. Here’s what co-sleeping can do for your little one:

  1. Aids the baby’s bodily development

Babies wake 13–15 times on average and often cry. These waking moments help develop their hearts, brains, and immune systems because the oxygen supply and heartbeat rate increase. Babies also wake because they may feel cold; waking aids in regulating their body temperature. Therefore, instead of aiming to keep them sleeping straight through sleep training, it is best to follow their biological makeup of waking a couple of times at night to support their development. When you sleep close to them, they can synchronize their breathing with yours, training their lungs.

  1. Strengthens the parent-baby emotional bond

When you co-sleep with your baby, your closeness is not only physical but also emotional, as you will always be there to attend to your baby’s needs. Babies also wake when they need a diaper change, when they feel too warm or cold, or are not feeling well. When they feel any of these, you can be there to soothe them and stop them from crying, contrary to what independent training does—letting babies cry until they realize that no one will be there to comfort them even if they cry. Proximity also builds the bonding between the baby and its parents.

  1. Encourages breastfeeding

One of the best parts about co-sleeping is the ease of breastfeeding. When your baby needs to feed, there is no need for you to walk across the hall to breastfeed. Even in the middle of the night, you can conveniently offer your milk to your little one. As a result, your little one can get the most nutritious diet to aid physical and mental development. Made of 90% water with the right amount of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and other nutrients, breast milk is the best nutrition and the most balanced diet for your baby.

  1. Reduce the risk of diseases for you and your baby

One of the top causes of infant death is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which cause hasn’t been found out yet. What happens is a baby under one stops breathing and waking, probably because of the failure of the brain to regulate the essential bodily functions. When you sleep close to your little one, you can keep an eye on them and check them frequently.

Meanwhile, breastfeeding moms also reap the benefits of cosleeping as they’ll lower their risk of experiencing postpartum depression, hypertension, and other cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Makes you the best person in your baby’s life

Because you are always there when your little one needs you, you are conditioning their mind that you are their hero, saviour, and protector. You will see your baby as the little ball of sunshine in your life, and they will also see you in the same way because of your unconditional love and help day and night. This is in contrast to independent sleeping when you let your baby cry and try to regulate their feelings on their own. However you make your little one feel, they will remember as they grow, so choose your baby’s sleeping method wisely.

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Queen Bed Rails And Ways To Ensure Your Baby’s Safety

Do you find co-sleeping beneficial or is it something you want to experience and give to your little one? While there are plenty of benefits, as mentioned above, it is also important to take precautions as co-sleeping also has risks. Here are some things you can do to keep your baby safe.

Choose a comfortable co-sleeping style: You have a couple of co-sleeping style choices. You can sleep in a king or queen-size bed with your little one, use a cot and place it near you, or use a baby bedside crib.

Using the best bed rails for babies: Whichever bed you choose, it is best to use metal or wooden bed rails. You can use king bed or queen size bed rails for babies if you use a family bed. For the cot and bedside crib, make sure they have rails as well.

Keep the bed neat and clean, too: Always keep the bed clean as babies have sensitive skin and are more prone to illnesses because of their still-developing immune system. Ensure that there are no holes or gaps your baby can fall into.

Keep yourself healthy and clean: Of course, as your baby’s bedmate, make sure to always keep yourself clean too. Refrain from smoking as the scent of chemicals can stick to your body and clothes for hours.

Get Your Baby Bedtime Needs From Ashtonbee

Co-sleeping may seem scary at first, but it’s a great way to bond with your baby and reduce the risk of diseases for both you and them. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a stronger emotional bond with your little one too! If you are up to experiencing the benefits and beauty of co-sleeping, take note of the safety tips above, like using baby side rails for queen beds and keeping everything neat and clean for your baby’s wellness.

If you are looking for more products that will make your little one’s sleep more comfortable and safe, you can check out more of our safety products here at Ashtonbee. We have baby bed rails for queen beds, king beds, or full-sized beds. Each item we have is made with great care, with the aim of lasting durability and extra stability. We are one with you to provide the best for your baby. Feel free to browse our collections and related products now!

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