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Everyone knows that babies have erratic sleeping schedules. They sleep when everyone’s awake and are full of energy when everybody’s trying to get some rest. The first few months of your newborn will be challenging. Expect many sleepless nights and days when you’ll feel too exhausted to function.

Many factors can affect a baby’s sleep, but there are also things you can do to help them sleep well and longer. Remember, the better the sleep your kids get, the more time you have to rest yourself. So, what is the secret to giving them good sleep? Parenting experts have different techniques that you can try on your baby. 

As you explore different sleeping techniques, know that different baby accessories can contribute to a good night’s sleep as well. Let’s examine them and see if they’re worth putting on your purchase list. 

Baby mattress and cover

A comfortable mattress is essential to good sleep. Choosing a baby mattress requires many considerations. Your kid’s bodily structure is still fragile. A too-soft mattress can affect their growth and development, and a firmer mattress is better for your kids. Make sure the mattress doesn’t sag against their weight, so you are sure they are supported. 

Other things to add to your crib bedding accessories are waterproof covers. Disposable diapers can only hold so much liquid and waste before it starts leaking onto the sheet. These covers protect your mattress and are designed for easy and hassle-free cleaning. 

A soft night light

Little kids are highly sensitive. Whether it is the temperature, sound, or light, many factors can interrupt your baby’s sleep. Some kids can’t sleep with bright lights, while others are not comfortable in complete darkness. A soft night light can help make your kids feel drowsy. 

Other night light models are kid-friendly. For example, there are cartoon designs that your little one can enjoy, and some can even play lullabies that lull your kids to sleep. 

Bedside sleeper

Some babies sleep better when they can feel their parents’ presence near them. Co-sleeping and sharing the same bed with your kids has great benefits, but it can be dangerous in the first few months as they are more prone to suffocation and accidental roll-overs, which can be fatal to newborns. 

If you want your kids next to you while they sleep, the best option is to get a bedside sleeper for them. You can attach these things to the side of the bed so you can sleep with your baby, and it can be more convenient for you when you need to change them in the middle of the night. 

However, your kids can easily outgrow sleepers. So we recommend getting a multi-purpose crib that your kids can use for a long time. 

Baby shushing machine

Many parents don’t know about the baby shushing machine. This machine is the holy grail for a good night’s sleep. These machines produce white noise that contributes to a drowsy feeling. Many parenting experts have proven the effectiveness of this device. You can also customize the sound frequencies that the machine produces to get the right one your kid likes. 

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When your babies wake up in the middle of the night, it does not always mean they are hungry. Sometimes they are looking for something to satisfy their suckling. They may find it calming, which may enable them to go to sleep once more. Keeping pacifiers near your baby’s crib is a lifesaver. 

However, pacifiers are best shelved until you’ve established your kid’s breastfeeding routine. Studies have shown that newborns who get used to pacifiers first show decreased interest in breastfeeding. Newborns up to six months need to get most of their nutrition from breast milk. 

Baby monitors

If your kids sleep in a separate room from yours, then a baby monitor is a great device for you to be able to keep an eye on them. Baby monitors allow you to tend to your children’s needs when they start fussing. 

The longer you keep your kids crying, the harder it is for you to get them back to sleep. Baby monitors also help with doing your chores while they are resting. Some high-tech baby monitors have a wide range that will reach different parts of the house. Find one that fits your needs and budget. 

Swaddling cloth and blankets

Newborns like the sensation of being wrapped. It makes them warm and cozy and somehow imitates the feeling inside a mother’s womb. Using swaddling blankets will put babies to sleep more peacefully. However, not all babies like the feeling of being swaddled. Instead, you can put a blanket on top of them to keep them warm. 

When using blankets, make sure to use blankets designed for kids. Using an adult-sized blanket poses many dangers, so make sure all the things you use on them are baby-safe. 

Mists and essential oils

Certain scents can make your kids sleepy. You can douse yourself and your bedding with essential oils when it’s sleep time to condition your kids to feel sleepy when they smell it. Use essential oils and avoid perfumes to protect your kid’s skin from irritation. Moreover, air purifier machines can diffuse the scent and clean the air from allergens. This is the best way to give your kids a comfortable night of safe sleep. 

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Ashtonbee’s Baby Head Pillow 

To complete your baby bed accessories for a good night’s sleep for your little one, don’t miss out on Ashtonbee’s baby head pillow. Ashtonbee is one of the leading brands for high-quality baby needs. When selecting a sleeping pillow for your children, you need to exercise special caution. Adult pillows are one of the main causes of infant fatalities that can occur suddenly.

Ashtonbee has the perfect pillow for your little ones to sleep comfortably and safely. Let’s look at the features of Ashtonbee’s newborn baby pillow

  • The newborn pillow has a concave center that supports your baby’s neck and keeps it in proper alignment with the spine. 
  • The concave design also prevents your newborn from rolling over, which can cause choking and suffocation. 
  • The baby pillow is perfect for preventing flat heads in infants. With your pediatrician’s advice, you can use this pillow for prevention as early as 0 to 6 months. 
  • The pillow is made from 100% organic and breathable cotton. The hollow center allows for better airflow to keep the back of the head and neck fresh and dry. 
  • The baby pillow is hypoallergenic and has an antibacterial foam body. So you can be sure that this pillow won’t trigger allergic reactions in your kids. 

Final Thoughts

It’s safe to say that the first year of your little one is the hardest. There will be countless sleepless nights, unending messes to clean up, loud crying, scattered toys, and tiring days. Navigating your way through parenting can be challenging and is a long learning process. We hope this article on baby accessories aids you in giving your newborn a better night’s sleep. 

Ashtonbee has a wide selection of baby needs—feeding tools, safety tools, and toys, we have them all. Don’t forget to browse our collection for high-quality products. In addition, you can subscribe to our blogs for more helpful parenting techniques. We also have detailed reviews of baby cribs and personal care tools to make parenting easier and more enjoyable.

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