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when they start crawling and walking. You’ll find them touring different parts of your home. As they grow, they’ll start spending time outdoors too.

Practice safe times indoors and outdoors using a child safety lock. When your little one learns the schedule early, you’ll both reap many benefits. Providing fruitful indoor activities and adventurous ones outdoors will help a lot! Keep reading—we’ll help you in all these areas.



Why Have A Balanced Time Indoors And Outdoors

The best sliding door baby lock will surely keep your baby inside because it ensures the doors are stuck closed. But despite the time indoors, it is also healthy to allow your little one to go outside from time to time. The balance will allow you and your little one to reap these rewards.

For practice when they start schooling

If you are a lover of education, you’ll surely look into enrolling your child in playschool as an introduction to formal schooling. When the time comes for them to go to school, you’ll need indoor time with them to accomplish some assignments. Since you’ve trained them early on inside and outside schedules through the help of the best child lock for sliding glass doors, this task will be easy peasy.

Appreciate the calm inside the house

Being inside the house means their activities are less active. In this way, you can teach your baby to appreciate some zen time inside the house. Even if they play, they’ll learn not to be as hyperactive when they are outdoors.

Get excited about what’s outdoors

Nevertheless, after the zen and calm, let your child do some stretching, and exercise their bones and muscles by doing activities outdoors. Playing sports or allowing them to explore your garden or socialize in a children’s park will help their overall development.

Indoors and the value of safety

You keep your little one inside and even look for a sliding door lock for safety. When explained thoroughly, your child will understand that the indoors is a safe place for them. They will also appreciate your care in keeping them safe, which will nourish their emotional development.

Outdoors and the value of adventure

After learning the value of safety and care in their time indoors, you can teach them about adventure and nourish their curiosity when you let them go outside. This gesture may be simple, but your baby carries this when they grow and it affects how they will traverse life.

best sliding door baby lock

Providing Fruitful Activities Indoors

Have you already started creating an indoor and outdoor schedule for your growing child? Or have you successfully done it and are looking for exciting activities indoors? We got you! Here are the productive activities you can do indoors.

Bake And Cook In The Kitchen

Take over the kitchen and let your little one finally handle pots, pans, and spatulas—-kitchen utensils they are usually not allowed to have. They still aren’t allowed to get a hold of many dangerous kitchen tools, so use a locking mechanism for cabinets to keep them safe.

Baking can be one of the safest activities. Let them use their little fingers to assist you in mixing dry and wet ingredients while you handle the baking. Make sure to enjoy the fruits of your labor after the activity.

Learning And Developmental Activities

Hit two birds with one stone by enjoying indoor activities while learning. There are plenty of activities that are age-appropriate. To decide which one to play, check out the science of child development. In doing so, you can play games that are in line with the developmental stage of your baby, toddler, or preschooler.

Taking On House Chores

There is an adage that goes like this, “Train up a child the way he should go, and when he grows old, he will not depart from it.” If you want your child to be adept at doing chores, take a part of their indoor time to help you do some housework. Giving them small tasks will help them develop their sense of responsibility.

Having Some Time To Relax

Of course, adults and children alike need some time to relax and chill. Who doesn’t love movie marathons while comfortably sitting on the sofa, munching on healthy snacks? If you love this, your child is going to love it too! This indoor activity is a great and relaxing way to bond.

Making The Outdoors Adventurous

After all the relaxing, productive, and developmental time indoors, it is time to let your little ones spread their wings and fly! Just make sure to survey the outdoor area first to ensure there aren’t any dangers before letting them go. Then, you can do all these fun activities.

Getting To Know Animals And Plants

Babies are already mesmerized with different species on television, so what more when they see them live. Go out in your garden and introduce butterflies, birds, and even ants. You can go big by taking your child to the zoo. They’ll surely recognize a couple of animals as they learned it with you indoors.

Ball Games Never Get Old

You have unlimited space outdoors, so it’s time to get the ball rolling or flying with different ball games. You can play basketball or football just for fun, but you can teach your child to play by the rules as time goes by. Who knows, they might even pursue sports when they are older!

Socialization Time

After they have stretched their muscles and added new concepts in their brains, it’s time for socialization! Allow your little one to play with other kids for them to learn how to socialize, be a follower, or even a leader of the pack. They’ll know the value of sharing and conducting themselves as per other people’s needs and emotions.

Introduction To Different Textures

Finally, with your guidance, let your little one learn texture through experience. Let your child walk on sand, grass, or even soil, and notice the details and differences of each. Allow their hands and feet to explore what’s around them and store more knowledge in their brains.

best child lock for sliding glass door

Get The Best Sliding Door Child Lock At Ashtonbee

Both the indoors and outdoors are great spaces for your child to learn and grow. There are plenty of activities indoors that will make them love the place; keep them inside using the best childproof sliding door lock. The outdoors will be equally as exciting, as it’s a place for amazing adventures as well.

Ashtonbee can help you ensure your child stays indoors when they need to be through locks for sliding doors. We also have more child safety products for homes like cabinet locks, safety locks, window locks, or sliding closet doors Feel free to browse our website and pick the ones you need to keep your house a safe space for your baby. We are happy to be a part of your practice to balance time indoors and outdoors.

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