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As a parent who’s taking care of a newborn, your travelling plans are put on hold. But your travel bug is always buzzing in your head, waiting for the moment to go out and visit wonderful places. What’s even more important is that now you get to take your little travel buddy with you!

But as thrilling as that may sound, it’s also a little intimidating for you. Partly because you don’t know what you should bring, so you lean towards bringing everything. That doesn’t have to be the case. Here’s a short guide that will tell you what items to bring and how to use them in places you end up being while travelling with your precious one.


Things You’ll Need to Bring When Travelling With Your Baby

If there’s one thing travelling can teach you, it’s budgeting. And when it comes to travelling with your baby, the first thing you need to learn is how to budget space. That way, you stay efficient as you move from one point to another.

The rule is always to pack light. So, if you’re travelling with your baby, you won’t have to bring everything that’s on your baby’s diaper changing station, just the essentials. Here are some of the things you can pack on your baby gear.

Portable Diaper Changing Pad

Before you plan your itinerary, be sure to get a portable diaper changing pad. This item is a must-have when you are traveling with your baby. This travel diaper changing pad has two components: padding that can be folded into a square-shaped appearance and a pouch where you can put a couple of baby supplies for quick access.

These two items can be detached or combined into one handy diaper changing pad kit to ensure you keep everything ready in one place when an emergency arises.


Traveling exposes your child to more bacteria and viruses than when they stay at home. That’s why you must always remember to bring disinfectants. You’ll be changing diapers frequently, and you’ll be changing them right away at any usable surface. Bringing disinfectants like hand sanitizers, alcohol spritzers, and baby wipes will help keep any surface free from elements that can infect your baby.

Usual Baby Supplies

Every parent has a child with different needs. Thus the usual may vary. But for most traveling parents, there are several common items they bring with them to ensure their baby stays clean and taken care of. Here are some of them that you should bring, too.

  • Diapers
  • Baby powder
  • Fresh Clothes
  • Towels

infant changing pad cover

Your Last-Minute Decision: Diaper Changing Pad Cover

Now that your traveling diaper changing kit is set, you’re thinking about any stuff for your baby that you think will be important to bring. You’re eyeing that diaper-changing cover, thinking about whether you should bring it or not. Let us help you out with a few good reasons to pack that cover on your baby’s travel bag.

  • It adds an extra layer of protection.

Your baby can have as many as twelve diaper changes in a day. This can easily dirty your travel changing pad. Bringing a cover allows you to add an extra layer of protection to your changing pad, keeping it clean and sanitary for long.

  • It brings comfort to your baby.

Your baby may have been used to being changed using a super soft infant changing pad cover at home. Traveling may change that for your baby, so why not bring the comfort of their baby changing pad covers while you travel? Your baby will be less irritable during the diaper-changing task.

  • It serves as a sanitary tool.

The best infant changing pad covers will absorb any leftover bodily waste that may yet to be expelled while you’re changing their diapers. So it keeps things sanitary and clean for you and your baby.

infant changing pad cover

Tips When Changing Your Baby’s Diapers While Traveling

The most stressful part of changing a baby’s diaper while traveling is the combination of a full diaper in a place where there is no changing table available. But for a traveling parent that’s equipped with know-how, situations like this can be managed efficiently. Here are some of the places you may encounter while traveling.

Public Restrooms

Public restrooms sometimes don’t have changing tables, especially the men’s room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improvise. For example, restroom sinks often have a wide surface area gap in between each wash bin. Use it. If you can, be sure to select a spot at the corner between a wall and a sink for added safety and to avoid disturbing other people.

If the sink isn’t suitable, using the floor is the best option. Sanitize the ground first with an alcohol spray and a disposable tissue. On the other hand, if you don’t have your own tissue, use the bathroom paper towels and put them on the floor before laying down your changing pad, covers, and linings.

While at the Beach

If you and your baby are lying down at the beach and suddenly they need a change, you can do it on the spot. Lay a dry beach towel on the sand. Then, unfold your portable changing pad then place the cover or the liner on top of it. If your baby is wet, it’s better to dry them off first. You may also remove any sand on your baby’s body with wipes before you proceed with your diaper duty.

While in a Car

While in transit in a car, ask the driver to pull over for a while. Then, use the top of the trunk as your changing table (never inside, as this can be dangerous). If the car is moving and there is no option to stop, you can ask the driver to at least slow down so you can use the backseat to set up your portable infant changing pad cover.

Public Transportation

Airplanes and trains usually have changing tables installed. On the other hand, a public bus won’t have that. So be sure that when you’re riding on a public bus with your baby, save a seat beside you by putting your stuff next to it. This will allow you to use the seat space as your changing table in the event of a sudden need for a diaper change.

While Walking

Walking can be one of the most spontaneous situations where your baby has to go. In this scenario, you can drop by the nearest public restroom. But if there’s nothing in sight, you can look for the grassy area where you can lay down your changing pad setup and lay down your baby for a quick diaper change.

Always Ready For Diaper Change

You are now informed of what you need to be ready when traveling with your baby. As a takeaway, always remember to bring the essentials mentioned in the article. Have them with you wherever you go with your baby, and you will never have to worry about any unpleasant diaper-changing situation. You and your baby deserve a hassle-free, efficient journey— the one that makes for a truly memorable experience.

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