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For parents like you, any task related to caring for your baby is enjoyableeven changing diapers! You will notice that in the first week of birth, a baby sleeps more and feeds less, but as you move forward to the second week when the baby warms up on breast milk or bottle feeding, the bowel movement comes as often as 5-10 times a day! There will be moments when you are still in the middle of putting on a new clean diaper, and the baby poops again. 

While the task may be demanding, you savor even these moments because you show your love and care to your child even through diaper changing. That is why we are here to introduce the baby changing pad, a tool that can make your task easier for many reasons. Check out the details below to know what we are talking about!

What Is A Changing Pad?

A changing pad is another layer of cloth or cushion you lay on a diaper changing table or the area where you are changing your child’s diaper. It generally fulfills the function of providing comfort to your baby and ensuring the mattress underneath the pad remains clean. These changing pad covers are often a separate cloth and do not come with a crib or baby diaper changing bed. These products can be easily bought online or in baby stores, and parents patronize them because of the practical use they provide and the more benefits we will discuss below.

Benefits Of Using A Diaper Changing Pad

After the newborn stage, the assistance of diaper changing extends as late as when your child turns three. But you can shorten the span if you potty-train your toddler early. To be sure, keep a changing pad within your hand as long as your child uses diapers. 

Maintains Nursery Room Cleanliness

The first benefit you will surely love is keeping your nursery room clean. If your diaper changing table is inside the nursery or you usually change diapers on a bed, make sure that the cushion underneath will not be stained by poop or pee by adding a layer of the pad over it. Even if your child holds tantrums while changing the diaper or moves uncontrollably, the mess will be caught by the pad. 

Keeps Your Baby Comfortable

You may even totally forget about the mess of diaper changing because babies usually cry and do not hold still when they do not feel comfortable. A changing pad made of cotton material keeps your baby cool for the summer, while pads made with fleece or polyester are best for cold weather. Surely, your child will not be restless because there are pads that keep them warm or cool even when their bottoms are exposed. You can put diapers on them in minutes!

A Clean Pad Outdoors

Many establishments are parent and baby-friendly. Most malls have dedicated comfort room cubicles for a diaper changing bed. Yet, as a parent, your mind surely thinks twice of just laying your child there right away. Keep your baby from microscopic germs and bacteria by spreading the diaper changing pad on the changing public bed. Your child will lay on a clean cushion and will also feel less anxious changing diapers in a place unfamiliar to them. 

Portable For Travels

Whether you are visiting friends and relatives for a day or you are on a week-long trip to the beach, you will not worry about messing up someone else’s sheets because you have a portable diaper changing pad. Many versions of this product come in compact designs and can just be rolled, folded, and inserted into your baby bag. When the diaper changing time comes, find a private room, and, like Dora The Explorer’s backpack, just pull it out and use it. 

A Cute Addition to Your Nursery Decor

There are tons of designs you can choose from. You can go for pads with cute baby-friendly patterns like clouds, stars, baby animals, teddy bears, and flowers. Or, you can also go for plain colors of gray, pink, dark blue, or white to match any background and your nursery bedding easily. Whatever your choice is, make sure to prioritize you and your baby’s comfort first. 

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Look For The Best Changing Pad

Speaking of comfort, you can easily achieve this if you have the best diaper changing pad. To a parent like you, searching for the best baby products is just a piece of cake as long as you know what to look for. With that, keep an eye on the following changing pads characteristics.

Safe to Use

For babies, extra security always comes first, and if you know that you have an active little one, look for designs that have straps that can secure the upper half of their body and another safety strap to be attached to the diaper changing table. It will ensure that both the baby and pad will not fall or move too much while being changed. 

Soft and Free From Allergens

Another detail you should check is the fabric used for the pads. Some babies are allergic to fleece or polyester, so you can go for cotton if this is the case. Make sure to read the labels and take only the products marked with safety certification and are BPA-free. 

Easy to Clean

Next, choose a design that is easy to clean. There are pads with a waterproof cover design, which you can wipe and disinfect with alcohol after use. If you are using changing pads made of cloth, you need to throw them in the washer and dry it. Make the cleaning often to ensure your baby is lying on clean changing pads.


Finally, have a changing pad wherever you go by picking the design that you can fold into mini bags. Since you want this design for your travels, you might as well choose the product with a diaper and baby wet wipes pouches. With this, when you lay the changing pad outdoors, all the paraphernalia you need to clean your baby are just within reach and in one place. 

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Check Ashtonbee’s Changing Pad Cover

Ashtonbee’s changing pads are safe, easy to clean, and portable— the baby changing pad you are looking for. Our design keeps in mind your need to have pouches and storage areas for baby’s diapers and cleaning wipes, so our pad has multiple compartments. We also got you in your goal to have a changing pad that is easy to carry. You can fold this pad neatly into a mini pouch. Like magic, your baby has a comfortable and safe cushion to lay on when it is opened. 

Make a demanding and difficult parenting task easier to accomplish by having the right tools. With changing pads, no matter how often or wherever your baby takes a pee or poop, you are ready with a pad that will make the cleaning tidy and pleasant.

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